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Thanks, guys. I've been sort of understating it maybe, but what if getting both people on board is not possible? I know it's important, even essential. But I think in my situation I have to accept that DH has not only a vastly different approach to money and spending, but major major issues that make a never-ending cycle of debt (incurred by him) very likely. We've worked on it together in the past and gotten in and out of his debt as a couple several times. Most of that is way beyond my control and I'm just exhausted. What do I do ? Is .

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does he like to read? would he read total money makeover? would he goto FPU with you? not sure what else to suggest. I'm working on getting my mom to start some of this budgeting stuff like she calls it. i'm working on her because she is the one in charge of the budgeting in the household. and she can work on her BF from there. *fingers crossed*

maybe get him to a blank budget sheet and get him to write what he thinks the budget should be.

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Well, today is a major shopping day in the U.S. for many people. I won't be going as I am way to pregnant to be dealing with crowds and chaos - although I did see some sales online that I might go for.


Great article about staying on budget for Christmas shopping.



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Thanks for the tips, lilac! I guess Santa isn't the only one who should make a list and check it twice. Haha corny joke.

I'm really committing to making gifts for people this year. I'm enjoying the Handmade Holidays thread. I'm planning to let my family members know that I'm not giving expensive gifts this year so they don't feel obligated to. I'm going to attempt to make everyone rice bag hand warmers and possibly neck warmers. Also considering making scarves and leg warmers out of old sweaters.

As for budgeting, we're doing ok. We traveled to visit family and went over budget, so we'll have to try to make that up elsewhere. I'm trying not to be too disappointed with us though since it's been 3 years since we last lived on a budget. We're going to start implementing the envelope method. We're really looking forward to getting some of our lower balances paid off in the next few months.

Also, I wrote down ALL of our debts and found that, excluding mortgage, we don't really have as much debt as we thought. I forget the exact number but it's right around $25k. Most of that is actually student loans and the rest of our vehicle loan (27 months left), so it's lower interest than if it was all credit card debt.
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I have been reading about the laws of attraction and the idea that you attract what you think about....... I was wondering if we should change the name of thread to leave out the word Debt? Just a thought as I noticed theres not a December thread yet. Would be a good time to tweak the name.
If you all think I am just being silly, I will not be offended and can just put up the usual thread :-)
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You could google "law of attraction cult" and see what you find. Even if one finds some validity to this law of attraction idea in some way, the name as it is tells visitors, or people who may be interested in getting out of debt, what the thread is specifically about. Without using the word Debt, it may be vague and murky, not really telling what the thread is actually about.
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Getting into the black.
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Or Becoming Debt Free? Still has "debt" but is a more positive spin.

Good suggestion, orangemomma.
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