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Good Naby Names Books?

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I would love your thoughts on a good book for baby names, I'm 23 weeks and 4 days and we are not finding out the gender until birth and we would love a good book to bring with us, and to research before. I love the Internet but I would really love a good ole' fashion book!

Here some things I like about some of the books out there:

  • Stats on name popularity
  • Name meaning/origin
  • Some books suggest "if you like this name - then you might like this one..."


Other then that I just want it to be simple and easy to find names we like.

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Beyond Jennifer & Jason is my favorite from way back... I know the authors added a sequel later but I've never looked at it. They take such a fun look at names... With lots of different perspectives like you listed above. It's not a list or a dictionary.
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I have the Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg. I found this one to be very good as it has almost everything you describe -- there are little graphs for each name, there are sibling names for each name (which is like the suggestion -- if you like x, you might like y). It has less information about the meaning, though it gives a breakdown on when/how became popular. This is all in the alphabetical list. It also breaks down names by style, so that you have lists of different styles (for example, "Biblical," "Brisk and Breezy", "Guys and Dolls"). A drawback is that they only have so many names in there, which may or may not matter to you. (after all, the more choice you have, the harder it is to decide!)

The sequel that Merialiss mentioned is now called Beyond Aidan and Ada (I think). I was just reading it at the bookstore last night! I find it quite similar in that it also has lists of names by style, which is nice and often has some good ideas. I think there is also no information on meaning, though, and probably even less on popularity.


So, I find it nice to browse through these books. I also like behindthename.com for name meanings, nymbler.com for suggestions of names you might like based on ones you do, babynamewizard.com for all the name popularity statistics (you can look up popularity by state, over time, etc), and nameberry.com for extensive lists of names by style.

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I have the Baby Name Bible .... and it's a really good resource!!
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