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Pet peeves

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Ok ladies, let's vent!! What are your pet peeves as it relates to stuff in your house/clutter/organization? Maybe something you're struggling to declutter or something people do..

Mine is well meaning people who give us clothes for the baby without gift receipts. She's 3 months old and in 9-12 month stuff, born at 8lb 15oz and people are giving us 3-6 month stuff with no way for me to exchange for clothes that fit :-/

ETA: this goes along in the general gripe about people asking what you want/need for your birthday/welcome baby present and completely ignoring what you tell them.
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My pet peeve is more of a personality difference between DH and me. First of all, let me say that he is much better at cleaning/organizing/decluttering than I. But he can't stand *seeing* mess - he'll shove a pile of stuff in the closet & be OK with that, as long as he can't see it. I can stand *seeing* more messes, but my perfectionist tendencies (getting better than I was) dictate that when I do clean up or declutter, it has to be done thoroughly - not just get the stuff out of sight, but sort everything, find homes for the decluttered stuff/giveaway pile, wash the shelves, put the stuff that needs to be there back neatly, etc. He gets more cleaning/decluttering jobs done and generally is the one to keep the house looking respectable, whereas I get fewer done, but more thoroughly (I think, at least!) Another pet peeve is that for this reason I don't get more done in this respect, but I am doing better all the time at not doing these projects 100%, but maybe 80% and getting more cleaned up.


PS One of my DDs was also 8 lbs. 15 oz., so I hear you!

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ETA: this goes along in the general gripe about people asking what you want/need for your birthday/welcome baby present and completely ignoring what you tell them.

Yes, this, too!! I've actually been asked for a list by a relative, then told about something on the list, "You don't need that!" shrug.gif

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If you can figure out where the clothes came from they will usually let you exchange things that long as the labels are on them. After my dd was born we went to about 6 stores with an armful of clothes and managed to get gift cards for almost everything. I donated the rest to a women's shelter.

Do give it a try!
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Ohhh, I have so very many!! See, my mom was lazy as could be, but she taught us girls how to clean well when she did clean, at least. Because of the fact that my mother was so lazy, I am very much more inclined to clean...


But my fiance's family!!! Oh goodness! We currently live with them and, while I absolutely love them, they are all such slobs! There is never an empty space on any table as it's cluttered with various papers, soda cans, coffee cups, pens, random collectibles and plants, etc... The dishes pile up all over the counters to the point where there is no space open on the counters for anything(couldn't even find a spot to make a pb&j sandwich earlier, I had to clear one first) and nobody does the dishes by hand! If the dishwasher is going, they won't continue doing dishes and then they will leave it full until it gets emptied by everyone using everything in it. I can't tell you how many times I've done ALL of the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, cleared the fridge of bad/expired food, etc. just for it to go right back overnight!


My BIGGEST pet peeves, however, would be...

1.) When someone uses my towel. I don't care if you just got out of the shower, that's nasty!!

2.) When my lovely fiance leaves stacks of cans around his desk. Drives me crazy!!

3.) When clothes get thrown on the floor RIGHT in front of the hamper and left there.

4.) When the floors are so gross that stuff sticks to your feet when you walk. Seriously? Sweep up your messes! I'm tired of stepping on sugar every time I walk past the part of the counter where the coffee pot is!


I'm certainly not going to complain about it, especially not to them, because this is their house and they can do as they please, but I CAN complain about my fiance's messy habits!


I have some of my own, I admit. I have a tendency of accumulating cups around my nightstand because my lips and mouth are always dry when I wake up several times throughout the night. They're always plastic, though, so I just throw them in a bag to get thrown out. I also have a tendency to leave my sketchpads and pencils in a little disorganized pile next to my side of the bed. :/ I need to work on those. lol

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I.  Hate.  Tchotchkes.  They break, so you have to protect them from kids/pets.  You have to pick them up in order to dust, thus tripling/quadrupling dusting time.  They multiply, and create visual clutter.  I just feel burdened by them!  My only real exception is plants - I feel like the return I get in happiness is worth the extra effort.  Even so, I have to be careful to stick to small pots, or those miserable heifers my beloved cats will use them for unholy purposes.


Fortunately, friends/family have, over the years, picked up on my hatred of THINGS sitting on top of THINGS, and have largely quit giving them to me.  :)



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I cannot stand stuff on my floor. My house could be a complete disaster but as long as the floor is clean, I am good with it.

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I hate:
Dirty floors
Tchotchkes/useless decorative crap. I have a grand total of 9 tchotchkes left in the entire house. My beautiful chocolate van tin purchased many years ago. 4 special willow tree figurines that have meaning for our family, 2 small religious items and 2 hand painted ceramic pictures you hang on the wall (one I fell in love with on our holiday and the missing one Dh later found and bought for me for my birthday). This is a massive difference to what we had.. I pared down to only those items I'd hunt for again if they were ever broken/destroyed. Everything else was very happily donated.
Big cumbersome furniture. I hate moving it, I hate cleaning it. I hate looking at it.
A messy bathroom. I'm a major germophobe and I love a spotless bathroom.
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