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parent health / work status and adoption

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We are starting to think about adoption to complete our family; we have two boys biologically and think 1 more would be nice, but I am not sure I'm up for more losses and the TTC game.  I have a question as it relates to the home study and such...


so my DH was "laid off" last year from his job.  When he went to file for unemployment the company claimed he was on disability, he wasn't, but to make the whole thing work and be paid, he ended up going on ST and is now on LT disability.  It was a hot mess, he's not REALLY disabled but his employer I am sure found this cheaper than unemployment.  We are suing his employer bc 1, he could still do his job and 2, per the ADA, you can't let someone with a disability go without accomodations, so if they THOUGHT he was disabled, they needed to change things, not just let him go.  


Here's where this gets tricky, DH has non ischemic cardiomyopathy and has an implanted ICD device.  He's on heart meds, seen by experts quarterly at MGH, but all his bloodwork shows that he is as healthy as a horse.  His drs would testify to this.  Does having this type of condition mean we would face trouble getting approved for an international adoption?  Does having him on LT disability and that be a source of income not bode well for us?  

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I am not completely sure how this would factor in--possibly dependent on whether you were pursuing international (and from which country) vs. domestic (private vs. public) adoption. I am certain someone with more direct experience will be along momentarily to help you!!!


Sorry for your unfortunate situation with your husband's job. :(

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Your husbands issues may make it difficult to be approved for domestic or international adoption, but may not be an issue at all for foster adoption. 

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I second what MountainMama said.  I think many people don't think of foster care adoption because they don't know a lot about it/ it seems scary.   Let me know if you have any questions!

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For international adoption, your husband's condition might very well pose a problem. The first question that comes to my mind is: Can you travel overseas, or would you have to adopt from a country that allows children to be escorted? Internationally, countries are slowing down and closing at alarming rates. 


For domestic infant adoption, your husband's condition is probably not going to be a problem. You'd just need a doctor's note. 

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For international adoption, your husband's health condition would probably not be an issue -- I have a friend who adopted while in the middle of chemotherapy. The problem would be the disability income. You would probably have to prove somehow that you would have enough income to cover your living costs for the number of years it took to raise the child to adulthood.
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