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From FIN 12:


Thank you to the Helper(s) who sent the Toys R Us gift card!  My son was beyond excited to be able to pick a gift out for himself at the store after Christmas!  It fills me with happiness knowing there are people out there who care about helping others. 


Thank you to the Helper who sent my son the Yogibo!!!!  You are amazing!  It arrived yesterday (Jan 10) so it was definitely a great surprise for my little guy.  When he got home from school, he walked into the door and his jaw dropped.  He stood there staring wide eyed at the Yogibo.  Priceless!  Thank you for bringing joy to both myself and my son.  I must say, the Yogibo is incredibly comfortable!  He wanted me to try to it and when I had trouble getting out of it (picture an adult rolling around like an overturned turtle), my boy burst out laughing!  He laughed so hard, he had to run to the bathroom before he wet his pants.  So funny!  Thank you for giving us that awesome bonding experience!


I feel like I may have forgotten someone.  If I have, I am so very sorry.  Please know that I sent up a Thank You and prayer to each helper when I received something in the mail or by UPS.


THANK YOU to ALL the helpers.


It is my wish that all the FIN's are in a much better place financially by next Christmas.  Blessings to each and every one of you. 

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From FIN #4


Thank you so much for the person who sent us a Stop and Shop gift card!  I am saving it up for the time between paychecks when I look in the fridge, the freezer, and then the pantry and go,"Hmmmm...."  LOL!  Thank you so much!  :love

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Thank you to everyone who participated in Holiday Helper! Thank you to the facilitators, to the families in needs, to those who gave help, to everyone who bumped up a thread, and to Mothering for this wonderful program. :love

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Just when I thought the Holiday Helper Elves couldn't possibly be more thoughtful, generous, and generally magical...After each child had long since been started enjoying their special Christmas gifts and other gifts for the whole family had filled our bellies, warmed our home, and lifted our spirits...Today one more package came. A cell phone with a card for prepaid minutes...! Exactly the thing to sooth my anxious mind about "what happens if I go into labor while driving on these windy mountain roads, or when my husband isn't home, or if we're on the way to the hospital and the car breaks down, or, or, or?" Now I can rest easy knowing my husband and midwife can just be a phone call away, no matter where I or they might be when labor begins. Now I know I will have access to whatever help or advice I need...Thank you, Holiday Helper, with this last gift you've possibly made my baby and I safer. And even if all goes so smoothly that no emergency calls are required, you've made my last stretch of pregnancy more peaceful and at ease...Thank you, Holiday Helper!!!!!

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From FIN #15:

I got the personal hygiene items and the pants for all three of my sons...thank them oh so much for me and my children we never get anything brand new and this will be such a  happy time  for them thank you very much for helping my children and many blessings to you and yours .......

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From FIN 11

Sorry for the massive delay in my getting around to say THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to the one who sent us the lego star wars game for the wii!

Thank you to whomever sent my sons the star wars toys!

Thank you for the belly button rings! What an assortment! I wear them in my ears, these are lovely!

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