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Rash from Cloth Diapers

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DD has been in Bambo disposables for a month now, waiting to hit 12lbs before trying a cloth diaper sample set from a local store. I spent the weekend stripping the washing machine and prepping the new dipes. She spent 24hrs in them and immediately got a rash. Bah! 


I am trying to eliminate any big obvious causes, but also feeling pretty annoyed.


Here are the common issues I think I addressed, but let me know if I am missing any big things:


1. Began using charlie's soap for all my laundry after stripping the machine

2. Prepped dipes by washing and drying 5 times

3. Using Kissaluvs lotion potion since she was born, which adresed her first rash when she was a newborn and has worked well since (until trying cloth). 

4. Changing after every nap and before each BF session, which is roughly once every 1.5 hrs. 

5. The only synthetic component of the dipes is PUL covers-- the rest of the materials are organic hemp, bamboo, and cotton. Styles we are trying include prefolds, pocket, AIO, and a hybrid style. 

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Are you rinsing the diapers in anything, like vinegar?  Could she possibly be having a reaction to the soap?  Hopefully some others will have some ideas for you.

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My DS definitely has a reaction to PUL, but we discovered that only after he was in a PUL cover all night.  Now he's fine in PUL for a couple hours at a time.


It is definitely possible that your DD is allergic to the Charlie's.  You could try stripping the diapers again and using a different detergent.  Is your water hot enough to do a proper stripping?  I've read that some people turn their water heater up when washing dipes.  Maybe she is allergic to hemp/bamboo?  You could try going with just the cotton for awhile?  Was it an all over rash?  Could it be an allergy to something you're eating (that's assuming you're EBF)?  Just throwing out ideas here.

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Thanks for the ideas! The rash was just in the creases of her tush and thighs, so to me, very obviously a wet/friction issue. 


If she was allergic to the soap, I'd think it'd be a whole body rash, probably. Maybe not as severe as the wet area, but some reaction, since it's been our exclusive soap for laundry since last week. 


We let the rash heal for a day with disposables, and then tried cloth again last night. 


We have ONE wool cover, which she wore last night with a cotton/hemp blend pre fold and so far, no rash. I will be avoiding PUL all day, and see what happens. It may be the breathability of wool that saves the day. :) 

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Wool is awesome!  We do primarily wool since DS had the reaction with PUL.  I love it!  Hopefully it will work for you.

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So I decided to give up on cloth diapers. Trouble shooting this and other problems just keeps feeling like trying to reinvent the wheel, especially when I found sposies that don't cause any issues for us.

Thanks for the ideas though.
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