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Do I need a stroller?

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I'm planning on wearing my baby as much as possible with a moby wrap and an ergo baby carrier. Do I really need to buy/register for a stroller? shrug.gif


This is my first baby. Thanks for your advice!

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Really depends on your personal needs, your baby's personality, and your lifestyle. Some people never use a stroller, some find their babies don't like to be carried, our that it causes the parent too much pain. Strollers can be helpful for long outings or for carrying all the stuff you can't carry with the baby. Some people babywear all the time with a young baby but use a stroller with a toddler.

One thing you can do is budget a certain amount for unexpected expenses and/or register for gift cards for that purpose. That way you don't feel you have to have everything from the start.
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I dont think you need a stroller for a baby but they are nice once they can walk but cant walk very long. Usually by then they are also taking liquids in a sippy cup and will want snacks and toys brought with when you go somewhere.
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I used my stroller ALL THE TIME  with my first, and not so much with my second.  I often wore the baby and pushed the toddler.  If you plan to baby wear, you might not need one, but they are still nice sometimes.  One instance where they are handy is for those times when your child finally fell asleep in the car and you just want them to sleep a bit longer but you still need to do some shopping or something, then you can just carefully unsnap the car seat carrier and put it in the stroller.   They are also great for if you plan to go for a long walk, and baby wearing would tire you out more if you have back/shoulder problems.


It is also nice if you can walk to the store or something, then you have room to carry your purchases and baby supplies, rather than carrying them.  We used to live in town, so I walked everywhere, making the stroller indispensable for me.

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Good question.  I was wondering the same thing!  I was thinking that we'd just get a cheap little fold-up stroller, but maybe we should get a nice one since we walk every night.

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I hardly ever use a stroller until they are toddlers. all of mine hated the stroller until they were almost 2. My 19 months old wants to walk everywhere, neither can I carry her now does she sit in a stroller or any kind of cart. It is hard. I always stare at babies in strollers in awe< I never had a any luck. But they are great for all my things and snacks and drinks:)

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My two big wants this time are an ergo carrier (or similar) and a good all-terrain/jogging stroller. We have a worn out second-hand standard striker right now that just doesn't do it for our partially paved walks. I'm sure I'll end up using it with the 3 year old for the next year or so.

That's where it becomes an AP tool for me - I'll bring a larger baby or toddler along on exercise walks with a stroller where I wouldn't if I were babywearing or they had to walk. Not that babywearing a toddler wouldn't be good exercise.

(Note: Any mention of "striker" in this or any other post is supposed to be stroller. Darn Swype.)
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Need, no, especially the first bit when they are itty bitty and no one wants to put down the snuggle miffin.  But I'd totally ask for $ toward one, when she is 3 months or so, and by then u'll hsvr a better idea what you want (i lone my older model bob, those things last forever, and if its faded or something they run less),

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dumb typer helper

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Great thoughts, thank you!

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Agree with what everyone said. I would add that while I use my stroller sometimes, it makes me crazy that I spent so much money on it. Strollers are one of those things that I find at pretty much every single garage sale or rummage sale I go to. I say wait until next summer and pick one up at a garage sale for 20 bucks. Like everyone else said, they're good to have when baby's a bit older.
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Wait to see if you want one.  Meanwhile, maybe somebody will give you a used one.  It might not be your ideal model, but trying it out will give you a clearer idea of what features you do and don't want.


We didn't use the stroller for the first 20 months.  Then I hurt my back and had to use the stroller for a while.  I found that the stroller had a bunch of negative effects on my toddler's behavior and my relationship with him, so we stopped using it for the daily commute ASAP, but we did use it for longer walks when he was 2-3 years old.

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Just adding my experience: I had a ring sling, a wrap and a boba (similar to an ergo) ready for wearing my son as much as possible. I wasn't interested in spending money on a stroller and we were blessed to be given one from my brother and his wife. (their old one.) It was great to have one just because….you…"in case"…but I never once used it. I'm not kidding. My son loved being worn and I found it so convenient. He's almost 2 now and I still don't use a stroller, *but* I plan to get one for him soon because once this baby is born, I'll need something to put the tired toddler in :)


Basically, be open to the idea that a stroller may suit you and your baby better. Be open to the idea and ok with it. But if you truly feel that you'd prefer to go stroller free, don't spend money on one now 'just in case". If you have a couple carriers, you'll make em' work. If you change your mind and decide to try out a stroller, you could probably even borrow one from someone until you find the funds to buy one. 

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Thanks everybody for the great advice!

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thanks for asking this! I've been pondering the same thing!

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I know there's been a lot of great advice already.  I just wanted to throw my two cents in on needing a stroller.  With my now-toddler, I used a Moby Wrap and then an Ergo mostly.  We didn't get a stroller until I wanted to go on walks and jogs.  I felt like that was a good time to get a stroller too because I really knew what I wanted and what I would use it for, so it was totally functional and I still use it.  I also got mine on Craigslist rather than buying it new.  


I still carry my 21 month-old in the Ergo a lot, but I have also found the stroller to be very helpful now that it's getting uncomfortable to have a strap around my waist and a toddler pressing on my belly!

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A B.O.B. stroller was the only thing I allowed anyone to buy for me before my first child, and for the longest time I thought it was a waste of money (mostly because my DD was born in Dec., and I loved wearing her snuggled up in my down coat in our arctic winter).  But then, June came around, she was 6 months old, and the wild strawberries were ripe on the trails near my house, where I suddenly wanted to spend all my afternoons out walking, and the stroller became awesome - I agree that wraps and ergos and packs are lovely, and babywearing is important, but if you want to be active outside and have your child nap, especially if it's hot out, and you are planning any type of dynamic movement ( like stooping down to pick berries, :D ) a stroller - especially an all terrain one, is pretty fantastic in that it definitely increases the amount of time you can do things with a baby.  I think for the first while, they are not so useful, and it really depends on who you are and what you do how much use you will get out of one.  If you can find a used one, I'd probably do that.

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A stroller is a toddler's parent's best friend for travel, I have to add.  esp. a toddler's parent who has a non walker to wear already and is preggo. :)

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Originally Posted by fayebond View Post

A stroller is a toddler's parent's best friend for travel, I have to add.  esp. a toddler's parent who has a non walker to wear already and is preggo. :)


Oh yes, we really wished we'd brought ours on our trip in September to Legoland. I don't really use it that much these days, so forget how useful it is when you're out walking around all day. We have an old umbrella stroller stashed at my dad's house (where we went after), and used the heck out of it for the rest of the trip (the thing is mended with duct tape!), but it's a standard-sized umbrella stroller, and we're both tall, so it wasn't the most comfortable thing ever. Really should have just brought ours.

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Folks have already given a lot of great advice! I'm personally a huge advocate for the benefits of babywearing but still invested in couple strollers (a jogging stroller and a lightweight umbrella stroller). Between all the options, I would still keep the jogging stroller especially now with a toddler. Like others have said, it's invaluable when they get older and especially if you decide to have more than one kid. 

FYI, most babies grow out of the Mobywrap quickly. My LO was born 10 lbs and by the time she was three months along the Moby was no longer practical. I switched to a ring sling (Sakura Bloom) when I nannied and it was the best investment ever.

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