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How soon will you introduce your baby to the water?

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With my first 2 kids, I was living in Vermont so swimming was something we RARELY did. Now I am living in Mexico and due in April. I would really like this baby to be really use to the water and swimming at a very young age.


How early did or will you introduce your baby to water? how did it go? what did you experience?

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well, her first bath was when she was 3 days old, after her cord came off. she enjoyed it, and has loved baths ever since! i took her to a 90 degree salt water pool when she was less than 2 months old, and she loved it. i have taken her many times since. i haven't submerged her in water yet, though from what i've read she could hold her breath. she is content to just float around with me and kick her legs in the water. it's so fun and sweet! it is an hour long swim time at the pool, but we usually swim for about 50 minutes and then she wants to nurse for the last 10. :)

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With my first, we gave him sponge-baths infrequently for a long time, then eventually got around to using the baby tub. He's two now, and doesn't like bath time and won't go very far into a pool. It makes me sad when I see all the other tots who love the water! With babe number two (now 3 weeks old) I want to make a point to get him in the water as often as possible! Unfortunately we don't have a year-round indoor pool where I live. 


Are you near a beach in Mexico? It should be much easier to get baby accustomed to the water there! Good luck. :)

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Not sure if this is re: bathing or swimming, but we gave DD sponge baths until 2wks/no more cord, then we introduced her to water by bringing her into the shower with us a few times. We just did the first real bath in her tub at almost 5 weeks. She loved it! 


My best friend's daughter absolutely hates warm water, has to have her baths lukewarm, but loves the cool water of a pool. So interesting! 

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DS' first bath was the day after his cord fell off, and he has loved baths ever since! Even when we gave him sponge baths for the first week or so we did it in the baby tub so he would be used to it. We put him in the pool for the first time around  2 months and he loves the water!

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We have been bathin our daughter in my lap and on my chest in the bathtub since she was 2wks old. So far, she doesn't LOVE it, but she seems content and calm at least. I can't wait to take her to a pool. We'll probably try next summer.
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Fwiw, my pediatrician said the recommendation is that babies don't go in chlorinated water until 6 months.
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Yeah I avoid chlorine as well. The pool we go to is salt water so there are lots of little babes that go there.
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Wont be pools...will be salt water.

Hubby and I are both rescue divers and are in the water as much as we are out of the water :) the ocean is a HUGE part of our lives and we want our DS to be in the ocean as soon as possible as well.



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Land locked lady over here is jealous!! I miss the beach.
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As soon as my daughters cord came off she was on a towel in the big bath tub submerged where she was almost floating in the water. It was "womb like" and we did this as part of her night time routine... She was born in Feb and we live in Texas so she started getting in the pool with me in June. We started infant swim classes when it got chilly out so she was maybe 9 months old (great bonding time for us). By the time she was 17 months old (a year to the day we put her in the pool) She could swim unassisted from the step to the wall or to one of us. She would roll on her back and float unassisted for breaths. Now she is 5 and so proficient at swimming she will probably do it competitively this summer. My new baby (Due also in Feb) will do the EXACT same thing. Everyone in our family has pools and in a climate where its 100+ degrees half the year swimming is fun and really the only thing to do outside! I love the safety aspect too. I feel bad for the kids I see not being taught to swim and put in life jackets and arm floaties (both of which can be dangerous). The best thing in my opinion is introduce them early make it fun and they never really experience time to be "afraid"

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Get that baby in the water! Warm pools at eight months was my standard in a mama-baby class for fun. But from the first bath we were building it - on papa's chest in the big tub the first time and growing from there. A love of water has to be fed to bloom! And swimming is safety; fear of water is not a good road to go down. It's the most fun thing ever, water time, enjoy!
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How is water time so much fun when momma is a bit afraid of the water? How do my kids avoid the road that I am on?
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Would you consider raking swimming lessons to conquer your fear, FarmerMomma?
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I've done a lot. But it's not black or white. There is so long between swims that I have to get comfortable all over again. I'm certified in SCUBA, but it's been a few years. It's really surface swimming that scares me. I'm not very buoyant. So don't breathe -in underwater. Breathe -in overwater. Makes sence on paper, but I get so flustered. I have memories of being so calm and peaceful under the water doing scuba. It gets me flustered just thinking about it. How is that even possible? How can peaceful thoughts make me anxious?
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I didn't get my daughter to a pool until she was close to 1 year old. She hated it. Then the lake maybe a month later. Hated it. She never minded baths; I think it was because she couldn't understand the concept of waiting for the water to feel warmer. We didn't have occasion for another year; at around 2 we went to the pool and she adored it. With one thing and another we didn't make it back to the pool, but we did get a wading pool, which was a hit. Next summer (she will be 3 in June) we may do swim lessons or classes of some sort. 

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I think Baby was three months the first time I took her in a pool?  And six months when I first took her into a lake.  She loved it.

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Erigeron I feel the same way as your daughter. I do not like to get into water temps that I have to get used to. It has to be a really hot day for me so the water is a relief.
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