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preparing the body to conceive

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I am in the midst of a miscarriage of an unplanned but totally wanted pregnancy. My husband and I were not on the same page for three years. Our youngest right now if 5. We were trying to not have a baby when we did become pregnant. We found out last week that we were pregnant, and lost the baby yesterday. I should have been 8 weeks but it looks like it was blighted Ovum (is what my midwife explained to me)

While we are heartbroken, it opened up our lines of communication about having another and he wants to try on purpose when we can.


So in preparing my body to conceive i'm wondering what I should do? what herbs should i take, cleanings, whatever. I also know I need to lose some weight as well so that will be in order too


thank you for any advice you can give

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I'm very sorry to hear about your miscarriage. They are hard no matter what the circumstances are. The first thing I would do is start taking folic acid. It works best to start taking it 3 months before you conceive. The three month rule goes for pretty much everything as that is how long it takes for the egg to complete its maturation process. Are there any issues you think you should be addressing that would require herbs? I am personally a little wary of taking herbs without expert advice because they do have real effects on your body just like any drug. Regular exercise is great for fertility also.
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no i don't have any problems that I know of. We have a 7 year old and a 5 year old, this baby was a surprise to us. I was thinking herbs to cleanse the body and get it ready to conceive 

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Hi Dawn! First off, :Hug - I've experienced miscarriage too, and as Pokey said, they're always hard no matter the circumstance.


I was looking for similar information today, as DH & I just decided we'll TTC again, and came across this article:



It's about "fixing" common causes of infertility, but the advice on avoiding toxins, proper diet & nutrition applies to anyone TTC (both mom & dads!).  Seems to me, especially in fertile women like us, this advice should go a long way toward making sure we conceive in the most advantageous way possible, with the best chance of carrying a healthy baby full-term.


Red raspberry leaf tea is also a great herb to prepare the uterus for pregnancy & birth - you can drink it before and all through pregnancy.  Traditional Medicinals makes a yummy Pregnancy Tea with red raspberry, nettle, alfalfa, mint, etc. Hope this helps, and good luck!! :)

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