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The Big Thank You thread

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Please post here with your thanks!  Remember to use your FIN # in your post so your helpers can identify you.


Thank you to all the helpers!!


If you are a family in need, please check your private messages for the HH username to use in order anonymously post your thanks. If you have questions, please PM HappyHappyMommy.

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From fin#3
My husband said he came home to some packages on steps I gave him premission to open them.

To kris Schafer(s p?) family that sent the warm winter gloves/mittens for my daughter and son thank you so much they fit perfect and will keep them so warm. As well as dry when they play in snow. Also thank you for the socks for my husband and middle daughter these will go a long way and I am happy that they will now have new socks without holes in them.

And to the holiday helper that sent the space heater this is a true blessing. My daughters room doesn't have a heating vent in it as it a loft. So this will keep her warm in the winter and keep them in their own room. They are right now sleeping in my sons room because loft is cold.
Both these are blessings especially after a very stressful week with kitchen flooding and our dryer dying. Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts
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FIN #4


I came home from physical therapy to find numerous boxes on my steps.  Thank you to my lovely HH who sent flannel PJs, which I may break out before the holidays, because it is sooooo cold at night!  My dh will love the insulated underwear also.  I also received a book that my oldest has been nagging for.  My youngest will be so excited to open his acrylic paint set and book also.  And to top it off, my middle son will be so excited to see his new lures for fishing. Thank you my lovely amazing Holiday Helper!  Much love coming your way! 

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FIN #4


Thank you to my HH who sent me a gift card to Kohls!  This will go a long way towards keeping my boys in shoes.  They grow so fast and now that 2 of them run track and cross country, the sneakers wear out even faster!  You're an angel!  :blowkiss 


I also received an amazing gift certificate for a haircut and style!  I only ever go every few months to get my hair cut, and that's at one of those quick places.  I never get it styled or even washed because it can be so expensive.  I am so excited to go get my hair actually "done"!  Thank you!

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From FIN#16


Thank you thank you thank you!!!

To the Helper who gave my husband MUCH needed clothing , they were GORGEOUS and fit him perfectly. Thank you!! My girls are going to get the books for Christmas and the extra you slipped in will be for our Christmas dinner!! Much appreciated.


To the helper that sent my angels the most beautiful clothing they own now, Thank you so much. They wanted to wear the clothes right away and were so happy. This means the world to our family. Blessings!!


To the helper who sent a gift card we are so thankful. We are going to get some groceries with that!! So needed, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


To the helper that sent FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. I was so overwhelmed. Thats the most food we have seen in a while! Thank you so so much.


We also appreciate the cards people sent, I love Christmas cards. I never get any.


So blessed and really appreciated.

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From FIN#5


Yesterday UPS stopped by my house to deliver a package!!!! We aren't used to getting packages so my kids were bouncing with excitement. It took me a minute to realize that this must be a holiday helpers package. I told my kids that they would have to wait till Christmas to see whats inside. When they were asleep I opened the package and was so excited like my kids. How amazing that a complete stranger would reach out and spread Christmas cheer. After all, that's what the holiday is all about!!!


So I want to extend a virtual hug and a great big thank you to my holiday helper.   :thumb :Hug thanks.gif rocks.jpg  :joy jumpers.gif

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To Miriam in New Jersey...I got your package from Target today...I can hardly find the words to tell you how much your generous gift means for my little girl...She will love every outfit you sent but more importantly she really needed them..Everything is beautiful and warm..She is a lucky little girl :stillheart


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making sure she has warm clothing for the cold months ahead,,,I am truely  grateful and will never forget it..


FIN # 9

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From Family #1 we just received a big box of warm blankets for my kids and wanted to send a very, very huge thank you! The frost has just set in here and the lil's haven't had a warm blanket in a very long time. So thank you so, so much! The timing was perfect and happy holidays to you and yours :)

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I love reading these Thank Yous! Thank you to all of the helpers who sent items to other families. Thank you to all of the families who have posted here; it's so wonderful to know that items have been received and to hearing how your families are using/will use these items. And thank you to the HH facilitators who are helping to make matches. All of you are spreading joy this holiday season and that is amazing! Happy Holidays to all and a heart-full thank you to each and every one of you.

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From FIN#7


Thank you to sweet Angela, whose adorable robeez we just opened up. Even though the clock is ticking down to new baby's arrived pretty darn fast, I've just been so busy trying to homeschool/earn money/complete everyday mom tasks that I think these are among the very first dedicated new baby items to actually enter the house! Makes the whole new baby thing all suddenly seem so much more REAL (gulp!). It's funny, I hadn't held a pair of baby sized robeez in quite a few years...and seeing them brought back such a flood of memories! I sat there tearing up thinking of the purple butterfly ones we got for my first daughter, and how they seemed just so perfect for her we got the same pair over and over as she grew...Then I remembered different pairs the other siblings had all worn, mostly bedraggled little thrisft store ones as our belts got tighter around here, but always so functional and cute (if only I'd saved them all!). Anyway, the ones you sent are just so sweet--I promised myself that I will keep these ones always...since this is bound to be my last baby, they will be a sweet memento. Thank you, (((((Angela)))))), I definitely felt all that love you packed in there with them....

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From FIN #19


A HUGE thank you to Heather D. Your box arrived at the perfect time, as we were down to our last pullup & my dd is feeling under the weather today. I was just about to try to make a quick run on the bus to the store with a sick dd in tow when a golf cart pulled up in front of my house. It was UPS dropping off your wonderful gifts! Thank you so much for the packages of pullups & the socks & undies. Everything is the right size, and she is thrilled with the pullups as they have faries on them! First smile I've seen from her all day. I am holding back the socks & undies to wrap as gifts. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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From FIN# 18


I just want to say Thank You to J. who sent the legos for my son. When we opened the box he squealed with excitement and has been playing with them all day! Thank you soooo much!!!

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From FIN #8: I received the jeans from the HH in AZ. Thank you very much for the Christmas card and jeans. That was very thoughtful.

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From FIN#2


Thank you to the Mama who sent the wooden puzzles and the wooden cut-up food for my 2 year old.


Thank you to the Mama who sent the Harry Potter books for my 13 year old.



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From FIN #19



Mamas, I just about cried today when I got the mail. To see that we had TWO packages from the HH program really made my day, on a day that was not going too great.


First I opened the lovely box from Erin, with a full sheet set for my bed of the softest jersey knit I've ever seen! They immediately went to the washer & are on my bed now, just begging to be slept on. Erin, Thank you so much - this means so much to me to have a comfy bed with actual sheets!. This is the first NEW sheet set I've ever owned - all I've ever had was thrift store mismatched ones.


Then I opened the second box. I don't know who sent it as there was no name, but you reduced me to tears for a good 10 minutes and even now writing this I'm crying. To see that someone cared enough about a little girls wish to provide a holiday miracle. I never expected when I put down dd's wish for a Kit doll for it to be fulfilled, and certainly not with a brand new doll. But I felt I owed it to her to try as I knew it was the one thing on her list, and she had been so good this year. And I prayed that maybe, just maybe, by some miracle someone would have a used one they would be willing to bless us with. THANK YOU FOR GIVING US A HOLIDAY MIRACLE. I keep going back & looking just to make sure I'm not dreaming, as I just can't believe it. I can only hope that someday I am able to bless someone else the way you have blessed my dd and I. THANK YOU.

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From FIN#7


I want to send deep appreciation to the Mothering mama with initials J.B., from Los Angeles. I am so, so grateful for your thoughtfulness. Such a sweet and generous gesture to offer such helpful consideration to a stranger....Blessings to you, J.! 

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FIN #6


It is going to be a blast around here Christmas day with some wonderful new games to play.  Thank You so very much.  We love to play games and this is going to be just perfect.  My littlest guy will be asking us to read his new books to him all day and will carry these around everywhere he goes


Thank you for the airplane set for my littlest guy.  This is going to be hit with BOTH of my little guys. 


 Thank You to the helper that sent the wonderful gloves and hat for my DH. We hardly ever get things for ourselves and he needs these things badly.  Thank you for the sweatshirts too. The fleece is so soft my 9 year old will love it and the sweatshirt for my older girl as well is wonderful.



Merry Christmas to our helpers.  Thank you so very much :)

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FIN #18


Maria and family- We got the pots and pans today and cried with joy! I am so thankful and they will be such a huge blessing for us. My girls were so excited also.


Anonymous - Thank you for the baby doll and the chocolates! My daughter will be so happy to see that doll under the tree that I can't wait to see the excitement on her face when she opens it.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Edited by HappyHappyMommy: I've removed the username of the second HH for anonymity. :)

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From FIN #1


Thank you to Down To Earth Toys and Carol for the package! We had already received a few blankets from a Holiday Helper but these were the first toys we have received! The arts supplies are perfect and the portfolios are amazing. They will be so helpful to keep the kids treasures in. I can't wait for my little one to see the blocks, she will adore them! We finally have something to put under the tree, thank you so, so much xoxo

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Family ID #13

I am beyond touched by the generoristy of the mothering.com community.

To anonymous who sent legos, my son is going to be thrilled!

To the Larsons: thank you so much, I know DS2 is going to adore his gift, and the gift card really helps make the ends meet.

To Kathryn: thank you so much, this was a big need filled for a couple months!

To the Olsens: thank you! such a great care package and stuff we needed asap! 

From the #13's to yours thank you!

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