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Welcome! Come introduce yourself!

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Hello everyone!  So glad we're starting this DDC together!  I thought I'd get the ball rolling with an introductory thread where we can start getting to know each other.


I found Mothering when my daughter was born in 2012.  I participated in the wonderful August 2012 DDC and I've been active ever since.  Now I'm due July 15 with my second child and I hope to have the same relatively intervention-free pregnancy and labor/birth I had with my daughter. 


I'll post more about myself later, but I'm supposed to be working so I'll leave it there for now.  Welcome to everyone and congratulations!

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So glad the DDC opened and super happy to be here.  I am due July 4th (fun!).  I'm 40 and I have an 11-year-old and a 6-year-old.  I had a chemical pregnancy in August and I've had two other miscarriages (one before my daughter and one before my son) so I can't help having some worries and over-analyzing things.  However, I've made it this far, so I'm thrilled about that!  :joy 

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Hello everyone, and congrats!


I am 4 weeks, and 3 days. and I'm thrilled! I'm pregnant with my 7th pregnancy, and i have 3 live births. so as you can see the math adds up to too many miscarriages. :(


I'm hesitant but hopeful!


So glad to be here!!!!



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This is my second pregnancy -- with the first I took part in a wonderful DDC here on MDC, and loved it! We were blessed with a very low intervention birth at a freestanding birth center and are praying we will be able to do that again. I'm 5wks today. :love

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I'm so glad this group is open now!  I was in the Dec 09 group and the Feb 12 groups, back with #3. I will be 5 weeks on Thursday.  I've done two homebirths and am planning on a 3rd, although a bit unsure of my care providers this go-around.  Looking forward to doing this pregnancy with you all!

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Super excited  DDC is finally open!!! :)  I've been looking forward to it for ages!

We just had an AMAZING homebirth in March of this year (birthstory is posted on the proper page), and I followed the March 2013 DDC all the way through - but never joined.  This time, though, I'm in! 


We are somewhere between 4-6 weeks. I'm nursing, so dates are variable.  Exciting fact: Theoretically, I'm due 6-30 (I think it's mid-July), and my sister is due 6-25!!!

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Jenjy - My apps give me an EDD of July 4 too.  But I was ten days late with DD so who knows?


When is everyone's first appt with dr./midwife? I see my midwife Dec 10 which puts me at a bout 12 weeks.  A little later than recommended but I am low risk and had no problems my first time around.  As long as I am feeling okay (well, okay for first trimester) she said that was fine.


I too had a very low intervention birth and hope to do that again!

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I'm excited to be here w/ our surprise #3! I'm not sure of my dates (it was my first pp cycle from DS2), but I'm guessing around mid-July. I "think" I want a water birth this time around, but I'm unsure. DS2's birth was fast, so who knows what will happen :) I'm just excited to go through the journey again!

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Hi, All. I'm 5w today, 40 years old and I have an 11-year old son. Tired, a little weepy, and scared to death about m/c, but trying to staying positive. Super excited for a new little one. Glad to have some folks to talk to, as no one knows except my partner. Doctor's visit is on the 20th. Hoping very much to see a little heartbeat!

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Hi everyone! I too am thrilled that the ddc has opened. This is my first pregnancy and due on the 9th of July, three days after my husbands birthday.We had a stressful last year dealing with uterine fibroids so we're very happy we were given the go ahead for pregnancy instead of surgery. We live in France so birth centers are -as of now at least- non existent and homebirth is rare. But we have a meeting with a homebirth friendly midwife this Friday so hopefully it'll go well. Congrats to all of you!
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Hi all! This is my first pregnancy and I'm due July 8th, which is also our anniversary. We are planning for a homebirth and are in the process of interviewing and selecting a midwife. My wife and I used a donor from a bank and got pregnant on our 3rd try at home. We were shocked it worked that quickly and are over the moon excited. 

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redrockband, congrats!  That's awesome it was so quick!  We had two couples in our DDC who used donor sperm and both of them conceived quickly too (which is good, because that stuff is expensive). 

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Hi everyone! I am fairly new to this forum. I am expecting my third child. I am due July 10th. I look forwarded to chatting with everyone

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HI All, LilyTiger good to see you here, I remember you from the Bajingo gals forum.


I have one son who was born 9/17/12 so he is thirteen months.  I am still breastfeeding and never got AF back, but I know when I conceived.  I am tentative about this pregnancy because I have had one early miscarriage and one miscarriage of ID twins at 4 months due to twin to twin transfusion.  I have had a small amount of spotting so I am not putting my heart into this quite yet, but am allowing myself to dream a bit.  I am getting my master's degree and doing an internship at a high school so I am much busier now that I was for my first.  Due to my complications I will have baby in a hospital.  I went to my first appointment where they identified the sac and measured how far along I was, I thought July 5th, but she said July 4th.   Born on the 4th of July??

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hey ladies and congratulations.

i am cautiously expecting on july 9...unfortunately i am going the hospital route this time, i am a homebirth mama, but my daughter was stillborn this past january so i feel like i need some monitering for my piece of mind...ive been feeling pretty good so far, a bit nervous but that's a normal part of pregnancy... hope you are all having a great night!


Lacicolleen: what part of france are you in? i have a good family friend who is a homebirth midwife in quimper...let me know if you need more contacts ill email her and see if she knows anybody near you =) 

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Hello, ladies! I'm pregnant wih my second. My daughter was born Mar 2011. She was unexpected, to say the least, so it took me a little bit to settle into that pregnancy. With this one, I've been psyched from the get-go. Planning for a home birth around July 16, and I'll head to the midwife in Dec or Jan. My only issues right now are body-centered. I'm about 11 lbs up from where I was when I got pregnant last time and its bugging me out. I'm trying not to be too concerned; I lost the weight after birthing my daughter (then put some extra on this summer when I ate more than I ran) but there it is. Delighted to meet you all!
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Hi All!  I actually joined in June for a bit, just to chat pregnancy, so I am really glad this DDC finally opened.  A thank you to our volunteer leaders.  I was in the Sept 09 DDC and loved it.  I'm pregnant with my 2nd; my EDD is July 5th, but I hadn't been tracking my cycle so it is really just a best guess. I am planning my second homebirth.  My previous HB was an amazing experience, but my pregnancy was a bit anxiety ridden and I spent 3.5 months on bedrest.  I am hoping for a much better pregnancy this go around.  And I too am glad to be sharing this pregnancy with you all. 

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Hi mamas!! I am surprised to be here as DH and I were feeling pretty done. Life is a bit hectic with 3 girls 6, 5 and 2.5. We were charting and using protection when I was obviously fertile, but the universe has one more in mind for us, I guess. I have a very regular cycle and when I started seeing white, watery CM in the days before my period was due, I just knew it!! I knew something was off. I tested on the day I should have started and got a faint positive. I tested again yesterday and got a pretty dark +. I miscarried in April of this year at 6 weeks, so I am feeling strangely detached from this pregnancy. I am afraid to get too excited.


I had all three of my girls at a wonderful pro childbirth and pro breastfeeding hospital, without meds and with minimal intervention. Their births were all mostly awesome. I actually mourned never giving birth again when DH and I started saving for a vasectomy last year. I still yearned for the less medical, more spiritual experience of a home birth, but my insurance doesn't cover midwife care. I would SO love to see a midwife and have this baby at home. If we can't swing it this time, I may just have to leave for the hospital a little too late. ;)


Look forward to knowing you all! Congratulations!


Oh, and I'm due 7/10

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