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New Momma in Missouri

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Hi, everyone!

I'm a newbie here and I'm from Missouri, near St. Louis. =) I'd love to get to know some others Missouri mommas in the area, especially anyone around my age! I'm 19(20 in June) and expecting my little man on the 17th. I'm planning a natural birth. Anyone have experiences with those? What is your preference if you've done it both ways(natural and epidural/medicated)? Any tips for when I go into labor? Anything you wish someone would've told you before you got there that you didn't expect?

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:wCongratulations on your pregnancy! It looks like your post may have been missed, so I am bumping it up for attention. :bump: Any other Missouri mamas here?


@DJDivineDancer, I recommend that you also join your Due Date Club so you can meet other mamas due in the same month as you and that you post these questions in the Birth and Beyond forum because there are lots of mamas there who can share their experiences with you about labor and birth and chat about natural birth, tips for labor, and more!

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