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Help how not to wean while away

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Hi mamas, My LO is 9 months and already has a diversified diet, he takes the bottles and has started with semi-solids. I still breastfeed him early in the morning, in the evening when about to sleep at nedd and whenever he asks. My problem is my company is sending me on a 5 day assignment out of the country where I can't take him with me. I am already breaking apart because I will be leaving him but how is my absence not going to make him wean, I want to breastfeed him till 24 months but won't he forget me after such a long absence? or will my milk still flow (I don't know the exact term)? Just how can I keep on breastfeeding from a distance and is my LO not going to forget about it?

Please help


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Hi Tropicalfever! I moved your thread to the general breastfeeding forum because it is a better fit for here.

Will you be pumping milk for your LO while you are away? That should help with maintaining your supply. You can bring breastmilk on the plane with you in any quantity because it is considered a medical necessity.
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Thanks Pokey,

I didn't really know where to post it. Ok so I should pump to maintain my supply and my LO I hope that won't cause any destabilization. Will breastfeeding just start from where we left it?

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I would pump at the times your LO usually nurses.  I had to leave my son for business a few times.  When he was 14 months, I had a three night trip.  When he was about 18 months, I had a four night trip. Both times, he started back nursing with no problems.  :-)  Actually, I specifically remember that second trip.  He was napping when I got home and when he woke up, I went in and nursed him immediately.


We nursed until right after his second birthday, so about 24 months.

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