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Progesterone wiping me out

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Hi, all.  Anyone else on progesterone?  I posted a bit about it in the pre-DDC thread, but I was taking 100 mg. for luteal support and was jumped to 400 mg. when I reported my BFP.  I take 200 twice a day, and within 2 hours am so tired and even unsteady that I am not safe to drive.  I have had to abandon my car and get rides home twice.


It is hard to work this around working full time and parenting.  I had today mostly off, so took 100 mg. a couple hours ago, and just want to sleep.  My plan is to try to take it around 4 so I can function at work, and then set an alarm for the middle of the night.  But, I need to do things with my son after work, and make dinner because my DP gets home late... 


I spoke to my doctor, because it seemed to effect my moods, too, but he thinks it is best that I remain on this dose if possible.  Given my history of early miscarriages, I won't risk taking less.  But, oy!


Any experience with this?


- Kittymom

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I am on progesterone, too. I am on 100mg twice a day,even though I have no history of loss or progesterone issues. I am so absurdly tired all the time, and my nipples have been "at attention" for weeks! I don't really like the progesterone, but once you are on it, you can't stop. Abruptly stopping progesterone before 8 or so weeks can cause a miscarriage, even if everything else is fine. 

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Bremen, why are you on progesterone?  It is frustrating that once we go up, we dare not reduce.  If I could, I would take several naps a day right now.


How are you working your life around the exhaustion?

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Progesterone is standard at my fertility clinic. They have everyone start it in the TWW, just in case. After working so hard to get pregnant, they want to do everything that they can to keep it that way!

I am actually pretty much failing at doing anything but napping. My job conveniently ended a few weeks ago, and with german regulations, looking for another one right now doesn't make a whole lot of sense for us. We are likely moving in August, so getting a new job while pregnant just doesn't make sense. I have been taking 2 naps a day, and barely keeping myself fed. 

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I am on a vaginal progestrone, then I will get weekly shots once we have a better idea if the pregnancy will take, I was my entire pregnancy last time, I did not notice any changes, but pregnancy is terrible for me, so I probably did not notice.  Hope things feel a bit more balanced!!

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Is that why I am always so tired? I thought it was just pregnancy, but someone I know said being as tired as I am is not normal. I am on the vaginal gel and I can barely keep my eyes open sometimes.

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CluelessLily, it might be why you are so tired.  I seem to be starting to adjust some.  Yesterday, I had trouble walking after finishing my daytime dose, but only for a short while, and I was able to keep working and to drive.

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cluelessLily, I was like that for my first pregnancy without the progesterone, so I think it just depends.  Some women just have massive fatigue in early pregnancy.  It got better as the first tri went on, but man, it was hard. 

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Damn it, im starting this tonight. I'm. So nervous... I'm already exhausted.
Wondering if medi-cal would cover this cost?
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I have been using the 100 mg capsules vaginally. Not as tired because the hormone goes straight to your uterus, and you don't have to deal with the side effects of the hormone going through your entire digestive system. Anyway DH worked late last night but I knew he wanted to recreational BD (lol) it has been a few days. And so I waited to insert the capsules. Well finally he still wasn't home so I took them orally and went to bed. He came in shortly after...so anyway I woke up this AM absolutely wiped out!! So tired I could barely get my daughter off to school. I swear they are so much more tolerable using them vaginally....
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O my word. Is THAT why my nipples are driving me mad? "Seriously, there is nothing going on around here so calm down and go back where you belong" said I nearly every day!  


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