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Atopic Dermatitis/Baby Eczema

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Does anyone have any experience with Atopic Dermatitis/Baby Eczema? This is my third baby and it seems like he's inherited a bunch of sensitivities, among which is this skin condition. I had eczema pretty bad as a kid and still get it seasonally as an adult (31). My questions is, does anyone know of any natural remedies I can use for my two month old? I would prefer to stay away from steroids and such if at all possible but it has started spreading.

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My older DS had it. Eventually we took him to a dermatologist who gave us a strong steroid that we used very sparingly, when it was really bad. Mostly, we didn't bathe him more than once a week, used California baby products, slathered him with oil when still damp out of the bath and then lotion over the oil (pure Shea butter). Eventually we figured out that it was caused by acidic foods ( oranges, tomatoes, strawberries) and now he has mostly grown out of it at age 7. Also we found a homeopathic eczema cream that works well, can't remember the name.
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I've had success with drinking Burdock root tea.  2-4 cups per day.  Baby got it through my breast milk.  I would consult an experienced herbalist before attempting to give it to a 2month old directly, if I were not BFeeding.

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My toddler has this. He is 20 months. His seemed to pop up after he came down with the hand foot and mouth virus. I havent noticed any flare ups with certain foods but did notice it flared when the weather changed. He gets his flare ups in the crevices of his elbows and the back of his knees. I do much of the same as the PP. My dads girlfriend recommended corium 21 lotion its aloe vera based. It seems to help especially if I catch the redness early. I also use aquaphor before bed time so it doesnt dry out to much. I feel so bad for him when he gets itchy greensad.gif I hope you find something that works for your sweet babe.
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For any skin irritations/flare ups on my littlest ones, I try breast milk topically as my first defense. Usually it clears up the problem and I don't need to pursue other things.
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My DS had eczema as a baby and it only went away when I cut out all wheat/gluten from my diet.  I would explore food sensitivities as a possible cause.

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Fragrances in soaps, detergents, and lotions were the biggest trigger for my oldest. Once we switched to fragrance free everything, it cleared up considerably. Winter was always a flare up time as well with the drier colder air. Cetaphil was great, but a little hydracortizone was necessary at times for the stubborn spots. Be careful with natural products. The botanicals can be irritating and more allergenic than the conventional ingredients. My son was later diagnosed with some food allergies and I wonder if his infant eczema was triggered by those foods in my breastmilk (eggs, nuts, peanuts, and soy). I think a lot of kids with eczema have food allergies and it can be a trigger. Its hard to track though since the skin reaction is slow to come on and slow to abate with dietary changes. But something to keep in mind and keep an eye out for, especially if your diet is high in one of the more allergenic foods. 

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Coconut oil is actually recommended by the national eczema group.  I would give it a try.  It seems to cure everything else.  :)

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