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Exercise thread (not just for athletes!)

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I was going to start this thread a while ago, but I'm only now feeling well enough to do so.


What is everyone doing for exercise?


I'm really a bit of a couch potato myself. I've never been particularly athletic, definitely not the type who is going to run a marathon while pregnant or something, but walked and biked a lot as part of everyday life during my last two pregnancies. Now I suppose I get a fair amount of walking in on days when I work (up and down the long hallways all day), but not much beyond that (I've moved since the previous pregnancies and now live out in the middle of nowhere).


DH is trying to lose weight, and has started weightlifting again. I've been doing some of that along with him a few times a day (pretty low intensity and light weights). He's gotten the kids doing it too, so it's our big family activity right now.


I'm trying to squat several times a day for increasing lengths of time - I lean my back against the wall with the computer on a chair in front of me, and it goes pretty fast. DH got us a Squatty Potty too, which I'm a little ambivalent about so far. Supposedly great for the pelvic floor and birth prep and so on, but I'm yet to be convinced it actually works particularly well for me.


We need to start walking to the corner and back (about a mile and a half round trip) once or twice a day while weather allows.


I just feel like I need to start doing something. We moved at 27 weeks last pregnancy, and I stopped doing much in the way of daily-life exercise after that, and was having a pretty hard time getting around by the end, though the birth still went fine. 


Anyone else doing anything in particular?

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I live and work in walkable city neighborhoods and commute by public transit, so I get 1-3 miles of walking per day.  As I start feeling less queasy, I'll do more stretching/yoga exercises.  A new yoga studio just opened around the corner from my house, so I'll look into a prenatal yoga class.


A few years after my son was born, I discovered that sitting on an exercise ball at my desk at work is really good for my abs and back.  I was using it most of every workday until I got pregnant, but now it seems too tiring!  I bet I can go back to it when I feel better.

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I'm just waiting until it seems far enough along to get out my exercise ball! (Or get a new one - I'm not sure how well mine has held up to being stored for 3 years). I loooooooooooove sitting on them when pregnant. I suppose there's no reason I couldn't do it now, but I'm not to the point where it's wonderful yet. I can't reasonably take one to work, though - I share a workstation with at least 5 other people. But there are a few lying around that I can sit on from time to time.

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Currently, I'm just trying to get back to my regular activities after getting so weak.  I've been contemplating getting a gym membership so I can go to the gym while my older son is in TKD, but sometimes I have my other son with me, so I haven't figured out if it will work or not.  Last night we walked the halls of the high school while he had class, and I was embarrassed at how winded I got with an easy walk.  I was so fit for my other pregnancies, that I just don't know how to handle being weak, wimpy, and fat.  

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aha THIS is the thread I need to be checking in with often :) Thanks for starting it up @ocelotmom!


I'm coming up on 12 weeks and (sorry) honestly haven't had any nausea or extreme exhaustion. So really, no excuses for not exercising! I had been teaching quite a bit which was all-consuming and exhausting in itself. Now that's over for a few months so I need to get my life balanced out better. more sleep and exercise are top of my list. 


Currently I try to fit in a real walk 1-2x a week (by "real" I mean about 1 hr long and at a good pace, while wearing my toddler on my back). I also squat daily - either hold a deep squat for a few minutes OR do squats up and down ( I'll do like 15-20 or something like that). I try and throw in a sun salutation (yoga) or two first thing in the morning as well. 


The weather is getting pretty bad so my new goal is to continue squats and yoga/stretches but add in a 30min exercise DVD (cardio / lights weights / yoga type stuff) 3x week. I know how much exercise can affect a pregnancy and childbirth and I want to make more of an effort this pregnancy than I did with my last one. 


My only issue is: WHEN!? with a toddler, I honestly can't exercise unless he's sleeping or out/occupied by Dad. Morning are out because he cuddles with us in bed until we all get up (and it's the cuddling that keeps him asleep until 7am anyways). Evenings could work but, gah. by 9pm I'm toast. And if my son goes to bed at 7:30….a workout would pretty much be the only thing I'd get done before going to bed. I am going to have to look at my priorities and talk to DH about making some kind of plan here...

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did an exercise DVD this morning with my toddler. At first I was hesitant to even bother trying while he was around but…..OH MY GOSH!! He LOVED it. Was totally into it. he wasn't in my way at all - had his own little spot on the rug and was following the fitness instructors every move. plus, he said "good job mommy" after the lady on the dvd said 'good job girls!" hahahahaha. 


so, I officially have no excuses. I can throw in a DVD in the morning and "ecker-shize" with my two year old :D :P

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I finally got back to the gym tonight! I haven't been since maybe 4-5 weeks. I feel like I hardly did anything but when I got home and had to walk up stairs I could feel my legs were more sore. I tend to over do it at the gym when I haven't been in a while and then I burn out and get kind of stuck in a cycle of not going for a while and then over doing it. I made the mistake of stopping at subway on the way there since I hadn't had supper yet, but then I ate it too fast and was a bit nauseous while working out. Also, I had some pelvic pressure when doing some side bends with had weights. I thought that was an odd exercise to cause that. I stopped and moved onto something else but I would really like to be able to workout well into my third trimester, if not all the way up until due date or due week.

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Luckily I haven't been sick enough to not be able to exercise so I've been walking (fast-paced) for 45-60 minutes every day and I do pregnancy workouts from YouTube 3x a week since they're free and don't require any equipment.  I like this thread because we can get ideas from each other if we get bored with our workouts! :)

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I got a prenatal yoga DVD from the library. I tried it for the first time yesterday and I loved it. I think I'll try to do that twice a week.

I've also been meaning to start walking soon. My work is a 30-40 minute walk from home, I used to walk to work all the time before I was pregnant, and I'm thinking of starting again soon.

I did next to no excercise in the first trimester (I was on bedrest for a few weeks and I barely moved at all) but now I feel the urge to start doing things since my nausea is getting better.
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I walk to work (about 3 km) every day, except now we are using public transit to take our oldest to school - that means a veeeery slow walk as far as the bus stop, and then I speed it up walking the rest of the way to work while DH takes the kids on the bus.  Home is usually a good fast walk.  I was running 4x/week until I was about 8 weeks along, and did a 14 km race in early Sept., and then after that had to bail on the running.  I can't imagine people who find pregnancy to give them more energy and to be able to rock out running into their third trimester.  Granted, I am not exactly gazelle-like when I'm not pregnant!

Our office has pooled together to do group yoga on Fridays, and our instructor is amazing.  The group is really diverse (super-fit 20 somethings to a very unfit 60-something, as well as pregnant me) and she just takes it all in stride.  So I will keep doing that until February, I think, when I'm going on a nice long 3 week vacation with the family (after which I'll be 7.5 months pregnant, and then walking will be enough.  Walking in the snow, which is already on the ground here, is pretty good exercise for the hips and inner thighs.

Last pregnancy, which came pretty soon after first pregnancy, I didn't take enough care of my pelvic floor, and ended up with really bad hip flexor pain and hemmorhoids, which I think were partially from ignoring my body's signals that I was walking too much and too fast (and carrying in firewood in large bucketfuls all winter, and lugging around a toddler, etc.) so this time I am gong to try to be a bit more firm with myself about limiting the heavy carrying and if things start to feel off, quit while I'm ahead.  Ideally, I'd get to our local pool for some aquacize, but realistically, unless I can't do any thing else, it's not likely to happen, as it would mean blocking time off work to get up there, or going at like 8 pm and since bed looks pretty good around 9, I don't think that will happen!

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How is everyone?!

I've been working out to a DVD at home almost every morning. Sometimes it's 15 minutes of yoga and sometimes it's a solid 40 minute cardio and strength workout. I'm going easy on myself. Just feels so good to MOVE my body every morning.

And major bonus: my pregnancy headaches have pretty much disappeared since I started exercising regularly!! Woohoo!

I actually did a little research and found some AWESOME prenatal fitness DVDs on amazon. Spent about $50 and I'm all set with tons of variety - aerobics, Pilates and yoga workouts with varying length options...so I have about a zillion combination options to choose from between the three DVDs. Loving them all so far. I'll share the links and names etc. when I get to my computer later.
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Oh and I'm still doing this all 'with' my toddler. Some days are great, other days he tries to sit on me the whole time :P
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I forgot about pubic symphysis disfunction (sp?), where you feel like your pubic bone is separating (how on earth I forgot about that particular bone-pain is beyond me!). I had it toward the end of my last pregnancy.  Anyway, this past weekend I overdid it by doing a several kilometer hike through the snowy wilderness to a cabin, up a hill, and then going tobogganing the next day with my kids.  This week I've had ongoing pain that clearly is letting me know I overdid it, so I'm taking the bus and trying to be good to myself.  I'm hoping it will recover, because it's a loooong time between now and birth, and I would hate to have this kind of pain for the rest of my pregnancy.:irked

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Oh man! I had that early with my last pregnancy and once ms passed it was my only complaint the rest of the pregnancy. I rolled over in bed once last pregnancy and HEARD it pop! I had polyhydramnios last time though and I think that is why it was so bad.

I overdid it at the gym on Monday and I tried to go again on Tuesday and spent more driving there than actually working out because I was so easily winded. I think I am going to shoot for one good solid workout at the gym a week now and then do something light at home with my little 7 lb. kettlebell.
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Tonyato, I have noticed that exercising has helped my anxiety which has helped my reflux tons! I am happy to be able to cut back on my zamtac now.
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Sorry to hear about that pain manysplinters. It sounds like no fun!

I've been dealing with lower back pain that's been getting progressively worse over time. Last week one morning I decided to walk to work instead of driving, it's about a 30 minute walk. Miraculously that day I did not have any back pain at all! Since then I've been trying to walk as often as possible, although I have noticed that if I walk a few days in a row I get really exhausted by the third day (I haven't been very active so far in my pregnancy), so now I'm trying to walk every other day or so and it's really changed my life.
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I'm still walking about 3 miles a day which has helped me feel really good overall.  It definitely helps when I get headaches.  I'm going to start prenatal yoga because I feel pretty stiff when I wake up lately.  Does anyone have any good prenatal yoga DVD recommendations?  

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I've been doing Shiva Rea's prenatal yoga DVD and I like it a lot!
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yay so awesome to hear what you guys are doing. i especially admire you walkers :) it's officially cold and rainy winter here on the west coast and i'm being mega wimpy lately about walking long distances in the weather with my toddler. we go for walks outside often but he's walking, therefore it is definitely not anything close to exercise for me (well, except short bursts of sprinting after him once in a while :p)


I realized this week I need to be getting some prenatal massages as well. I'm getting sore and tense muscles from exercising, yes, good stretching helps, but i could also go for a massage haha. 


I found this http://www.merelymothers.com/2013/04/03/prenatal-exercise-dvds/ article very helpful in finding some dvds to order. she gives quick reviews on several different kind of prenatal fitness dvds. From her recommendations, I went with:


the ten minute solution pilates. super awesome. highly recommend it. there are 5 different ten minute workouts so you can do one, or two or three etc. some are more challenging than others, and there's a nice easy 'flexibility' one i've been using as my cool down/stretch.  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002UPZBBG/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B002UPZBBG&linkCode=as2&tag=merelymothe0d-20


Vinyasa yoga with Jennifer Wolfe. hasn't arrived yet, but the idea of several different workouts on one dvd was appealing to me. i can choose short or long (or in between) depending on much time i have. will let you guys know what i think once it gets here! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000XJJZTA/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000XJJZTA&linkCode=as2&tag=merelymothe0d-20


and the pregnancy fitness fix with erin o'brien. this is just one workout - 40 minutes long. it's more of an aerobics, total body workout. I've done it twice and really like it. since it's more time consuming, and it would be the same workout every time, this is the one i plan to do once a week, maybe saturday mornings when dh can take our son out the room/house so i can really get the cardio going. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000XJJZTA/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000XJJZTA&linkCode=as2&tag=merelymothe0d-20

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I am soooo not an exerciser. But have been feeling even more lump-on-the-couch than usual lately, stiff and headachy and grumpy, so I made a plan. Committed to twice-weekly prenatal yoga, on Sundays and Thursdays, and joined a gym near home to swim laps Tuesdays and Saturdays. I've always really wanted to swim during pregnancy and never have gotten it together to make it happen. I need to commit to regular walking too, but DS6 is a nudist Minecraft enthusiast and is often difficult to convince that leaving the house is worth his while (especially when I'm not fully convinced of that for myself, as in the case of exercise).


The week after I got the gym membership was a wonky week schedule-wise, and then Thanksgiving hit, and I was afraid I might never actually make it there - but then this weekend I did! I ended up only swimming laps for about 15 minutes, which sounds really wimpy even to me, but I was surprised at how much work it was. Told myself the goal was just to start the habit. So now I know what the locker room is like, etc, and next time I can go on autopilot :) Using my nanny-time tomorrow (we have the most awesome nanny-share on Tuesdays only!) for swimming and my second midwife appointment, with a deliciously solitary lunch out in between!

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