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What's your protein punch?

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Coming onto MDC helps me be aware of protein because of the vitamin ad :p  I still am not getting enough I don't think.  I have a two egg sandwich everyday.  pb&j or cheese with lunch and meat at dinner.  I always have a huge tub of greek yogurt in the fridge, I love it on top of my husband's weekly batch of apple crumble :eat  Otherwise, I totally forget it's there.  Today I made a batch of boiled eggs.  Most days I don't snack, when is a good time to work in a snack? 

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We do a lot of beans, meat, eggs and cheese. :)
I'm not a snacker so that's not something I've ever been good at. I think if you eat about every two hours you're about where most people expect you to be.

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I don't think I have been getting enough protein but I have been consciously trying to get more and more each day. I had a major smell aversion to cooking meat so when my DH is gone half the week if I can't reheat something quickly I'm not really cooking meat. I start the day with at least 2 eggs. I've been craving peanut butter (I can eat it by the spoonful!) and snacking on salami or ham like a kid :-) other than that I have enjoyed beans and cheese and meat in things I'm not cooking :-)

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I have to have meat protein or i get very sick and weak feeling so i'm probably ok in this department. let's see I eat chicken, lots of beans and rice type dishes, peanut butter, and dairy...some occasional ham.

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I have been thinking about this, too!  No meat here, but I snack on nuts, hummus and pita, peanut or almond butter. We eat eggs at least once/ week and eat either beans/tofu/eggs for dinner.  I also try and make a smoothie with Greek yogurt added to it......

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I get protein mainly from yogurt/dairy, nuts, seeds (such as pumpkin), and meats.
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I have really upped my protein since they started worrying me that baby girl might be small.  I still am probably not getting enough to be Brewer-worthy, but I do my best.  I eat 2 or 3 eggs for breakfast every morning and I snack on hard boiled eggs about 1/2 of the days.  I eat string cheese for a snack 1-2x per day.  I try to eat a big bowl of cottage cheese with fruit most days at lunch time.  I also snack on nuts (peanuts & almonds mostly).  I force myself to eat meat with dinner even though it still doesn't appeal to me… Lunches I try to have beans or a soup with beans, or veggie quiche (lots of eggs - I love eggs!).


I had a followup ultrasound this week and they still are saying baby girl is "on the small side" but they think everything is A-okay and I don't need to go back.  I will be laughing my butt off when she's a 10 pounder (or maybe crying…) :)

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