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Getting myself back to sleep after nighttime nursing

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I have been having the hardest time getting back to sleep after waking to nurse during the night. I cosleep with my 2.5 yo nursling and 4.5 yo. Any suggestions or ways to pass the time? I'm thinking about trying meditation or possibly listening to super boring music or audiobooks.

I've been thinking about night weaning, but if I could just learn how to fall asleep more quickly after the nightwakings I feel like I wouldn't have to.

I feel like I'm in bed for 10 hrs a night and lying awake tossing and turning for 3-4, between 3-5+ night wakings.. It's not the worst sleep I've ever had but still sooo frustrating.

Any ideas would be much appreciated, many thanks!!!
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I'd love to know tips for this too!
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I've heard people have luck with textbooks.  I had luck with getting up, going to the other room and doing a little light yoga, then I would lay in bed and do sleep visualizations, like waves on a beach carrying me off to sleep.  Ultimately I had to stop cosleeping.  My DH and I traded off for a while.  We all get better sleep with L.O. in his own bed, but he is a particularly active sleeper (he talks and kicks in his sleep).  We have him on a large mat on the floor so we still sleep with him when he is scared or sick.  Hope you see some more zzzz's soon.

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Audiobooks work for me.

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Thank you all for the replies! Is there a good source for iPhone audiobooks? I have some from audible.com but they're a bit pricey. Textbooks also sound like a good idea!

I'm also thinking about buying a Japanese style mat bed for myself and putting it next to the mattress that the kids and I normally share.
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Hi there,
What keeps me awake is thinking. I'm trying to teach myself more about mindfullness and not indulging my thoughts as much. Authors such as Fiona Fay and Eckert Tolle have helped me in this respect.

My son is almost 2 yrs and he has pretty much been an all night nurser until 16 days ago. I used the Sally Weans from Night Nursing book to prepare him/us. He's adapted really well. I still nurse him to sleep, once after 3am (which I will be aiming to phase out) and in the morning. It's so much easier falling back to sleep now that I'm not nursing at the same time. My back hurting was what ultimately spurred me to try to night wean.
Good luck
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I've heard that if you can't fall back asleep, it's best to get out of bed and do something else.  I get on Mothering.com forums when I can't sleep :)

But the point is to associate the bed with active sleeping, so never watch TV in bed, etc...Does your 2.5yo wake up often to nurse?  When my kids were about 2ish, we got them their own beds.  Sometimes they still fall asleep with us, and we'll just put them in their own beds when they're asleep.  Who knows, maybe your lo won't wake up as often if he's not right next to you?  

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