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Measles Outbreak - Prevention?

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There has now been a measles case identified in my immediate area and 6 within the two provinces next to us. So Im thinking hard about taking safety measures. I have a 28 month old and a 2 month old both unvaxxed. We live rurally but have two classes per week in a major city and my husband works in an office so we have potential avenues of exposure.

What would you do? Would you worry at all or just continue your normal routine? Ive been thinking of cutting out trips to the city except for our classes and supplementing vitamin A intake for myself, dh and older ds.
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Bumping as I would like to know as well
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 Under 10 cases in a very large area..... wouldn't worry.

Your chances of coming into contact with it are miniscule... you have more chance of actually catching it because of getting around newly vaxed kids (MMR is a live virus and sheds) than a few cases-cities over.


I say this as a person who 2 years ago ended up with my little girl catching it from a shedding vax in my 1 and 1/2 year old. All of us in the house got it... none of us had it bad. In fact, if it wasn't for my little girl getting a bit more of a classic case, having a doctor who is over 74 years old who has seen a zillion cases... I would have never known. I would have thought we all fought off a cold that had a rash.


I personally don't go out that much with a baby under 6 months but I don't change my life to possibly escape something like that. I am much more worried about keeping anyone with a cold and slight cough away. Just normal safe practices with a baby-you should be fine.!


However, I do also know that keeping Vit A and also Vit C in SA form around is also an extremely smart thing to do. :-)






"Those who are afraid retreat.
Those who are brave grow greater.
Never fear, always grow."

Sun Tzu

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