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lilacvioletiris, thanks for organizing, especially with your bundles on the way!


thecoffeebean, would you recommend the BodyStep class? There's one near me that I'd like to try. I do a beginner's step DVD right now.


For the weigh-in: So sorry, Team Green, but I am up a pound to 136. To mitigate it, it's 135.6 to 136.0. I'm not calling the week a loss because I learned a lot.


1) If I'm going to work out in the evening, I need to start by 7 at the latest. I tried twice a bit later and had to stop 20 minutes into my DVD because my little guy who is crawling would be holding my legs and crying to be picked up. I got through the whole step DVD today by starting a little earlier, although I was stepping around him at points and did have to pause it twice. It's cutting down the aerobic benefit since my heartrate and sweating ease up while I play with him for a minute, but hey, it's better than not doing any exercise.


2) I'm good at not eating sweets - as long as they're not in the house! DH and DD made cookies that were delicious and I ate like 7, which was why (combined with a beer) I gained the bit of weight.

I asked DH to only buy sweets I don't like, since there's plenty that he likes that I don't, so I'll see if that pans out.


3) The frozen batch meals I made have been great, so I can't let those run out.

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AAK, I want to hear more about the juicer and your plans for it...
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2babies2kidsmom, sorry to hear that you were in the hospital with your DS. That sounds really stressful. Hopefully things will continue to be good for you this week.


Jackies, glad you learned a lot. It does take commitment to get the exercise in especially with a little one. Maybe integrating some "power lifting" that uses your DS as your weight? Sweets can be a hard master to break from. Hopefully this week is better. Preparing your meals in advance is always a good plan.

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@Jackies, I really do like the BodyStep classes. Actually, all of the Les Mills classes are really enjoyable to me. The energizing music and the constant updates to the classes really keep it fresh for me. Just talk to the instructor if you go for the first time and they will encourage you to make modifications if you are struggling.
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139.2 sorry Monday just got by me, I forgot to post.

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Originally Posted by kitteh View Post

AAK, I want to hear more about the juicer and your plans for it...

It took us a while to decide on a juicer--we didn't want to spend a ton of money if we ended up not liking it, yet we wanted one that would do greens well and clean up easily.  We ended up getting an omega 8004.  We got a refurbished one through a certified dealer on ebay.  It comes with a nice, fat warranty too.  This was $209.  There are less expensive models, but we chose this one.  We saw some come up on craigslist too and they were going for $150 - $200 so we figure that we can sell it if we really don't care for this.  I have used it once so far.  It is super easy to clean and it did a great job juicing everything I put into it.  I would love a larger feed chute, but that is ok.  


As far as my plans. . . I really want to do a 10 day juice cleanse and then continue to juice regularly while adding in some meals as well.  I see some people do a 3 day juicing fast, but they say it takes about 3 days to detox and I want to experience this beyond the detox phase.  I can see myself going longer than ten days if I feel full enough, but I don't want to commit to that up front.  Part of why we chose this juicer is that it is a masticating juicer--it juices at a low speed, which is less hot and there is less oxidation.  Therefore, I should be able to do a big batch and drink throughout the day.  I guess it can last a couple days, but I only really need it to last a full day.  Part of why I want to do this is to hopefully kick my body into gear and lose some weight.  However, the bigger draw is health (beyond weight).  My family has a lot of auto-immune disease and I am worried that I am starting down that path.  I am hoping that by saturating my body with the nutrients of the plants, that I will help my body heal.  That probably takes more than 10 days, but I don't plan on just going back to crappy foods.


One kink in the plan is that Thanksgiving and the Anniversary party for my in-laws is next week.  I won't have a full ten days in before that.  I also don't want to put off juicing because of this, so I may just juice a bunch between now and then (experiment with blends) and start the 10 day thing after those events.



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I'm so sorry I didn't report in yesterday. I was helping DD prepare for her first big sleepaway from home (3 nights with grandma!) and it just flew right under my radar. 


I weighed 139.5 yesterday, so no loss this week. Not surprised, I've been a bit indulgent (started making homemade bread again, omg sooo good!) and I cut down on my exercise (walking in between running days) because I had my first big run today (55 minutes!) and I didn't want to overdo it with walking beforehand (I've been having on-again, off-again soreness in my left hip). I completed the run and felt so good about that. I also burned off over 400 calories, woo hoo! 


thecoffeebean - I'm on MyFitnessPal too! What's your username? We should be "friends". I'm "walleymama" on MFP. I really love that site. Counting calories has become so second nature to me and DH that we barely think about it now. I've lost 15 lbs since I started with MFP in July. And I am eating bread, chocolate, and other treats, just "in moderation" as they say (and I timed my bread baking with my running days, lol). I was very miserable when I tried to cut that all out of my diet! 

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I'll add you, Piglet68! My username for MFP is one I use everywhere else, and I don't want to link this one to it publically. I'm paranoid, ha! orngbiggrin.gif If anyone else does My Fitness Pal and wants to be friends, I'll PM you my username. It's great to have "friends" on there and be able to cheer each other on!
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do you have room for a newbie to join?? I am 5 months PP and having a super hard time losing the 25lbs that I want to... I have no motivation! If it's too late for me to jump in maybe I'll just lurk until the next one starts. 

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No loss for me, but on the plus side, I didn't gain. I did take it easy on the exercise last week because I was sick, but I did do 2 days of light exercise. I'm back on the exercise wagon this week, and have been eating well, so hopefully some progress soon.

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I'm at 169 - loss of one. How come it feels like with every workout I should shed at least 14?!? wink1.gif
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Shanna-cat, if you want to post your weight to keep your self encouraged and accountable you may, but it won't contribute to the challenge this time around. We will start our next 8 week challenge around the first of the new year.


Here are the standings for this week.

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Wow lilac, thanks so much for doing this even though you can't really participate. It's so interesting to see the loss in percentage! You rock.

I've been atrocious this week, both in terms of my diet (too much alcohol! Aargh!) and in (lack of) exercise. My excuse for the exercise is that we didn't have childcare figured out yet this week (currently in the works though) and since we don't have a double jogger I can't get out with the girls. Thank god I bike to and from work, at least that's something.

And my excuse for the alcohol is... well, since I don't have running for stress relief, I guess my glass of two (or three) of wine here and there have become my crutch. The good news is that when I'm running regularly I truly have no desire to drink except for maybe one beer once a week. So hopefully getting our childcare sorted will help everything else fall into place.

I have a 5k race coming up on Dec 7th! Secretly hoping to run it in 30 minutes or less, but that might be a stretch.
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Happy Monday everyone :-)

64.6kg (142.42lb) today. Yay for another small loss. I am actually getting quite close to my interim goal of 63kg which is my pre-pregnancy weight. Still a way off my ultimate goal of 55kg but my current eating pattern is sustainable in the long-term so I am ok with a slow loss. Well, not really, but that's what I tell myself to maintain momentum anyway lol.gif
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no change this week,

major emotional upset with health problems for DH & DD2 acting up and being oppositional ...

i did manage 2 dance classes, 1 swim session and 1 roller blading class

eating was ok, but had two late night extra meals during the week end, so no loss ...

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132 again!
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132 again!
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197 BOO.  I don't really have an explanation, and I think it's a fluke.  

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164.8 I might just make my goal of 155 by New Year's!
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