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Smoothie Question

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My kids can be picky eaters, but they love their smoothies!  I basically try to mix as much healthy stuff as I can in them.  My usual smoothie for them is: coconut water, banana, spinach or kale, or strawberries or mixed berries.  I also add chia seeds, hemp seed, spirulina and probiotics.


Am I adding too much additional things to the spinach and fruit?  I worry that I am adding too much or the extra stuff and they are going to cancel each other out!  


Thoughts or opinions, please??

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Sounds good to me! Sounds like out smoothies we make a few times a week! Love the algae!
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IF you can get your kids to eat all that you have a gift!!  


I think I'm doing good to get just a few items in each smoothie. My kids like variety so this works.  My smoothies don't even compare to yours!  I think I"m doing well to use cottage cheese and fruit and such. 


Maybe create some vairty by splitting up the ingredients, but other wise why not include everything  in a day.

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If they like it, let them drink it. No, you are not adding too much stuff.


I stopped adding chia seeds because, if we didn't finish the smoothie right away it turned into jello. I now just add ground flax. A bit of coconut oil and/or almond butter are good extra ingredients. I stopped adding them when I realized how many calories I was consuming in the smoothies.

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