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Bbcatcher they can see a yolk sack and make sure it is not in the tubes. I think the also do it to see how many as I did injectables with iui. I had 3 or 4 mature follicles. ee only saw 1 sack so I go back mon 7wks to hear hesrtbest snd hopefully get released to my ob/midwife

fascinating! I look forward to your update.


Jenjy, so sorry for your loss.

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Jenjy, my heart goes out to you and your family.  I pray that you have tremendous support and love all around you.  I am thinking of you and sending you healing prayers.

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I said I wouldn't stress about this, but now I am. I wasn't able to get my blood drawn until 6 weeks, and then my doctor suggested I wait another week before the second draw because HCG doubling time slows considerably after levels get above 6000 (although they didn't when I was pregnant with my son, but that is beside the point). Based on the numbers, I think my O date was off by a couple days, so I'm saying that these are 5w5d (26DPO) and 6w5d (33DPO). 

26DPO: 12,732

33DPO: 26,821 (It took almost a week to double!)

I am not very happy with these, but they are in the normal range, so my doctor is not concerned.

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Hey ladies! Just wanted to update after the ultra sound. My hcg was through the roof! But had the ultrasound and it's one tiny baby with one tiny heartbeat!!
I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow.
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wow! that really shows how different bodies can produce hcg. 

16dpo beta level of 2145 for a singleton and 350 the same day fro my twins. Who would have thought?

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It's funny breman, because I stalked dr google for two weeks. All the twin posts I came across were lower than my numbers but many were pretty close. I was convinced it was twins or more!! So so weird.
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