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I really dislike 3T

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I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant with my second child. As i feel the third trimester creeping up on me i'm getting increasingly dejected about the physical symptoms of late pregnancy. I really didn't like the third trimester last time because i found it really difficult to be so fat and to have my mobility limited so much. I feel like i'm increasingly disabled and i hate it. I'm very much looking forward to having another child but i'm already starting to hate the shortness of breath, the difficulty climbing a single set of stairs, the intense emotions, the heartburn, the waking in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep. I went to a prenatal yoga class with a bunch of first time moms and shared that i hate the third trimester. They all looked a little appalled. I feel like i'm supposed to have all these warm fuzzy feelings but it's the physical part of it that i hate. I'm normally a very independent ambitious person and being so limited is challenging. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Yup, I had to practice a LOT of patience in 3rd T too.  Hang in there!  Pregnancy is harder (physically, emotionally, etc) on some of us.  I was so frustrated at having to slow down, not being able to open a jar, not able to lift a laundry basket full of clothes, hardly having the strength to lift my older kiddo, etc.


All I can say is this:  it only lasts for a short time, even though it seems forever!  With my 2nd pregnancy I practiced and practiced being patient with myself and practiced asking for help for all those little things that I thought I should really be able to do.  I had uterine prolapse with my 1st pregnancy - in large part because I kept trying to do things I shouldn't have done (like lifting full laundry baskets), and didn't give myself a full 5 weeks of down time after birth.  The 2nd time around (and 3rd kid in the family) I didn't push myself and did the full 5 days IN bed, 5 days ON the bed, and 5 days AROUND the bed, according to my midwife's recommendations.  I'm now 4 months postpartum and I am so excited to be feeling GREAT!  I have energy, it doesn't hurt to walk, I can lift my hefty baby and a full laundry basket.  It was very much worth the frustration and work I did in 3T to take care of myself.  So very different from the previous postpartum time.


side note:  Getting short of breath from simply walking or climbing stairs was a sign that I needed more iron.  My labs always came back within the low-normal range for iron, but my symptoms didn't improve until I was in the high-normal range.  Floradix became a daily supplement for me during the last trimester.



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Wow thanks that's all super helpful, especially the iron since I am a vegetarian so it makes sense that it could be that. When you say you took care if yourself in 3T you mean by not pushing yourself to do too much? I never heard of the 5-5-5 rule, I think I'll do that. Thabms
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When you say you took care if yourself in 3T you mean by not pushing yourself to do too much?

Yes, exactly.  Which was really really challenging, because I would "think" lifting a pot full of water for draining pasta was not pushing to much, or lifting the light weight 18 month old that I was babysitting.  Or I would think I shouldn't need a daily nap.  But I did. 


: )

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What's wrong with those moms in your yoga class? Everybody knows the third trimester is a bear. I don't recollect getting really uncomfortable until about 8 months with my daughter, but being huge and short on energy is no picnic. 

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I've been getting this weird feeling down there bit inside, kind of like uncomfortable pressure. I'm only 25 weeks, is this normal? Sorry to change topics.
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