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I conceived in the third month of trying without any intervention, I went to my midwife to confirm the pregnancy with a bloodtest. She prescribed me Crinone because my levels were slightly low.This makes me very uncomfortable, but she said it is to prevent miscarriage. Many of my friends who are pregnant haven't even seen their CNM or OB yet, so it seems crazy to me to be taking something, but I obviously don't want to lose my baby. Some people tell me I am worrying too much, but I want to be as natural as possible and here I am already taking something.

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How did she test your levels?  Progesterone spikes and falls throughout the day, so you can get a low reading randomly.  You have to test multiple times to get an accurate reading.  My cycles were off when we were trying for my daughter and my doc tested me and said that my levels were so low that I probably hadn't even ovulated that month.   Well, guess when I conceived?  That month.  And we had a healthy, normal pregnancy with no interventions whatsoever.  I would get a second opinion and then get off whatever you're taking.  Unless, of course, you have a history of loss or unless she tested your progesterone multiple times to get an accurate reading.  Personally, I wouldn't stay on it, but talk to her or another midwife/doctor first.

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Since i have had multiple losses, I would err on the side of caution and take the medication.  If medication would have prevented my first loss, taking something would have been soooo worth it, even though I really prefer as natural as possible and at that point had no history of problems.  The progesterone will not prevent you from losing if there are other things wrong but it would be a shame to lose the baby because of something that could be prevented.

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I also had to take Crinone, as part of my infertility treatment.  We conceived on the first IUI with shots, and Crinone was prescribed to be taken once daily through the 12th week.  I asked about this multiple times, as my prog levels tested fine week after week.  But I was told that the Crinone is an insurance policy for pregnancies that are a little riskier, and establish levels up til the placenta takes over.  I hated it, but I took it.  If you've lost pregnancies to miscarriage in the past, and your midwife feels your level dipped low enough that it could be an on-going problem, it might be worth staying on it.

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I think the OP needs to update the thread so we have more information.  If she does not have a history of loss, then there is no reason for her to be taking progesterone.  If she does, then that's a different story, but it seems likely she would have mentioned that in the original posting.  Either way, I think she needs to discuss this more with her midwife.  I would not be on any kind of medication during pregnancy unless it was to treat an actual condition, which it does not sound like the OP has. 

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Nope, no previous pregnancies, miscarriages or any indication of problems before this blood test. I went to a midwife because I wanted someone more hands off, so this is so confusing to me! She said that we can keep an eye on it and maybe I only have to take it for a few weeks, but I hate the idea of taking something "just in case".

ETA: She just took one blood test.

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Sounds to me like you need a new midwife.  I would ask about her rates of other kinds of interventions at your next appointment.  Jumping the gun and putting someone on progesterone after a single low-ish blood test with no history of loss or even previous pregnancies sounds seriously crazy to me.  Do you know her c-section rates?  The number of ultrasounds she recommends?  How long she'll let first time mothers go before inducing?  These are all really important questions you'll want to have sooner rather than later so you can make an educated decision.  I would also start looking around for other naturally-minded practices.  Is there a LLL in your area?  Or a Bradley instructor?  Or a babywearing group?  These people tend to know the more naturally-minded doctors in the area, and sometimes it's not a midwife.  My doc for my last pregnancy was a family practice doctor who was absolutely fantastic in every possible way.  That might be a route you could go. 


And for what it's worth, I switched to my family practice doc from an OB/GYN at around 20 weeks, so you still have plenty of time to do some research on what's available. 

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That's the thing, her C-Section rate is around 15%, she said I should get two ultrasounds (12 and 20 weeks) but it was ultimately up to me. She is okay with intermittent fetal monitoring, hep lock, eating while in labor, no episiodomy. She was recommended to me by someone who was breach and had an OB pushing for c-section, she went to my CNM and she turned the baby around from the outside (sorry I don't know the technical term for that). She really seemed to be the most all natural option I could find, and I did a lot of research before picking her. That is why I am so confused by all of this.

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Well, that's a decent c-section rate, though higher than I would be comfortable with, but everything else sounds good.  I would play it by ear and see how you feel over the next few weeks.  Personally, I would really push back on the progesterone, but that's something you'll have to weigh yourself.  I could see trusting her and just going with it too, but it just seems to pointless.

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Pointless? Seems to me to be a shame to tell a woman she needs to lose a baby before she should go on progesterone in the future.  Because that loss is devistating and if the medication would have prevented it, that is a baby that died without needing too.   Sorry to sound snippy.  Emotions are running high for me at the moment and as I reach 10 weeks, I can not help but grieve for the babies I have lost in the past.  I would not wish that pain on anyone.  And if a medication would have prevented them dying, I would have taken it.


OP, I hope your levels are up and you do not need the medication.  I would not fire my MW over this but I agree that you needed the answers to the questions above.  Glad you have found someone reasonably natural minded.

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I agree with the above poster.  It's not pointless if you've measured low, and it's possible to go up and then dip again.  It only takes one dip to cause an MC before the placenta is doing all the supplying.  I am saying this after pushing back A LOT with my reproductive endocrinologist's office.  I had no history of miscarriage either and never measured low.  But part of the reason I decided to go along with it is that I had worked too hard to get there to take a chance.  That said, I was really turned off by a lot of the fear-based information going back and forth on that Dr.'s office FB page between other women in treatment.  I quit that group.  Those women were so scared they were crying if they didn't get an ultrasound at least once a week.   


In the end, taking the progesterone did not hurt anything.  Nothing at all.  It was a minor inconvenience, and it was peace of mind.


Ultimately, the choice is up to you, and you may find that your midwife respects you for digging your heels in.  It sounds as if you've done a lot of work to find her, and it's still early.  You have a path to walk with her that will take 9 months, and you'll learn a lot about one another.  I've definitely disagreed with my midwife over certain things, but I wouldn't trade her for the world, because her confidence and care make me feel great.

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