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I love seeing all these great numbers!!


Kittymom & wengrin, yes, I got the progesterone today -- thanks for asking!  I am very happy to be able to have it now.  Definitely helps fight the helpless feeling while I'm waiting for additional results.

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I am so glad you have the progesterone, Jenjy!


Looks like we are all doing pretty well.  :-)

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Originally Posted by mamaBlue View Post

I just got my first beta back today. Hcg of 406 at 15dpo. Eeek! Second beta will be Thursday.

Wow!!!! That is high! Yay :-) What if you had twins...to add to your already large family. Lol....
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Originally Posted by jenjy View Post

I love seeing all these great numbers!!

Yay Jenjy- glad you got the progesterone. :-)
Hope you get good news soon re: second blood work.
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My hcg went from 406 (15dpo) to 895 (17dpo). What a relief!
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Awesome news Mamablue!!!!! Yay! :-)
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Perfect, mamaBlue!!!  :joy  


I went in for my 3rd beta today!  I will be 7 weeks tomorrow and I haven't spotted all this week.  So we shall see if the 2nd beta showing that ridiculously slow rise last week was a fluke or if it was indicative of bad news.  

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I'm lurking, as I just got a bfp yesterday. But I don't know how many dpo or anything at all, I was on bcp. Anyways, based on dates I thought I was nearly 6w but my beta yesterday was only 208. I'm going for a second beta tomorrow so I suppose I will have more info after we see if it's doubling.

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Holy hell mine is so low. Dr called said I was at 15 and need to be at 20. I juststarted the progesterone tonight. I ovulated oct 26.
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Bbcatcher heres some interesting info
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wow according to that beta levels just vary so much. I'm not going to worry about it unless the next beta (today) shows a issue. If it's doubling I'm not even going to get a 3rd beta.

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Had a second beta draw yesterday. Of course thanks to the weekend I won't know the results until Monday.

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I had bloodwork done because I have Graves disease and O/B wanted to test my wonky thyroid and preggo hormones as well.


At 4 weeks, 2 days and 16 DPO

HCG: 931

Progesterone: 35

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At 14 DPO I believe the # was 179. That seems low after reading all of your posts. :( I missed the call giving the results so I didn't get to ask any questions. They checked progesterone too, but didn't give that # on the message. I was most worried about that so I wish the nurse would have said what it was. As soon as I get Progestelle in the mail I'll start using it once a day in the morning as a precaution. I'm going to try to go get blood work done again Tuesday, at 19 DPO, to see what is going on. One can supplement progesterone, but if hCG levels aren't were they should be there is nothing that can be done is there?

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I think 179 at 14 dpo is right in track! Mine was 84 at 12 dpo I think....you're good. (IMO)

Good luck!!!
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texasfarmom: There is a hugeeeee range of "normal". As long as it's doubling, you're good! My levels with my DD were lower than this baby is now, and my DD is perfect! It definitely also depends on when your baby implanted. If it was later, it makes sense for them to be a little lower!

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Texasfarmom - Your beta is great! It was a weird coincidence that a couple of us mamas had such high levels. You're perfectly on track.
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This is my first natural conception. Very unplanned. I didn't take a test until 8 weeks from lmp and I was beyond shocked to see a positive. DH said I looked like I'd seen a ghost. I have pcos and typically have very long annovulatory cycles. I'm nursing a 13 month old. My fertility clinic likes to see past patients if they conceive naturally, and I wanted to get my progesterone checked and a dating ultrasound and don't have an ob, so I went in for blood tests last week.

On Friday via ultrasound I measured 6w 2-3 days with a perfect heartbeat of 119. My hog was >5000, and my progesterone was 14.5. So I'm on progesterone suppositories again. Hate them. I'm just doing every other day hoping that'll keep my levels high enough without getting them wildly high and all of those side effects. I'll go back weekly for a few weeks, then transfer to my home birth midwife.
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Finally! Got my blood work back this morning!
I had a really late night and was super groggy when I got the phone, so I don't remember the exact number but it was 3000+ and the nurse said that the dr just wanted to let me know it was going up and that she will see me on Thursday for my prenatal . So that combined with lovely morning sickness arriving right on time @ 6wks has reassured me that every thing is fine!

So my numbers were
99 @ 11DPO
3000+ @ 20DPO
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My beta went from 208 to 659 in 2 days. I am trying to decide whether or not to have a dating scan.

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