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gracisue--yes, my hope for me time is some exercise or a chance to draw or write something.  a break from the chaos & energy of my 3 older ones.  i got a major migraine the other day & have been having weird episodes of deja vu that i'm pretty sure are stress induced.  if i don't figure out a good way to de-stress & get some me time i'm afraid i will get seriously sick & then i will be no good to anyone.


donovan, however, is usually right on me in a sling and i like that.  the other day the midwife suggested i put him in the pack & play to sleep (i carry him in my sling while he naps) & i was confused by her suggestion.  why would i do that?  wouldn't he be lonely?  or cold?  plus he won't sleep for very long if there isn't a warm body next to him.  i love baby wearing.

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Since we've all been worried about Yogi, I checked on her blog and Instagram and she had baby! Hopefully she'll check in herself soon, but for the rest of you that were concerned, I thought I'd pass it along!

Congrats Yogi!!!!!!
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Thanks Eloise! I had been checking her blog, but I missed the Instagram! So happy to hear that she's on the other side and spending some time just her and her family!

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Hi everyone--- I haven't even touched my computer in over a week  - thus no update! I had my baby :) she is perfect, weighed 8 pounds 10 oz and 20.5 inches long at birth I could not believe how big she is~!!! I labored for 18 hours at home and got fully dilated, but then had an anterior cervical lip that would not budge over my daughter's 13.5'' head- and at that point I had been awake for 32 hours and was beyond exhausted- i never thought I would ever ASK for a hospital transfer- but I did, got a half dose of fentanyl and with that was able to push her through the cervix WITH the doctor holding the cervix at the same time OMG so painful. I am really upset about my birth but I'm trying to focus on the baby, will write birth story soon. I have second degree perineal tear and it's awful, awful awful :( 


breastfeeding is going great though.... I freaking love it - I can EAT again, and baby has gained 9 oz in her first week of life !! they say they usually lose 10% of birth weight so baby is thriving! She was born with a full head of hair just like I thought, and will probably have blue eyes-- and all her dad's features except for eye shape - she looks just like him when he was a newborn, it's kind of hilarious. My husband is obsessed with her. 

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congratulations yoginimomma!

i'm so sorry you had a difficult birth.  i know how it is when birth's don't go as expected!  i hope you start feeling better soon.

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Yogini - congrats!  I completely understand the power of being exhausted - I probably never would have asked for the vacuum assist if I hadn't been so tired, since I probably would have been able to push more effectively.  My situation was such a catch 22, what with not ever being able to lie prone in any position and rest without pain due to the baby being stuck in my pubic bone.  Plus, just the drain of a long induction.  I never, ever thought I'd ask for more intervention as well, but I would have ended up with a C-section without things like the Fentanyl to help me dilate, so I'm glad I did.  Our bodies can handle birth in optimum conditions, but not when we're that exhausted!  And you still pushed her out, which is the hardest part, so go you!

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Great to hear from you Yogi! I tore with my first and the best advice I wish I had been given, was sit, sit, sit with legs together!!!!!! You will heal, but the more you can sit, the quicker!!! And Tylenol is your friend!!!!! Wtg on breast feeding!!!!!!!! Sounds like you have a perfect little chunky baby!!!
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I'm glad to hear breastfeeding's going so well, Yogini!

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if i don't figure out a good way to de-stress & get some me time i'm afraid i will get seriously sick & then i will be no good to anyone.
Obviously, babies and children need their mother. Their sane mother. I totally get what you're saying. I think it's difficult not to feel guilty about feeling this way (at least, I feel guilty when I feel like I need me time), but it's so important for the reason you have stated. I really hope you've been able to get some time to yourself and wish I could be more help.
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Congrats on your big baby girl Leela YoginiMomma! :blowkiss I hope that you are recovered soon and can find some peace with the events of your birth...I too had the same kind of tear with my 1st born and a very traumatic hospital experience and I found the easiest way for me to heal emotionally was to talk about my birth with others who were in similar situations. It also helped me get educated about how birth was meant to be which has lead me to be a natural birth advocate for which Im very grateful for! If not for my experience the 1st time I probably wouldnt have been lead to having my healing homebirth this time around. SO glad you are enjoying nursing your nursling, breastfeeding truly is the BEST gift we can give our children!


Much love and light to you and your growing family!

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