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8 week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge version 12 (enrolling through Nov. 13, starts Nov. 11) - Page 2

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I have taken some time off from the challenge but I am ready to jump back in.  Please add me.

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count me in 

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Joining. I really need to do something, I've gained 20+lbs in the last year and just keep gaining :(

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am giving a try to the Zoe Harcombe diet, am on day 2 of 5 for phase one

impatient to see if it will have made a change by Monday weigh in ....

still keeping up with exercise

my downfall is stress & lack of sleep (but then my knitting and crochet projects are in a good way to be soon finished !) and therefore that's when i tend to overeat .....

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Oh, are we meant to be starting already? I've been eating tons of chocolate and icecream and drinking beer so as to "get rid of it" before the challenge begins. I think Im going to have to go cold turkey on the sweets and sugar, I'm seriously addicted.
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no, not meant to

... i just try not to lapse too much between challenges (i have in the past put on 2 or 3 lb in a week at the end of a challenge ... was not happy about it !)

& the last 3 weeks have been terrible foodwise for me, hence my being fed up on Thursday and being ready yesterday to tackle someting new "right now"

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Oh that totally makes sense. I think I may have gained a lb this past week greensad.gif
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I am new to the fitness forum - can I join? Signed up for my first ever half marathon in February (eek!)
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day 3 of "no sugar" & limited carbs (veggies at all meals and limited oats for one of the 3 meals per day, the other two meals are proteins + veggies)

went back to buy more veggies so as not to feel hungry

(not only physical hunger, ... was worried about becoming hungry without my usual many food crutches ...)

now ... looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow morning & eager to know if i will have lost anything this week or not ...

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OK, I hopped on the scale this morning and I was right, I've gained a little. Whoops. So I'm 5'2" and currently 126.6 lbs. Hoping to get down to 120 or under by then end of these 8 weeks.


My plan is to run 2 miles tomorrow, do Yoga on Wednesday, and run 3 miles on Thursday and 2 more Saturday. I also ride my bike to work every day, and although it's only 2 miles each way there are a few hills that get my heartrate pumping, so that helps. I also need to start incorporating ab work, my midsection is still weak from having a 9lb9oz baby 4 months ago.

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I'm in! I have a 13 week old baby, and I've lost all of my pre-pregnancy weight with sensible eating and exercise. Now I need to work on the weight from the past few years since having my first child! I'm 5'5", currently at 191 lbs, and I'd like to lose 11 lbs in the next 8 weeks.
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65.2kg (143.7lb)

Half a kg down to start this challenge. Yay!
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146.6 lb

this Harcombe meal plan seem be working for the moment

hoping to be at least below 140 by the end of this challenge


lookking back, i didn't participate in all of them but 6 months ago i was about 166  or 165.5 lb

(i also write it down on a sheet of paper in my household folder ...)

hadn't quite realised how much progress i had made ... since i'm more focused on the hoped for end-result ...

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190.6 this morning.
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Congrats IsaFrench!  What is the Harcombe diet?


Starting weight is 168.8 (I think).  the scale was acting funny this morning, but I think that's close.  Can anyone recommend a really good scale that stays accurate and can withstand children?

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195 this morning, which is down from the end of the last challenge!

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i only know about phase one of the Harcombe diet for the moment ...

basically, 3 meals a day, no snacks,

for the first 5 days, cut out ; caffeine, dairy, sugar, fruits, sugar substitutes, mushrooms (for those who suspect they have Candida), wheat, potatoes

one meal per day is starch (only 50 g dry weight of rice, or 75 g of oats) with no fat mixed in

two meals per day = protein (but "real" food, nothing transformed) and veggies, loads of veggies + fat


i just saw last Thursday that someone on MDC had posted about it August a year ago & that i had inquired about it then but not followed up

so i started reading about it on the net,


it looked like something that i could try ....

so this is day 4

i had a bad neck and back ache last night & felt rather tired but overall today i feel fine and lighter & went for a family ramble with my own adapted lunchbox !


i didn't weigh myself on Friday morning .... but i think that Monday last week i was 3 lb heavier than this morning ....

so, for the moment i'm happy about it

i think Zoe Harecombe is a British (?) specialist on obesity ....



you can read what has been written about her in the British press ....

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Well I am 139.6 this morning and still only 5'0 tall.  I would love to lose about five pounds this challenge. 

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this page explains the Harecombe two different stages ....


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THD- The Harcombe Diet- Traditional Foods and Weight Loss!

 is the post in the "traditional foods" sub forum that inspired me ...

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