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booty rash

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I saw a similar thread going, but didn't wanna hi jack it. So I started a new one... hope its ok

DS has a bright red rash in between his butt cheeks!!!! I usually put CO in there, sometimes Cjs BUTTer, but it just keeps getting worse. He doesnt even poop everyday so i dont think its like a poop irritation. Its weird to me that its not all over his bum, so I don't think its from the diapers, detergent, or PUL. What do you mamas use as a CD safe rash cream?
Right now he's in a sposie with some aquaphor in there.
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I used Burt's Bees and throw away diapers when this happened with #2. After it was better then I put breast milk on it from that point on.

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It is relentless! I bought a cheap fleece blanket to cut into liners so I can use whatever on him and protect the diapers, then I'm washing the liners with my towels. I do not know what the heck is the deal. Its really rediculous!
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The only thing that truly worked for us when DS had severe rash was diaper free time. Our preferred CD safe cream is Lusa booty balm. We also frequently use coconut oil.

It sounds like you're describing a possible allergic reaction to something your DS (or you) is eating.

Diaper rash is so frustrating. Good luck!
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I think your right! I had the reddness almost gone, then we had pizza for dinner, when we got home and I changed his dipe, his lil bum was quite angry looking!
so I'm assuming tomatoes is something he is sensitive to. But I don't think we eat tomato stuff that often.... I'm wondering what kinda goes hand in hand with the tomato thing? What else should we avoid???
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If you're leaning towards food as the culprit, gluten and dairy tend to be common allergens.  Maybe you should investigate those a little.  Otherwise sun and air help and somewhere on this site I read that Burt's Bees diaper cream is CD safe, but I haven't tried it. I hope you figure it out!

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My DH always thought he had a sensitivity to tomatoes until we discovered it was actually gluten that he can't tolerate.
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I just wanted to update, it truly was a tomato thing! I have been diligent to avoid it in his diet and mine and his bum actually looks normal,also this angry rash he's had on his neck for months also cleared up!
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Hey! Great!

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Well, I thought this was behind us, but it came back with a vengeance! Even despite the avoidance of all things tomato. So now I'm back to square one, what is causing this, and how can I treat it!?!??
He's got a Dr appt tomorrow. They were trying to make me wait till Monday till I told her that its bleeding! I feel so so horrible! Every time I change his diaper (especially poopy) he screams and fights me. I can't blame him tho, I couldn't imagine my butt being so sore that it bleeds. I tried spraying him off with the shower head, but that made him scream too. I'm just at such a loss, I don't know what to do anymore.
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OH NO!! I going to pray for healing.

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Thank you!
I've been sitting him on the toilet and spraying him off with the diaper sprayer when he poops, which he HATES! We've been doing considerably more diaper free time, and now that its all open sore skin I'm using a generous coat of neosporin with a super heavy coat of vaseline over that. Needless to say, DH had to make a sposie run last night.
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I hope it gets better quickly! Poor little guy. It sounds like you're doing everything you can. The doc will probably give you prescription cream which should clear it up fairly quickly.
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Does he get other acidic foods like citrus or citrus juice?  Those seem to cause diaper rash issues.


When my daughter was younger and had constant diaper rash, sitting in water with baking soda seemed to help.  Cornstarch in the diaper and something really heavy and protective on the skin (Aquaphore, something REALLY thick) kept everything dry and protected.  She liked baths so I would put her in warm water with baking soda and let her dry out sitting or playing on a towel several times a day.  Helped tons.

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I did a baking soda bath last night, he really enjoyed that. And my newest ointment concoction seems to be helping, I added a little athletes foot cream. Just bought some cornstarch with zinc oxide, that udderly smooth cream, and a lil can of carmex ointment, which I doubt I'll use since it has menthol in it, I feel like that would burn.
I ended up cancelling the Dr appt. I just don't think I want to risk my 4 kids in a waiting room full of sick people, when it's starting to look better... plus I'm a lil fearful of the Dr being too rough, he *always* pulls LOs foreskin back farther than I'm ok with, and claims that he's not trying to retract him! So, all night I kept worrying about him being rough like that on his bum.

No about the citrus. All he drinks is breastmilk or water. I'm beginning to wonder if my coffee addiction is the problem. I'm cutting down to one cup a day for now
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