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November Chat Thread

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Hullo ladies,


Well it's November already, my birthday is the 4th. We have absolutely no money to do anything but we are all happy and healthy so it's totally enough for me. Baby is getting quite active and I have the absolutely worst ever restless leg syndrome. It makes me a crazy fury beast in the late evening. Then I feel so bad, but ohmygawwwwshhhh. it's miserable lol


I hope your halloween was well and that your coming end of the year holiday plans are coming along swimmingly.


oh and if you have Halloween pictures, please post them!

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Yay, new monthly thread means we are getting closer!
Happy Birthday Selissa!
I love love love the movement. I'm definitely moving in and out of food cravings, I've had a few bad calf cramps in the night, and vary from full being full of endless energy to no energy.
I stayed in on Halloween, my son being old enough to go out on his own and to a party. I figured I have a bit more than another decade of Halloweens ahead of me so I took this one off.
Yum holiday food!
Hope everyone is well!
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Happy Birthday, Selissa!


Baby is getting very active here too. When they kick, I can see my belly move and it is quite a trip!  I wait tables part time and last night someone at one of my tables was the very first stranger to ask if I'm expecting. I think people are mostly just being polite by not asking at this point, but it was nice to finally hear that someone guessed it. I was starting to wonder if everyone just thinks I have a huge beer gut! It was an extra bonus that at the end of the night, that table slipped me a 50 dollar bill and told me to "buy something nice for the kid." I was hoping that being a pregnant, waddling waitress would work to my advantage.. maybe it will! *fingers crossed*

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Happy Birthday Selissa partytime.gif

We had a great time at the park yesterday flying our kite. I was worried about cramps since our last park day set them off big time. I had pantyhose on all day so maybe that helped? I really like how the control top keeps my belly snug since I'm a bit fluffy and the maternity belt just rolls down and under my belly eyesroll.gif

GroundBear, do you have a plan for how long you'll work and how long you'll be home with the baby?
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Happy Birthday Selissa!


Our 12th anniversary is coming up on Wednesday the 6th, don't really know what to do for it. 


Let's see... what have we been up to pregnancy wise? I'm 23 weeks and baby is kicking a lot, Everyone in the fam has felt it, even my squirmy 5 year old. DH sidecarred the crib for me, and we bought a little IKEA storage shelf as a dresser for baby clothes. I've been sewing tons of wool soakers for diapering, And friends have been giving me stuff like crazy, so I have several dozen prefolds now, a woven wrap, and more. If I were due right now and she were born, we'd be okay, but first let me buy some diaper pins!


I'm feeling okay but have definitely reached a point where I need my support hose every day. I have an old injury in my right leg

that broke several large veins, when I am pregnant they are stressed by the blood volume, hormones and weight and they break again. I wear knee-high open-toe support hose they make all the difference. 


I'm trying to shift my online sharing from Facebook back to my blog because Facebook had become so easy but it doesn't preserve posts like a blog does.. they just get lost. And I like being able to go back and show the kids pics of them at this age or at that stage. Of course I keep all the pics digitally too, but a journal format is nice. So I'm doing the NaBloPoMo challenge where you post every day for a month.


We're so excited about baby! 

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Abiyhayil, I'm definitely going to take some time off. My partner works a lot, so I don't know if we're going to be able to manage our schedules if I keep working. I don't make a lot of money now as it is and it wouldn't be worth paying for childcare. Unless my partner stays home with the babe on certain nights, I'll probably not work at all. Which isn't such a bad thing in my opinion - I've always held two or sometimes more jobs at a time since I was a teen and I'm ready to take a break to be with my family. I know it won't last forever! I better enjoy it while I can.

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Happy birthday Selissa! This is a busy month for birthdays for us. We know so many people, including my ds1, who were born this month. We went away for the weekend to celebrate ds1's birthday. They prefer going somewhere to having parties so it's pretty cool for everyone. 


...and I'm finally getting questioned too. I figured everyone just thought I was getting fat really fast, but now it's pretty obvious. :)

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Happy November! 


Happy Birthday Selissa! Thanks for starting the new thread.


It's fun to read everyone's updates! We are all moving past the halfway point and feeling or starting to feel baby! Yay! 


AFM - This little man is active and feels as though he is constantly rolling around! Not at night though which is fantastic so he's not keeping me up. DH was gone two nights in a row and I didn't realize until he was back last night what a luxury it was to have the bed all to myself! I could roll and flop any way my belly wanted and now I'm back to my own side. Next time I'll try to remember how great it is to have the whole bed to myself! :) 


I have been seeing spots in my peripherals. Anyone else? I wear contacts so I am thinking I should go a few days in just my glasses to see if this fixes the problem. I am much more comfortable in my contacts though so I don't really want to. The spots aren't terrible but they are definitely there sometimes. 

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I cannot believe it's November already!

Baby's moving lots here too, loving that. In the mornings, I can see where baby is laying because of a bulge on one side of my belly, the kids LOVE seeing that and have been asking throughout the day if they can see where their baby is. So sweet! My son's also been really interested in watching birthing videos and the Mama Natural youtube channel. I think he likes seeing babies being compared to fruit or veg for size, lol. 


I've got my 20 week scan tomorrow. We've said all pregnancy we weren't going to find out the baby's gender (we didn't with my last pregnancy) but oh, man... it's tempting! I want to know SO bad. :D

Only discomforts I'm having is that the front of my thighs go numb/tingly when I walk. Same thing happened the last two pregnancies so I think it's time to start seeing a chiropractor because it's annoying! 

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Happy birthday @Selissa


Doing well over here. Having a mid-pregnancy anatomy scan on Monday and am PSYCHED! I will be 21w exactly. 

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Happy birthday! @Selissa


I seriously can't believe it's November already! I have SO much to do for school (this is my last semester). I am usually a very disciplined person (time wise) when I need to be but these past few months I have been SO tired and not able to focus that it has been hard to finish up my research. so I am trying to make it through the next month and a half and then I'll be done Forever! yay!


I am feeling the baby move all the time and I love love love it! Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts with my husband's work we won't be able to get our halfway US until Nov 18 even though I'm 20 weeks this week! Boo.

Other than that things have been going pretty smoothly. Besides I am getting really itchy on my legs at night. anyone else experiencing this??


Happy halfway (or more) and Happy November!

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Yay for November, so much closer to March!


Happy Birthday Selissa!


We're good here. I've been feeling great, which is a good thing lately. I do have SPD starting up but I'm so used to it that it doesn't interfere in how I feel. My DVT hasn't bothered me in a while. No swelling or pain. We are 20 weeks now. We have our scan Thursday and I start my 17p shots then. We already know it's a boy so we'll get confirmation pics. Still on my heparin shots twice daily. That sucks but it is what it is.


MIL is buying us a mini crib to side car to our bed! Whoo hoo. We've been blessed with friends sending us some NB diapers, a gorgeous girasol sling, clothes....it's been great. DH found a changing table someone was throwing out. It's in decent condition. So we'll put it in our room to store diapers and such on.


I'm so wishing I was already in the 30s weeks. I feel like it's dragging on!! We're feeling more kicks now. Still light because of the placenta being anterior. But DH was able to feel. The kids haven't yet. But I'm feeling him regularly rolling around in there. I just now started packing on some weight. :-/ Up until this week I was steady weight. Oh well.

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Today kicks have become visible! No one else has been there for it, but now it's much more likely they will be! She's growing strong! :D <3

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Originally Posted by Beckily View Post

Today kicks have become visible! No one else has been there for it, but now it's much more likely they will be! She's growing strong! :D <3

Same here! The day my husband had to go to work and then start an annual mandatory 2 week training at work (he works 3 hours away so he stays with family while he's working his 14 hour shifts) the baby started kicking harder and WAY more frequent! Of course DH is not here to feel it right now but I'm sure he'll still be more likely to be able to when he gets back from training :-) I swear this little one is doing karate... or gymnastics... or both in there!

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Sweetsummer... I have insane itchy. I've tried every soap, etc. Frustrating. 

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My restless leg syndrome gives me a weird itchy twitchy feeling that fills me with an almost murderous rage. i'm ashamed to admit i've had a couple crazy pregnant lady behaving like a toddler tantrums about it because I CAN NOT SLEEP OR BE COMFORTABLE LIKE THAT


cal mag helps, not enough but it helps.


Zara is being super crazy active too, she startled or something the other day, so hard it shook my whole body, it actually took me a minute to figure out what happened, i thought i'd had some sort of weird spasm till i remembered the sprite.

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Hi ladies! I had my appt. with the perinatologist today and it went well. The doctor and ultrasound tech were totally non-alarmist, which I very much appreciated. They made me meet with the genetic counselor first though, which was a complete waste of her time smile.gif (we decline almost everything). It has been 4 weeks since my anatomy scan, and baby girl has grown about 4 weeks +/- since then. Right now her femur is 90%, head is 17% and abdomen is 7%. They really prefer that babies hang out between 10-90%, so they will have me come back in a month to make sure everything is still growing on her curve. She is already estimated at 1lb2oz which is great and completely normal, so my Dr. Google fears of a micro-preemie have been laid to rest. I should sleep better tonight. My fluid levels looked fine.

My boys were both very large and DH and I both have very large heads, so I am taking this as my reminder to really up the protein (going to try to stick to the Brewer diet more strictly), keep up with the water intake and chill exercise-wise. I want baby girl to grow optimally, and I'd really love to preserve my birth center birth if possible. She needs to keep growing. I told DH that I am going to switch to walking for the 5k on Thanksgiving, I was waffling about that anyway, and this is the wake up notice I needed. I'll keep doing spin class and Body Pump as long as I feel well -I had already modified things in those classes to a moderate level. After the 5k I will be swimming more as I get huge...

Thank you for your support during this freaky week!
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Happy belated Birthday, @selissa! November is my birth month also... I'll be 42 on the 25th :-D
Yesterday I had my 1st appt with the midwife & I just love her. Granted, there are many in the practice, but Leslie will no doubt be my favorite. I hope I can work up the chutzpah to beg her to deliver me even if she's not on call... It was just so nice to have someone who really seemed to care!
Feeling this baby move all the time now & showing more. My bump seems huge to me, especially in how much it gets in my way already, but it's small to everyone else :-/
Heartburn & Charlie horses are my only complaints for now :-)
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Sounds like a great appt. gizzyntaz! 

I had my anatomy scan yesterday and my baby is very obviously a boy. After 4 pregnancies,1 of which was (wrongly) labelled high risk with extra ultrasounds, I've gotten very good at "reading" ultrasounds. So much for being team green. ;) But yay... 2 boys and 2 girls. The kids are thrilled that things are "even" now. :D

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mamakims- i'm pretty good at reading boy ultrasounds but this one, a girl after 9 years, baffled me, I made them check again and again because I couldn't see what they saw. 


We chose middle names, I think! So she's Georgiana Ethel Fae. The kids all call her Georgi.


I am so excited because 1) we asked our friends to be Godparents and they said yes! and 2) A dear friend of mine wants to throw me a baby shower!

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