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Donating blood while breastfeeding

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Does anyone have any experience with this? I want to donate but don't want it to affect my supply.
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I started donating again when each of my baby's were about 5 months old. With my son, I didn't notice any drop in supply. I drank a lot and made sure I went to bed early that night. However, with my daughter, I have been struggling since around month four with my supply. It has been very frustrating as I didn't have any problems with my son and even had a three month freezer stash going. So, when I I gave blood this last time (daughter just turned seven months), my supply crashed that evening. It was better the next day, but losing the fluids really effected my production.
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Could you perhaps try and donate plasma instead? You get the blood back and it doesn't affect you as much (my experience anyway, I did it every week).

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I have donated twice while nursing.  The first time my baby was 8 weeks.  Afterwards, I got really dizzy and sick and it took a day or so to recover.  I think it had more to do with giving birth recently and low iron levels.  My supply was not affected.  The second time my baby was about 8 months and it went fine.  I made sure to hang out afterwards and eat a cookie and get some juice and I was fine.  My supply was not affected this time either.

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I asked the Red Cross about this and I think they told me you have to wait 6 weeks, I can't remember now! But you can go it if that's your question, I think you just have to make sure your milk is well established. How old is your baby?
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