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Weekly Chat - November 5-12 - welcome to the other side!

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Hi, mommas!  I know things have died down a bit in here since most of us have had our babies, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a new chat thread anyway.  :)


Are there any pregnant ladies still left?  If so, don't be shy, it's okay to post!  I don't think it's been SO long for those of us who've had our babes that we can't offer support or encouragement, right?  Sometimes I can't believe I had this kid only 3 weeks ago!  Many of us who are postpartum have been posting in that thread, but I'm sure everyone will visit this one as well.


Maybe we could chat about the baby "gear" we've been using, now that most of us have had our babes and had a chance to try things out?  AFM, I bought a cosleeper that goes in the bed yesterday and it is HEAVEN - I never thought I'd use it, but Norah slept for 7 hours in it!  She's always been a good sleeper, but this was crazy!  She really loves being in our bed, and I feel totally safe with her in the little nest.  Also, I discovered that I much prefer my Mei Tai to my Moby (that Moby gets wicked hot!), and that I absolutely love cloth diapering - prefolds and covers are so simple and so inexpensive.  

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Thanks Rainy! I was just thinking it could be titled the "Mothers of newborns who can barely get on the computer thread," haha, but actually I am very impressed by all who are showing up here with solid presence! Tell me your secrets!!


Big, big congratulations to all who just had babies, there was quite a flurry there right at the end of the month. So exciting to see one after another!


And big, big support for those still to come! Please do post; after all the monthly divisions are not in keeping with baby timing. They have their own!



I'm going to try the SnuggleMe cushion; I'll let you know what I think. So far baby Ocean likes a little space at night (unlike sister who was glued to my side) so maybe this pillow will be the thing.

I'm also going to try the Lillebaby carrier soon (like a more versatile Ergo), but loving my old SleepyWrap (like a stretchy Moby) for these early newborn weeks.

Thirsties diaper covers were and still are my absolute faves for cloth!!

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Agreed, Rainy-- I cannot believe that it's been 3 weeks since I had Lily. Boggles the mind! We have a cosleeper too, that I haven't actually used in the bed yet. Lily sleeps in the cosleeper, in the bassinet by the bed, haha. She just looked so small and lonely in the bassinet and the cosleeper seems much more cozy. I'm hesitant to bring the cosleeper into our bed, because my husband is a really really heavy sleeper, plus my cat sleeps with us as well, and I'm worried not only about Lily somehow getting rolled on, but about my sometimes over-affectionate to the point of pushy, cat walking on Lily and accidentally hurting her. He's a klutz. Luckily he doesn't have any interest in getting into the bassinet (fingers crossed it stays that way!). But even with her not being in our bed, Lily has been sleeping really well in the cosleeper. I think it's just nice and secure and comfy for her. She had a night last week that she slept for around 7 hours too! It was amazing!  Another product I've been using and really like is my Katan sling. It definitely takes some getting used to, and learning exactly how to use it, but once I really get good at it I can tell it's going to be awesome. It keeps Lily nice and snug and cuddled up to my chest when I go to the store/running errands, which is nice because she typically falls right asleep in it, and also because with her being so close to my body, strangers don't try to touch her. I think they respect personal space more than they would if she were in a car seat being lugged around, since she's kept right against me. I just started using Bumgenius cloth diapers today, now that Lily is probably close to the 8 pound mark. It's definitely going to be a learning process for us, but it'll be so worth it for so many reasons! Plus, I think she's sensitive to the synthetic stuff in disposables. She keeps getting diaper rash and I feel so bad for her. Hopefully the nice soft microfiber will be kinder to her poor bottom! 


Yogini, how are you holding up? You're so close, hang in there! I also wanted to say that it's been nice seeing your morale getting so much better regarding pregnancy and everything that was stressing you out. Fingers crossed for your little girl to come soon! 


Who else is still waiting on their little one? 

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I haven't gotten any new gear since my last baby except some AIOs that are still too big for Ivy, so I can't even give an opinion on them yet!

I keep hoping that Yogini's absence means she's had her baby and is having a wonderful babymoon! If there are any other possibly still pregnant mamas that I'm not thinking of, I hope the same for you!
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Hi! My baby will be 4 weeks on Thursday! Glad to be moving along and really appreciating this amazing soul.

I love the silk blend blanket my grandmother made for Narayan. I happy with the pants I knitted. I'm on my sixth baby sleeping on the same wool waterproof pad on my bed with success. So far I'm favoring my handmade sling that is a copy of a New Native sling I have. I'm using flat diapers and various covers. I like my new nursing pillow but I did have to ditch it when baby was a few days old and just lay down with baby or hold him on my lap to nurse in order to fully relax and let my milk down and get my nipples to be less sore. I also love doing little puppet shows!
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I love the elleville silk wrap and the good old Moby.
Belle is twelve and a half pounds. Newborn diapers don't keep up with her size or per output. She can fit into our one size and medium diapers now!
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I use a front carrier that I never thought I would. I actually only bought it for his costume. Lol. Turns out I love it. I thought about getting a moby, but I'm not sure if I would use it. I had a sling made for him and he hates it so we never use it. He is in my arms most of the time. Lol. He sleeps in bed with me most of the time but has a rocking cradle next to the bed too that he sleeps in sometimes.

I can't believe he is over 7 weeks now! It makes me so sad greensad.gif

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I am trying out a Moby for this 3rd baby and I do like it . . . but we need it to be a little cooler here in Florida before I can use it lots . .. 90 degrees is WAY to hot for that much fabric + clothes + baby.  I have used a Mei Tai for the other babies and love it again this time . . . SO fast to get on and get baby in.  Especially since we have to eat in a dining hall with our boys and are always running around here for work, it's very handy to pop her in. 


I love our cosleeper bed too (we have the arm's reach mini).  Just started putting her in cloth diapers (fuzzi bunz size xs) and they are working well.  She's up to 9 pounds, 2 oz!!!  


Another big hope that Yogi is snuggling her little girl!!!!!!!!

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I'm thinking Lily might actually be a little small for her cloth diapers after all.. No major mess/leaks but her legs don't quite fill out the leg openings and moisture gets out.

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Hey lovely Mumma's!
I am so in love with my manduca this is baby #2 that it has carried and Katherine at 5weeks loves it, it's her favourite place. here she is right now taking a nap after the school run.

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redheather - I love my Thirsties covers too!  I was so happy when she fit into them at first - we had to do the first week and a half with pretty much just the teeny tiny Bummis covers because she was sooo small.  Now, she's over 8 pounds and the Duo Size 1s are fitting great as well as my Rumparooz NB ones.  


dahlia - I had the same fears about our cats, so I had to systematically extract them from our bedroom.  :(  They aren't thrilled about it, but I figure they'll get back in someday, and for right now, they can have the rest of the house.  Lol.  But if your kiddo is happy with your arrangement, that's great!  I was worried about how heavy my husband sleeps as well, but he's actually doing really well with the cosleeper.  Also, the frame of ours is just so heavy and it's made of metal - he couldn't roll over on it if he tried, honestly.


Serafina - I can't believe how big your kiddo has gotten!  That's so awesome.  My husband is seriously salivating over our pocket diapers - he wants so badly to put them on her.  I told him I thought they would fit well around 10 pounds, which I'm sure she'll be in another couple weeks.  Mine were a Craigslist purchase, I believe they're Alva/Sunbaby dipes - they have microfiber inserts, but I'm thinking about stuffing them with the million preemie diapers I have since those are 100% cotton.  I'll have to try it and see.


abk - Almost 2 months old!  Holy cow!  Where has this time gone?  What a cutie.  :)


Danielle - Those Manducas seem really neat - kind of a snuggly Ergo!  We have an Ergo that Norah is just about big enough for, and my husband is also eager to use that.  :)

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Rainy. - you'll love your ergo you can buy infant inserts for them for smaller babies. Husbands also love them, with the buckles etc they're a little more "manly". Love me a baby wearing husband!
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Rainy, I truly don't know where the time has gone! But, nursing is so so easy now. I forgot that it stops being a challenge at a certain point.

I'm also thinking about Yogini, I'm sure she has had her baby, and that's why she has been absent. I just hope everything went ok. I'm a little worried that she hasn't posted; I just assumed she would when she had her little girl.

I found a Moby on craigslist for $20 and am going to get it later today. I have to try it. I love the way they look. I'll have to look up videos on how to get it on. Lol

Alright, last photo today. He just fell asleep so peacefully I had to share smile.gif

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John is so beautiful abk - wow great score on the moby I love mine I got it with my eldest and it's been invaluable. It's super easy to tie hun you'll be surprised. There are great YouTube clips.
It was guy fawkes here yesterday and people go a bit silly here my eldest should be asleep it's almost 9pm but there are huge bangs every few minutes keeping him up *sigh*
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Thank you Danielle. Sometimes I think he is the only bald baby. Lol. Some of my local friends had babies recently too and they have full heads of hair. What hair John has is white! Haha.

It's 3am here and we have been up a couple times already. I'm trying to get him to sleep in his bed due to the fact that I sleep so poorly with him in our bed. It's just hard for me to get comfortable. But I'm so tired getting up to nurse every two hours.
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Originally Posted by rainydaycraft View Post


Serafina - I can't believe how big your kiddo has gotten!  That's so awesome.  My husband is seriously salivating over our pocket diapers - he wants so badly to put them on her.  I told him I thought they would fit well around 10 pounds, which I'm sure she'll be in another couple weeks.  Mine were a Craigslist purchase, I believe they're Alva/Sunbaby dipes - they have microfiber inserts, but I'm thinking about stuffing them with the million preemie diapers I have since those are 100% cotton.  I'll have to try it and see.


I ordered a dozen Alvas and a dozen Sunbabies, and I have to say they are really well made and not leaking at all unless they are stuffed with something not absorbent enough and left on too long.  Gotta change the diapers, of course!  Dappi nylon pull on pants are my bulletproof nighttime cover since I don't change at night.

I really like the Alvas that you can order with bamboo inners and minky PUL outers, so everything is a nice, luxe feeling fabric, no cheap feeling PUL on the outside nor thin poly microfleece inners like Alvas have.  Sunbaby diapers have much nicer feeling microfleece inners, but the prints aren't that cute.  Here are my 6 favorite Alva prints, in case anyone with girls wants to see some seriously pretty looking diapers:









But, at heart, I'm not a pocket diaper lover.  I don't like stuffing and un-stuffing and I love me some organic bamboo velour fitteds & knitted wool soakers in beautiful colorways and wool yarns so soft you'd swear they are cotton.  Plus I have some gorgeous elastisized wool covers in cashmere/wool blends & adorable applique on them, from when my boys were babies, that are still in perfect shape.  Knitted wool is forever.  You can always re-lanolize.  But, it's not the trimmest option and I don't like it for out and about with the diaper bag because if there is a massive poo you want to be able to throw everything into the wet bag all together, and if a precious wool cover or soaker has a bit of poo on it, you can't really just throw it with all the other dirties headed to the washing machine, it's not convenient to stop and hand wash it and hang it to dry when you're in a public restroom either.  So pocket diapers are great AIO options to stuff to the required absorbancy based on when you think you'll be able to change next, and if it's a poop mess, throw everything in the wet bag and not worry/care about it until you get home.  Plus the stay-dry effect of the fleece inners is good for carseat rides when you might not be able to change for a bit.


But at home, it's all about the wool and cashmere.  The longies and overalls especially, but knitted soakers and even snap covers are nice for under generously fitted clothes.  In warm weather, just a shirt and a cute wool cover is all you need!

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donovan--now 2 and a half weeks--weighs 10 pounds & 1 ounce!  he was just supposed to be back up to his birth weight (9lb;6oz) but seriously, if the boy is awake he thinks he should be eating!  he is super sweet & mellow & loves sleeping in the fleece sling i have.  i got this kangaroo fleece sling 8 years ago for my firstborn, and it has been essential for keeping babies snug during cold wisconsin winters!  i've been using rumpkinz cloth diapers--i guess they are pocket diapers?   i also have an assortment of other wraps.  the thing i like about the rumpkinz is that they are adjustable & one size fits all. 

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Em, my little gal is a nursing machine too! Donovan sounds like such a sweetie :) I'm using bumgenius diapers, and really like them too so far even though Lily is still a bit small for them. They come in pocket as well as all in one, and they're one size. I think they say 8-35 pounds or something. 

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My girl nurses pretty much non-stop! I just had my last home visit with my midwife (I go into the office after this). She's 2oz. over her birth weight! I'm 6 days PP.

I haven't gotten out my Moby yet. I'll probably venture back into the world tomorrow as I'm starting to get a little cabin fever. I'll definitely be using it then!

Ivy's sleeping well at night. She wakes up every few hours, obviously, but I'm getting pretty good rest, for the most part. I hope I haven't jinxed myself by saying that! I've been unable to get her nursing side lying so far. I will, because I love it once I get it, but it's not the most natural position for me and my nipples are not entirely healed from the latch issue we had for the first couple of days...almost, but not quite.

She lost her cord stump last night. DS2 was really grossed out by it and so excited that she has a proper belly button now!
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my kids were grossed out by the cord stump too!  they would ask to hold him--but his belly button was so stinky that they would hand him right back to me.  we were all happy to have a cute non-stinky belly button when it finally fell off!

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