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thanks wengrin, yeah that's one of the things I'm worried about the actual having another kid thing. We only barely manage to give him the attention he needs and that's without another kid needing our attention. He does at least seem to understand that babies cry, it seems to be the main thing he mentions whenever they come up.
Yes same here with us. That is my major worry. I was just having a hard time with my 2 year old this morning while trying to get 8 year old off to school...I can barely manage to tend to him (he is very clingy) so I started thinking "what am I going to do next Summer with a newborn and this crying toddler?!?" Hopefully he will mature a bit and need less of me. FX'd.

Welcome Rachel and Kathy...both of your stories were cute!

Rachel, I am very sick ALL day too...I know it is absolutely miserable. It means a strong, healthy pregnancy though. :-) Hang in there!
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So glad I'm not alone in the whole unplanned, surprise pregnancy! This is Baby #5 for hubby and me. We have been married a little over 8 years. We have had two losses and we have two daughters. Our oldest son would be turning 7 this Saturday, he was a stillbirth at 23 weeks along. Our youngest son would have been 6 last month. He died of unknown causes when he was  2 1/2 months old. Oldest daughter is almost 5, youngest daughter just turned 2. We were DONE by hubby's consideration. He REALLY wants a boy and I kept telling him that it would happen if meant to be....well that 2 percent chance of conceiving on NuvaRing happened...and here I am with a due date of July 23rd! One day before my birthday! I have a boy and a girl in November and a boy and a girl in December, so summer babies are a foreign concept to me!! My birthday is July 24th and hubby's is August 4, so this baby can share the summer with us! I see a high risk specialist in Knoxville, TN and will be having a c-section, because my last three have been c-sections. I go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon for my first appointment, praying all is well with this baby. After the initial shock wore off, I'm very super excited.  Hubby is handling the shock well by now, but I'm not sure where he is on the "excitement" end of things :-) I hope, for his sake, that it is a boy. If we had the two girls and hadn't have dealt with the losses, I would say he would be fine with three girls but he REALLY wants a boy and I'm worried about his reaction if this one is a girl also. NOT saying anything terrible about my husband, he will adore this baby either way, I just know he has his heart set on a little boy. It's a tough situation for us.

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I am ALSO a *surprise* mama-to-be this month! I am actually a long-time mothering.com member, since I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter and participated in the May 2009 due date club from the get-go. New username now though.


I actually only took a pregnancy test because I believed my period was late due to stress! The positive sign was pretty unexpected, but after the initial shock I have to admit I am over the moon! I'm excited to be in a due date club again, and look forward to getting to know you mamas <3

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I'm a long time MDCer too. My first was born in 2001, so it was sometime back then. I thought it was time for a name change though. smile.gif
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Hello there fellow mamas.  We are anxiously awaiting our Rainbow Baby after our loss in April of this year.


My olders are 4.5 and 6 and they are excited again and so is hubby :)  I am 8 weeks along and due July 12th.  I have not seen a provider yet and don't plan to until after the New Year.  My last experience with our loss was so terrible that I'm very leery to go in pre-13 weeks (I saw a MW at an OBGYN office).  My hubby is very medical minded and absolutely doesn't want a home birth.  However, he said he would go tour our local birth center (it's a 10 minute drive from the hospital).  Otherwise, I'll be at the hospital having a natural birth.


O, and who could forget my all-day sickness puke.gif


Looking forward to getting to know many of you :)

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Welcome ladies.

Jessica I just wanted to say I read your story and that is really tough...I understand your feelings and I hope this is a boy. So sorry for your previous losses. I can't imagine loving a newborn and losing them after 2 1/2 months....Hugs to you.

My mom's side of the family is from a very small town about 20 min outside of Knoxville! :-)
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What town??
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Alcoa...where the aluminum plant is. My grandfather worked there for 43 years. :-)
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We go to Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg once a year, too. I love it up there. You are probably freezing though! It is in the 80's here! Beach weather this weekend. Crazy...

Ladies I took little DS to a play date today with our toddler playgroup. It was good to get out and see friends. I have shared the news with the other moms in the group, so it was a little tough having to talk about it openly especially because almost everyone else is pregnant. Not because I am so much jealous of them, but it is hard to be depressed about pregnancy and have everyone else be bubbly about it...(theirs I mean, not about my situation). It was actually a little baby shower for one of the moms..she is due in 6 weeks. So we had to talk about her baby plans and of course be joyful for her, which is hard when I am not sure if my baby's heart is beating or not. But the benefits of seeing everyone and DS having fun playing with his buddies far outweighed the negatives. So I need to push myself to interact more. It definitely helps distract you from your own problems.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Friday!
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Sorry I meant to post the As-for-me update on another or thread. I thought I was in my saner--ttc/graduates thread. I realized I posted in this. :-) Probably came across as a random thoughts post! (Not knowing the story leading up to the update. Lol)
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Hi.  I am new to this site.  This is my 4th pregnancy.  My last one was over 9 years ago, so it feels like my first again!  I have 3 older children, ages 16, 10 and 8.  I was divorced over 3 years ago and then met my husband who is my world.  We decided to we wanted a child together and had to got through IVF to conceive this baby.  After almost a year of trying, we finally got the positive pregnancy that we so wanted.  

This will be my husband's first baby and he could not be happier.  

We are currently 6 weeks 2 days.  We have our second ultrasound of Monday and hopefully we get to see our little bean's heart beating away!!  My due date is July 31st, so I don't know if I will be August or July.  My other pregnancies I was late.... so I would guess August.  I will be joining that group too!! 

Looking forward to getting to know all of you and enjoying this great adventure together!!!

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Hi all. smile.gif This is my second pregnancy. I am six weeks today and due technically July 28, although I was a week late with my DS, who turns 2 Dec 30. I managed to have a natural hospital birth with him though it took some fighting to achieve, and I am looking forward to having a MW homebirth with this one. We are not planning on finding out the gender (DS was a surprise as well). I look forward to traveling this amazing journey with you all. smile.gif
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hi- House of Peace here.  I'm actually due in august, but lurking here to stay ahead.


i'm expecting my 6th mid august.  it's a surprise and was a shock, but very welcome.

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Hi House of Peace!!! So happy to see a familiar ummm "face?" :) Fun to be working on number six together with you!

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Hi there,


it is just No 3 here but due date is going to be early July. Looking forward to getting rounder and hopefully getting rid of this aweful nausea.

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Hi everyone! I've been a member of the Mothering community for over a decade but can't seem to access my old account...and so I'm starting over. Both with the Mothering boards and with a baby. I am another mom with older children (13 and 11) and it looks like I will be having another come July. It was a surprise for my partner and myself but we are quickly getting quite excited - and this will be his first child (my two older children are from my ex husband.)

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wave.gifHi everyone, I am 33, this is my first pregnancy and we are due on the 11th of July. I am currently seeing both a midwife and my usual Ob/Gyn as my husband and I decide in the next few weeks between the Hospital or birth center for the birth. I am also currently looking for a doula. We are planning on keeping the gender a surprise. Congratulations to you all, I look forward to sharing this special time with you! 

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Hello everyone!  My name is Sarah and this will be my 3rd baby.  I have a 7 year old son and a 5.5 year old daughter.  I work as a mental health therapist and nutritionist and specialize in treating youth and families!  I'll be 40 weeks on 7/15 and am really excited to be pregnant again!  We are planning on another home birth.

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Hello!  I found this site a few weeks ago, but due to a miscarriage back in Sept of this year, I've been waiting to start participating until I'm pretty sure this pregnancy is viable.  So, now at 10 weeks and feeling more "normal" for pregnant, I'm feeling optimistic.  We are due 7/12, but I doubt we'll have baby before  41 weeks.  This will be my 3rd baby (5th pregnancy, due to 2 miscarriages).  We have a 6 yr old ds and 3 yr old dd.  My kids are super excited about this baby and my husband and I can hardly wait too!  We are planning for a home birth again (first was hospital birth, second was home birth).  Our home birth experience was so different from the hospital experience that there is just no going back unless there is a complication needing medical intervention.  I am in my 30's, a work-from-home mom running two businesses (a part-time small business consulting practice and a product-oriented company I run with my husband), and a homeschooling momma living in Ohio.  I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming months!

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HomesteadMomma, where are you in Ohio?  We're about a half-hour south of Columbus.  Sounds like we do A LOT of the same things!

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