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Anyone have a schedule they're willing to share?

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I am struggling being a SAHP. I think it's because I wake up everyday and my goal is to "survive."  I have 3.5 year old, 15 mos old, and I am 15 weeks pregnant.  We don't really get out of the house too much, that's probably part of the problem too.  Maybe things would go a lot smoother if I had a rough schedule to go by...right now, I end up with the TV on way too much.  


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I totally understand this!! Just about 2 months ago i decided to form a routine, for a couple of reasons, but i have felt much happier and in control of my days since then. My main reason for starting a routine was because i felt like my house was out of control, and i couldn't get a handle on it.

I came accross a website called flylady.net, and i started the "babysteps." So now my routine: i wake up when my partner gets ready for work @7:30, if my youngest (6 months) is awake i change him and bring him with me, if he's still asleep, I let him sleep & enjoy the moments to myself. I start some water for tea, start breakfast, and empty the dishwasher (my goal is to go to bed with a clean sink each night so i don't have to play catch up the next morning.)

Then my 2.5 year old is usually up, and we eat breakfast. I then flip the laundry and start a new load, and do a couple other cleaning tasks in the rooms. depending on the day i either meal plan, or start working on dinner if it has a time consuming element (making bread, soaking beans...) 

Usually around 10 my 2.5 year old asks to watch a show, which i try to limit to just one a day- my goal is to have only 1 a week.... but i'm not there yet. during that time i take a break and do something I want... search the web or read a magazine for about 15 mins. 

If i have an errand to run, I have to do it before lunch, or usually i feel too out of control if i don't have ample time at home before i start dinner. 

I have to remind myself to play with my kids. This is sad to me but i'm working on it. I usually set the timer so that I can give them undivided attention for a certain period of time, without thinking about what i have to do next. 

lunch around 12:00, then nap time for my oldest around 1:00. he wakes up between 2:00-3:00. 

the afternoon goes by quick and then i start dinner at 5:00. we eat around 6:00, when my partner get home. then bedtime for my oldest is around 7:30-8:00 ish. after he is in bed i clean the kitchen and spend some time with my honey. 

I totally don't have it under control yet. But i'm a work-in-progess. My words to live by right now are "Be flexible. Unexpected things WILL happen." That way when my son breaks a dish or spills his food all over the floor, or my 6 month old wants to nurse every 20 minutes, and it takes me away from what i am trying to accomplish, I can relax and just adjust to the day. 

Routine has helped me more than i thought it could. 

Good luck finding your own rhythm!

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I find having a schedule/routine helps me now--before parenting I didn't need it as much. I have 2 kids, the toddler doesnt nap anymore. Mine looks like this:

730-8am wake up, nurse baby, get dressed, toileting, eat breakfast
Throw in a load of laundry/dishes as needed immediately after breakfast
Toddler free play (on school days we get ready to leave around 9am)

930 Am change baby, nurse again. Do a chore or errand on school days

10 am baby naps (mamas downtime if toddler is at school)

12 pm lunch, read books, baby often sleeps until 1230 or 1pm

Start dinner prep if needed. Put away laundry or dishes.

1-3 outside time or an outing, weather permitting.

4-5 dinner prep, baby's second nap.

6-7 toddler free play, nightly toy cleanup-- last 15 minutes

7-730 bath

730-8 bedtime routines

8 toddler in bed, try to get baby to bed

9pm-10pm adult time

10pm, partner goes to bed, sometimes I do, otherwise I stay up another hour.
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Between 7 and 8am - Wake up.  If I can get up before the kids I use the time to tidy the kitchen and get breakfast laid out.  On days we have to be somewhere I time, I have a detailed schedule of when we need to eat breakfast, change diapers, nurse the baby, and put on shoes and jackets.  Other days it's relaxed, and we play and read and rock and talk, and breakfast is often after 9:30.


9 or 10 - leave the house.  Sunday, church; Monday, errands (I'm supposed to be able to leave the kids home, but we're between sitters right now); Tuesday, homeschool co-op; Wednesday, Bible study; Friday, library.  The days we don't go out or get home before lunch time, the kids have free play while I work on housework.


noon - lunch

After lunch is cleaned up, the two little ones go down for naps, then the oldest does his school work.  Around 2 he also goes for a 'nap,' but often just reads instead of sleeping.  I usually use this time for dishes, and then me time.


3:30 or 4:00 - kids wake up, clean up the toys before Daddy gets home, and have a snack.


DH gets home around 4:30, and I try to take 15-30 min with him before I move into dinner prep.  Then he usually tries to do Tai Chi or weight lifting for 20-30 minutes before Daddy Play Time.


6ish - dinner, followed by family time.  We try to stay home most evenings, though it's often twice a week we're rushing dinner early and out the door and then bedtime late.


7:30 I do the teeth brushing and baths while DH has time for a computer game, then he comes and reads to the kids while I get laundry put away. The we sing and pray and put the older ones in bed, where they're allowed to keep their reading lamps on until 9.  I nurse the baby, and on a good night she's asleep by 8:30, and DH and I can watch tv together or pursue our individual computer interests.


10:30 or 11 - bed

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I feel like we have a "rhythm" to our days, not really a 'schedule'.  On days when we have nice weather our routine might look like this:

5:30 one baby wakes me up, we nurse and head out into the living room

computer time for me until about 6:30

bigs kids usually awake by then, other baby usually wakes up too

7 am- make breakfast (have the big kids unload the dishwasher)

8 am- get started with homeschooling

baby A usually takes a 1/2 hour nap sometime in there

9:15 start getting ready to go for a walk

10 am- leave the house with the double stroller and the big kids

11- leave the big kids with their dad (we're ranchers so he is around all day), go back inside with the babies

nurse babies

start making lunch

12 or 12:30- eat lunch

1 or 2- lay down with babies and eldest DD for a nap

if everyone sleeps at the same time, I can get a decent nap, otherwise I'm up with one baby doing housework or bookwork for hubby's business

4- everyone is usually awake by now,

5- start dinner (if we don't have something in the crockpot)

6:30- eat dinner

7- big kids shower, babies nurse to sleep

7:30- eldest ds falls asleep

8 or 9- eldest dd falls asleep

Ugh, when I write it all down I realize I don't really have set times for cleaning, I just work that in around the meals and baby care.  The walk outside is vital for my sanity.  Areas I feel I'm lacking- reading out loud to the kids, cleaning (and getting big kids to clean up!), spending quality time with DH.  I do try to clean more on the weekends when we're not doing school work. 

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My schedule is way different than yours right now because my kids are older, but when they were that age our happiest days were those when we varied our setting throughout the day.

Mornings after breakfast we'd have an outing (library, park, etc.), then lunch/naps, then we'd play upstairs for a while (puzzles, trains, etc.) then when DH got home he'd play with them outside (riding toys, balls, bubbles, etc.) while I fixed dinner, then after dinner they'd play downstairs (books, cars, play kitchen, and yes, watch a bit of TV) before bath/bed.

I'd call it "a change of scenery," which to this day seems to help our days go more smoothly than when we just hang out downstairs all day and drive each other crazy.
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Wow. These are inspirational. I have just one DD (2.5yo) and our rhythm is pretty simple. I'm due with baby number 2 in a few weeks, though, and I'm expecting everything to go out the window!


Here's our usual day:

6:30 DD wakes up and spends time with DH doing some chores (unload dishwasher, feed animals, start breakfast)

7:30 breakfast

8:00 Dad leaves for work and DD and I get ready for our day (wash, change clothes, etc)

AM chores for me - daily laundry, tidy kitchen and bathrooms

by 9:30 AM activity: play date/playground/shopping/some other activity

by 12:00 head home for a light lunch

12:30 stories and a nap

2:00 wake up - hearty snack and daily screen time

by 3:00 PM activity: walk around the neighborhood/work in the garden/visit grandma or a friend/some other activity

4:30 prep dinner (I struggle with this one ... I'm exhausted by then, and often have no motivation to make dinner)

5:30 DH gets home and we eat dinner asap

by 7:00 DD heads upstairs with DH for nighttime routine (wash, brush, etc), rough housing and more stories

PM chores for me - quick pick up around the house, load/run dishwasher, sweep

by 8:00 stories and lights out for DD

9:00 (hopefully) DD is asleep, and DH and I have a couple of hours together before we fall asleep too.

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I used to be like you, just surviving counting the minutes until naps and bed and I never could stick to a routine! What helped me personally and it sounds so simple is I get up at 7 every morning and shower, make my coffee and start to work! My baby doesn't wake until 8 and if he did happen to wake at 7 on occasions dd will go in his room and Play with him (him still in crib) while I quickly take my shower.
Having that shower done and out of the way makes me feel better and more energized and it's important to look nice for you hubby!!
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I am going to be 5 months pregnant at the end of this month. I don't have any other kids however I stay at home with my housemates daughter while she works. I wake her up, make breakfast, get her on the bus, laundry, cleaning, getting her off the bus, homework, chores, dinner, and then i will be adding a baby to the mix. I don't know how I am going to due it once my partners starts working.

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