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Upcoming UC Water Birth~ supplies, herbs, will sex drive ever return??

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Hey beautiful Mamas!


 I'm just looking for some networking, maybe a pen pal type situation with a woman who's had a successful Unassisted Home Birth. I am due in about seven weeks, 12/25/13, and have loved preparing and researching for our son's arrival. We live deep in the mountains though, so I get lonely being the birth choice outcast. I know this is what I am called to do though. Hospitals freak me out, period.


I'd also love some bonus tips on supplies to have ready other than the obvious things... i.e what kind of pads to use for postpartum, thoughts on doing a bowel cleanse before labor begins, and breathing or relaxation techniques I can practice. I just ordered the Wise Woman's Herbal guide for Childbirth, but any thoughts on herbs I should start collecting or taking to ready my body? How often should I drink Red Raspberry tea?


 And finally, I have had NO sex drive since about 10 weeks... I keep reading about how great sex is supposed to be in the 2nd trimester and for labor induction, but my lack of libido freaks me out a little. I am 32 weeks and other than snuggling I am completely uninterested, enraged at Adam's suggestions at times. I was an all-night goddess pre-pregnancy, will my passion return?? Most of the time I'm pushing my love away because I just prefer quiet space. A midwife I met said since I am short and was so fit due to dancing at conception, my body will experience a lot of stretching compared to other moms. (I was 108 lbs at first, now 131 lbs) We are planning our wedding for June 27th, 2014- Is that enough time for my body to adjust and hopefully be interested again? It terrifies me to read stories of mom's who didn't get their drive back for a year or so!


Thanks for any positive feedback ladies! 


<3 Annie

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I had a cesarean and mine (5 months pp) still through the roof! I couldn't wait six weeks pp I practically ripped off my dh's clothes at 4. The first two times hurt but then if gets better.
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I enjoyed intimacy with hubby while pregnant with my first two girls but with my most recent 3rd pregnancy I had no interest. I don't know if it being a baby boy had anything to do with it but now just two days post delivery I am looking foreword to the time when I will feel well enough to get intimate again.
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I have had ZERO libido while pregnant or nursing, but I remember that it came back when I weaned baby #1 (and then, almost immediately, got pregnant again!)

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Fyi I'm exclusively breast feeding. That just effects how dry you are lube fixes that issue.
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Haha, ok thanks ladies. I do plan to breast feed for quite some time, so I guess that doesn't help my drive bump up. The third trimester is truly feeling easier than the other two for me, so that's encouraging me a bit! Thank you Mamas.

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My drive was normal or even high during pregnancy (even when I was 40+ weeks), but since giving birth it's dropped a lot.  I'm 8 weeks pp and today was the 2nd time we've had sex since baby - both times it hurt but today was a lot better, in addition to lubricant I orgasmed before intercourse and it helped a lot.  My drive is returning slowly.  I'm EBF so that makes it more dry and I think lowers your libido.


We bought the basic birth kit from precious arrows and I think my pads were in that.  They were huge and very useful.  There were about 20 I'd say.  We also bought extra supplies like a cord clamp.  


I didn't do a bowel cleanse but I did attempt to induce with castor oil 4 days before (I wanted a midwife and they wouldn't assist me after 42 weeks) - big mistake, lots of diarrhea, painful cramps, and 4 days of labor.  


I drank a red raspberry, oat straw, and nettle mix all throughout pregnancy (still take nettles and oat straw).  Used EPO after week 37 and used the polly blend, which was supposed to help you deliver closer to your due date but it did not help me at all.


We try to follow a Traditional foods diet so I had a lot of raw milk, beet kavass, kombucha, kefir, and fermented cod liver oil.  Luckily my husband prepared most of these things for me.


I have a friend who is a hypnotherapist and she made me a labor tape, but I know a lot of people use hypnobabies or hypnobirthing or whatever it's called.


We also had a birth tub which helped a LOT.  A birth ball was nice too in early labor.  Oh, and DH made me a rice sock, which was great.  


I had a posterior baby and very painful back labor - counter pressure was the only think that helped (and even then, barely) during the most intense parts.


Good luck!

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