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FIN #6


THANK YOU a million times THANK YOU to the helper that sent shoes for 2 of my kids.  Both are adorable and both were SO needed.  Both pairs will be well loved :)

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From FIN #14


Thank you to all the helpers - I hope I dont forget anything or anyone

DS loves the new crocs and is wearing them to swimteam

The printer toner means we can print again

The GF goodies, I put those up for closer to xmas but Oh so yummy looking

All the books - those are going to look pretty wrapped up under the tree.

The grocery gift card - brought the most tears to my eyes - thank you so very very  much

If i forgot someone or something Im sorry, im still going thru boxes and getting ready for xmas.


thank you so very much. my son will appreciate every bit of your time and energy on xmas morning.

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I want to Thank whomever sent the gift card to Chucky Cheese to my little one..She will be so thrilled and I  can't wait to take her  over Christmas Break..it will such a treat for her as we hardly ever get to go and it is one of her favorite spots to play..She will be so happy :joy


FIN #9

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Thank You, Holiday Helper, for the box of toys and books for my precious ones.  Each will be loved and well played with.  Thank you for blessing us and I pray you and your family are blessed in the coming New Year :)

FIN #6

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I just want to offer special thanks to the businesses which every year donate to HH. It is generous and very personal. We notice. Thank you.

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My DD, and I, would like to give huge thanks to the person who sent her the doll bunk bed she had been wanting. She is home sick today and the UPS truck came while I was in the shower. I didn't realize that she had gone out to get the package after the truck had left. A few minutes later, she happily announced that her doll bed was here. LOL. Even though the picture on the box gave the surprise away, she is very excited about it. And that is wonderful.

Happy Holidays.

FIN 20
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I just want to thank all the HHs that have blessed my family, FIN 11.

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To Sheryl in Canada...How can I even begin to thank you...You have made such a wonderful Christmas happen for my little girl..And then when I thought there couldn't possibly be anymore you surprised me with another...You have a very giving heart and I will never forget what you had done for my family this Christmas.... :throb 


FIN #9

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From #7:


Thank you to the helper who sent the little baby care reminder gadget! The kids are having fun figuring it out and imagining being in charge of different things. Practical items like this really help calm the "I cant believe we'll have a newborn soon, ahhhhh!!!!" panic. So thoughtful of you....!


Thank you to the helper who sent the 50$ Amazon gift card. It was such a joy and relief to receive because we had just run out of a few grocery/pantry basics with no $ available to replace, and I'd been wracking my brain...It was SO nice to realize I could order similar things right from Amazon and stop stressing about it. You brought me such peace of mind, Helper--thank you!!!


Thank you to Kathryn for being my daughter's special yoga buddy ;) You are so sweet!


And thank you to the helper that sent the small women's and newborns clothes from the IHA thread--everything is just right....The first baby boy clothes I've gathered up for this new coming one, makes it all seem so sweet and fun (and close!). Thank you! 

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From FIN # 8

To Kathryn my holiday helper. Wow! A few weeks ago I came home after a long day to find packages on my doorstep. Everything is too good to be true. You completely spoiled us. Thank you so much mama. I thought you may get the kids one item each and you got everything on their wish list and more! Your such a generous person I hope you know how thankful I am to you, my kids will be so blessed this Christmas thanks to you!

I am so excitied to wrap the presents for my kids. Thank you for everything! I wasn't sure how I was going to afford many presents for the kids this year and you completely took that worry off my shoulders. I'm so thankful to you for that.
Blessings to you heartbeat.gif
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Thank You to all the HHs that blessed my family, FIN11

Thank you to A from NJ, for the backpack, book, and WOW CD. So awesome, we really appreciate these thoughtful items.

Thank you to the one who sent the 12 months size outfit and hat. I love the Velcro under the chin, so that he can't pull it off : D
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My apologies, I am having technical difficulties!

I would also like to say thank you to the person who sent the LOTR Lego set. We were totally surprised! Its really cool that you chose that particular set, DS had been admiring that one at Walmart.

Thank you to the mama that sent us the baby shoes, baby legs, and nursing mother lot! I love these little shoes because other than being adorable, they are practical. DS is going through this phase where he refuses to keep his socks on, and he's always losing them. So, the little shoes make his mission a bit more difficult.
Also, thank you so much for all the nursing bras! Nothing means quite as much to a nursing mama as good support!!

Thank you to the sweetheart who sent us the Walmart gift card! We appreciate it so much. We live in such a small town that Walmart is like *the* place to go.

With heart felt and sincere thanksgiving,
FIN 11
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THANK YOU from FIN #16

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Everyone who gave us clothes, tons of food and snacks, drawing stuff for our older son, warm socks and boxers, a beautiful pear necklace, thank you so much. You have blessed our family more t han you know. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!!

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From FIN #17


Thank you thank you thank you to the helper who sent the amazing stuff for my kids!  The craft things are PERFECT.  My son is going to totally flip out over those tiny furry animal print notebooks as he LOVES writing stories and taking notes about wild animals!  The little schleich animals will make my daughter's day as she (like big brother) is currently Wild Kratts obsessed and talks about animals perpetually.  Also, the huge tub of Legos is perfect, they will love it.  

You are so generous and so thoughtful and I so appreciate your help during this stressful time in my life.  I'll never forget it!

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FIN #4


To Walking Stick Toys- Thank you so much for the two outfits for my boys!  They will be so excited to have a new outfit to wear! 


To tia- Thank you so much for the fishing vest!  It will make our fishing trips so much easier to have the essentials in a place that it easily accessible. 

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FIN #10


We opened gifts today.


I would like to say thank you to the Helper that sent me the gift card for MarkusUniforms.com. I was able to get a pair of shoes, and 2 sets of scrubs for work!!


A big thank you to the helper that sent the box of mega blocks and training pants. My little guy was excited when he saw how many blocks there were. Now we can start working on using the potty!


Thank you to the helper that sent the wooden cars and rubber band racecar. It is being played with right now.


To the helper that send the House of Hades book....My DS was so excited. He has been reading it since he opened it.


Thank you to all the wonderful helpers! Without you, my kids would not have any gifts since we are getting re-established. You have no idea how happy they are right now.

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From FIN#7


Thank you so much to the Helper who sent the package from Hazelnut Kids. The little "Paint with Wool" art kit is just adorable and I know several of our littles will have a wonderful experience with this cozy winter art form. It is all hidden away to be a Santa gift on Christmas morning, along with the set of Lyra colored pencils. Gosh, next to the ancient stubby Crayola pencils we've got here, the Lyra's just look so sturdy and vibrant...A few of our kids have an exceptional talent fro drawing and I can't wait to see what they'll create with such a high quality colored pencil to use--THANK YOU!!!!!


Also Thank You to the helper who sent the small sized black ladies gloves--a perfect and necessary stocking stuffer for my older daughter. She is quite thin and I think therefore chronically cold, and I'm happy to think of her being able to wear these everyday...THANK YOU!!!!

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From FIN #12.  


Thank you to all of my amazing Helpers!

Thank you to the HH who sent the hairdryer.  Now I don't have to go out in the freezing cold with wet hair! 

Thank you to to the helper who sent my son the Minecraft sword!  He's been asking for this for so long!!

Thank you to the helper who sent a Minecraft shirt!  He just had a Minecraft birthday party so I know he will be so excited to wear the shirt!


Thank you all so much!  You have helped make this Christmas especially wonderful!


Many thanks.gif

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From FIN#2


Thank you to the Mama who sent the big warm winter coat for my 18 year old.  He's been walking around outside with just a hoodie the last month and a half and it's been COLD!  He's gonna really enjoy his new winter jacket.


Thank you to the Mama who sent the purple coat for my 6 year old.  She's been using last year's jacket and she's completely outgrown in since last winter- she'll be warm and toasty, and feel very pretty in her new purple jacket.


Thank you to the Mama who preordered Hollow City for my 13 year old.  She's been asking for this book ever since we heard it was in the making, almost 2 years ago.  She's gonna love it!


Thank you to Kathryn who sent the Lincoln Logs for my almost 3 year old.  He spends all day building, building, building, with all his toys.  He's gonna spend hours with his Lincoln Logs, I know it!


And thank you so, so, so much to Kathryn, who sent my 9 year old the Polar Express train set... and book... and movie.  OMG, you have no idea how much he's gonna flip when he opens them!  He's gonna be completely over the moon!  Thank you so much.

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FIN #4


Thank you to the HH who sent a carnivorous plant set to my son.  He is going to be sooooo excited!  I can already picture his face!  :love


Aaaaand to my amazing HH who sent me a beautiful zip up sweatshirt, the color is exquisite, and oh, so warm and fuzzy!  My boys were running around with it on...and only underwear because they loved it so much.  LOL!  I quickly recovered it and have been wearing it around the house.  It is perfect for layering because you never know whether you are going to end up too hot or too cold!  


And to  the HH who sent me numerous gift cards, I can't even begin to express how amazing those have been to my family.  Sneakers, dress pants, dress shoes and underwear, oh my!  LOL! 


To all the HH who have helped any and all FINs, bless you all.  My heart is warm from the holiday spirit you have all shown.  :love

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