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~Expecting a Rainbow - November 2013~

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Continued from ~Expecting a Rainbow October 2013~


rainbow1284.gif Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace - author unknown


A "rainbow baby" is a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth.

A beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.

The storm (pregnancy loss) has already happened and nothing can change that experience. Storm-clouds might still be overhead as the family continue to cope with the loss, but something colorful and bright has emerged from the darkness and misery. - modified from Urban Dictionary
This thread is to support the women among us who are expecting their Rainbow Babies in February 2014. It is a place for all the ups and downs of the roller coaster called pregnancy after loss. Excited? Worried? Happy? Nervous? Thrilled? Scared? Ambiguous? Concerned? Whatever you are feeling, however you are doing, this is the place to get/give support to others experiencing the same thing. Here we can discuss our concerns and problems in the safety and company of other mamas like us. Compare BETA results, our prenatal screens, show off our scans, and in what seems like a lifetime away - our newborn baby pictures.
While there is an Expecting Our Rainbow Babies thread in the Pregnancy after Birth Loss forum, I really wanted to connect with women experiencing similar pregnancy timing.


When we are due!

JelloPanda EDD February 1

ChelseaKell EDD February 7

OanaTH EDD February 12

BeagleSmuggler EDD February 13

mama sarah EDD February 14

pattimomma EDD February 20

mattie426 EDD February 20

oasis84 EDD February 22

quietmama :candle

mommyndoula EDD February 27



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I can't believe it is already November! I also can't believe I am almost 25 weeks pregnant! I had really intense pregnancy denial until week 21 so I feel like I just found out that I was pregnant 3 weeks ago BUT the third trimester is right around the corner :dizzy


I started my NORA tea regimen today along with Floradix. I think I have been dehydrated and low on iron lately. Anybody else adding any second trimester things to their diet?


I have another ultrasound in a month to make sure that my placenta has moved. I will also get my Rhogam shot and GD test then. My legs and ankles have had some swelling and I have some varicose veins in my behind and vulva:irked I haven't been exercising at all and am tired pretty frequently. How's everyone else???


We finally have a nickname for the fetus - Baby Brother. Not very creative but it's what my 2.5 year old is saying. She is so cute. She hugs me and then my belly when I get home from work thus greeting me and baby brother individually. This morning I was putting on some lotion (on my face) when I got out of the shower and DD requested some. She then rubbed the lotion on my belly saying that baby brother needed lotion too :love


I've been thinking about using glass baby bottles (I will pump at work). I used plastic last time. What's everyone else planning?


I think it's time for some belly pics . . . so let's see them! belly.gif

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Patti: I agree, time is flying! I was thinking earlier today about how this sweet babe of mine is due three months from this Thursday! Oh goodness, this pregnancy is feeling more real than ever. Like you mentioned, it took a long time for me to settle into this pregnacy, especially after the initial complications I was having. My pregnancy has been smooth and uncomplicated so far this second half and I am so very grateful! Sorry to hear about your varicose veins. I have them too. They have worsened with every pregnancy. I am pretty active, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Mine don't hurt or anything, but get itchy and I worry that they won't go back all of the way! I have a vein in the back of my leg that didn't return to normal after my last pregnancy...oh well! I just have to surrender to the veins and be thankful all is going well with baby smile.gif! Your daughter's nickname and interaction with your babe in womb is so sweet!

I have been feeling really energetic as of late. I went into full nesting mode..which usually doesn't happen until the last month of pregnancy for me! I think I know that the holiday season is busy and baby is due soon after that, so nest away now! I rearranged several rooms and cleaned/organized all closets and whatnot, among other things. I even finished holiday shopping so that I can relax more as that time of year rolls around!

My kids are very excited about baby and the three of them have been having baby name discussions and making name lists. Pretty darn cute! We've been working away at homeschool and that has been going really well, which is great because we'll all take a lengthy school break when baby comes. We we do a combination of waldorf inspired schooling and unschooling, so we'll lean toward the unschooling side come February! Other than a growing baby and belly, not much else to report!

Post run baby bump photo from yesterday smile.gif

I reached the "can no longer run more than thirty seconds at a time without feeling like I have to pee" milestone yesterday...bring on the hiking! No more runs until after this babe is in my arms!

I hope all of you ladies are doing well!!
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@mama sarah Your belly is so cute! belly.gifI'll get a pic of mine up soon. I have never run during pregnancy so I don't know what the having to pee milestone is like but I can imagine!jog.gif


I'm glad you are feeling great and everything is going smoothly.:joy All that initial bleeding was super scary.


YAY for early nesting! I have been having some of that too and I think it's because of the looming holidays. I have been cleaning out the house and donating a lot to charity. As far as Christmas shopping I have made lists but haven't actually bought anything. My iron got really low and with it came major exhaustion but I am back on track with floradix on board and feeling a lot better.


So where are all the other Rainbow Baby Mamas? I know you are out there!

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Still here! Just busy busy busy. Here is a pic Isent to my mom last week. She kept doing verbal eyerolls when I told her I was starting to have trouble doing normal stuff, because of my belly.

She got this and started believing me! I can't believe how much I seem to have exploded in the past few weeks. I just looked in the mirror one day and went, "Holy crap!!!" People are feeling more and more confident asking or assuming that I am pregnant as well. It is sort of gratifying, and sort of annoying sometimes. I wear a baggy lab coat at work that still makes it hard to tell, so most of the time I don't have to talk with customers about it.

We are getting a few breastflow bottles, and probably some glass bottles from a friend, but they will really just be for emergencies. I won't be going back to work, and plan to EBF.

I debated on the glucose test for a while, but my midwife talked me into it. It seems the biggest real drawback is that I might puke up the stuff. The other alternative was using a glucometer for a while, and with everything else I am trying to get done lately, I just don't need one more thing to remember several times a day.
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hi ladies! I haven't poked in here for awhile, as I was following the march boards more often, if at all.... I went through a phase of just not reading any posts because I needed to just stay with my own pregnancy and believe that all would be well! after 9 years of trying, failed IUI attempts, IVF resulting in a blighted ovum and mc, and a failed FET attempt... and now preggo at 26 weeks I'm finally starting to believe it... ! I had to switch to a new dr. because of health insurance changes, and she changed my due date back to feb 26 from march 1st... not a huge shift, but it made me want to check in with you other feb due ladies and see what you're up to!!
I can't believe how fast it's going!!! I'm loving being preggo and trying to just be in the moment everyday. my baby girl is doing great and kicking and moving all over!
last month at my 2nd tri screening they mentioned my placenta was low lying, and again this month still low... wondering if anybody else has had that experience? wondering if I'll have to have a c-section?
anyways, here's a recent pic:
I hope all you ladies are doing well!!
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26 weeks, 4 days :thumb My coworker took the pic.


@mattie426 Hey due date buddy! I've been having trouble working around the belly too! You look great!


@holliet You are looking awesome with that lovely baby belly! I have a low lying placenta. It is 3mm from my cervix. I am getting another ultrasound at 28 weeks, 5 days to see if it has migrated. Usually the placenta will "move" away from the cervix as the uterus grows so I am not too worried about needing a section at this point. Do you know how close to the cervix your placenta is? low lying just means it's low it doesn't give you diagnostic criteria.

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pattimomma- I'm not sure... they didn't say an exact measurement... just that the placenta was low lying and covering my cervix almost completely.... but I've had absolutely no spotting or bleeding at all in this pregnancy.
I'll do a third trimester screening in December, and prob get a better idea. this is all so foreign to me!
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@holliet - The difference between your situation and mine is that my placenta is 3mm away from the cervix but not touching it. Your placenta is a partial placental previa but almost a complete previa from what you descibe. Either type of previa requires a c-section before you go into labor. Usually they will do this around 37 weeks if all the tests show that the baby's lungs are developed. A woman, @M Anna, on the EORB thread just had her baby via c-section do to complete placental previa. She could give you all kinds of information about what to expect.

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Ugh! Just found out that I miserably failed my Glucose Tolerance Test and now officially have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes :irked I am seeing the specialist tomorrow. 4x a day finger pricks here I come :(

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oh patimomma!
sorry to hear that! greensad.gif
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@pattimomma I'm sorry!! greensad.gif That really sucks. I hope it is manageable with diet alone.
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My midwife suggested that I see a hypnotherapist. :\ I told her about getting triggered in birth class. There was this chart about the stages of labor, and it was like I was reading a chart about the stages of miscarriage. Like the page said, "earlt 1st stage- excitement- this might be it", "late 1st stage- this is it! I can do it!" I was reading, "early 1st stage- dread- I think this is happening," "late 1st stage- this is happening, and I am going to have to do it. I really don't want to." I stopped looking at it pretty quickly. Anyway, she said it was good to know this now. That it is not uncommon, and that this guy can help rewire my brain to go down a different path. That this time is not last time.

Have any of you dealt with this stuff?
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@mattie426 I haven't been to a hypnotherapist but I have been seeing a therapist (PhD licensed social worker) throughout this pregnancy to deal with all kinds of issues related to being pregnant after loss.

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Pattimomma and Holliet: Beautiful bellies!!!joy.gif

Holliet - Wishing you the best on placenta news as your pregnancy progresses...

Pattimomma - Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes greensad.gif - will you be able to manage it with diet?

Mattie - I haven't experienced what you have described in the same way, but it is so understandable with pregnancy following a loss. I have definitely been more fearful of baby loss throughout this pregnancy since having a miscarriage prior.
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Mattie: I missed your baby bump photo when I initially scrolled down! You have a beautiful bump as well!!joy.gif
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My doc ended up sending me for an A1c test that looks at blood sugar levels over the past few weeks. According to that test I don't have any type of diabetes. So if I have diabetes it is already controlled by my regular diet. He told me just to eat as I regularly do and I can check my sugar levels if I want to but it's not necessary. I probably will check them if I indulge a little more than usual over the holidays . . . mmm pumpkin pie!

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