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Akemikatze, I hope the spotting stops.  I know how nerve-wracking it is, and hopefully it doesn't mean anything.


Jenjy, I'm glad your numbers went up!  I suggest you being a major pain in your doctor's side, calling constantly until he calls in the prescription for progesterone.


Good luck!

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Akemitkatze- I'm sorry to hear spotting is worse today. I hope you were able to get in touch with your doctor. And hope your U/S goes well!!

Jenjy- I would definitely be a pest and get in touch with your doctor so you can start supplementing ASAP. I know you must be concerned, but I have read about many slow risers...as I'm sure you have. The key right now would be getting your progesterone up to 20 so it can help nudge those hcg numbers up. My doctor said 10 is okay....20 is better. So at least you're still progressing and your progesterone isn't dangerously low. I will keep fingers crossed for you.
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I'm glad you know that the doubling time slows down.


This is my 7th total pregnancy.  It is also the 5th that I have spotted in.  Of my 4 previous pregnancies with spotting, all 4 ended in a healthy baby.  One without spotting was a miscarriage, and the other without spotting was a healthy baby who arrived early due to severe pre-e.  I spotted this weekend with this one and I'm not worried.  I know with your lack of symptoms, however, you are concerned.  I hope for the best possible outcome for you.

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Hi All, I'm about 6 weeks too.  (4th pregnancy only one child so far).  I had bleeding even in my successful pregnancy, and my progesterone dropped. It was a rough pregnancy, but he made it.  I just wanted to say hope to you both.  The waiting is so hard, try just to take really good care of yourself. 

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I am thinking really positive vibes for you Jenjy and Azemikatze.  My first pregnancy was tumultuous, as I bled for a month and leaked amniotic fluid for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I made it to term and had a healthy girl at home....but I totally know what it feels like to be filled with fear and worry over a possible loss.  Hang in there, take care of yourselves.  I will be sending positive vibes your way.

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Thank you so much for your support everyone!!  Your experiences and advice have been very helpful.  Interestingly, if I hadn't had the HCG draws done, I would be sitting here thinking everything is peachy because I am actually feeling more and more pregnant and the spotting is still gone.  I did get in touch with the doctor but I still don't have the prescription for progesterone called in (why???  I don't know!), so I will be back to pestering tomorrow.  I'll also try to get another beta set up for tomorrow.   In the meantime, I'm staying patient and hopeful.

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Add me to the list of spotters/bleeders during early pregnancy. It hasn't happened yet this time around, but it did with my previous three. Truthfully, it freaks me out every time, but it's always been okay. I hope that uneventful spotting ends up to be your experience, too.
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Hey just wanted to share, my 1st pg, I rode a roller coaster, then found out I was pg the next day and had a screaming hysterical fit(was 19),I gushed soooo much blood- The Placenta had torn! I was very early and was on bedrest for weeks. Baby was born perfectly fine! Sometimes things happen and work themselves out. Follow orders to rest<3
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Spotting is very faint now, and I'm not cramping. My OB said she could see signs of the spotting in my vagina, but that my cervix looked perfect. She drew blood and everything was fine, including my HCG. I never get my HCG numbers because I have OCD and it makes me too paranoid, but she told me my number was right on track with what they saw on the ultrasound. The ultrasound went well too! I got to see the yolk sac and fetal pole with a heart beat! She said it was likely my baby's heart started beating right yesterday because she could see the rate going up as we looked. It went from 94 to 101 over a few minutes. It was very reassuring. I'm actually measuring at 5w6d instead of the 6w3d from my last period, but that makes sense because I wasn't tracking so could have ovulated/implanted late. It is very reassuring to hear about other healthy pregnancies that involved spotting early on. Thank you everyone for the support. :) I hope everything works out Jenjy!

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Akemitkatze- What a relief! Happy you got good results and reassurance from your OB. I was worried when I didn't see you on here yesterday and hoped that things went okay. Great news!! :-)
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Akemitkatze, I am glad things are looking so good! 

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That is great news, Akemikatze!!   I was so happy as I read your update!!!  What a relief!


mamablue and hotmom, that had to be very nervewracking.  Thank you and all the other wonderful mamas here for sharing your experiences and support! 

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My spotting never went away, and has actually gotten worse. I had HCG drawn last night in preparation for an OB appointment today. I am trying to stay hopeful but it's very difficult.

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Akemikatze - I am sorry this is an uncertain time for you. I hope you get reassuring news at your appointment.
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I started spotting light pink last night, it's light brown today. I guess that makes me a spotter in 4 out of 4 pregnancies. I hope this is all the spotting I will see this time and that everything is okay. With my third pregnancy, I spotted for 3 weeks straight with varying degrees of flow.

I've read different statistics about the member of women who spot during pregnancy. They range from 33%, 30%, to 1 in 4, to 1 in 5. Either way, it's a common occurrence. But I sure hate that it happens to any of us.
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mamaBlue, I'm sorry you're dealing with spotting again!!  I know it can be normal for so many people, but even so that doesn't make it easy to go through.  I hope it tapers off for you quickly.  I'm glad you have good hcg numbers - that is reassuring.  


akemikatze, I'm hoping your appointment yesterday was good news!!


I am still waiting for my results from my hcg draw from Thursday.  

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Thinking good thoughts for all the spotters! I kind of expect to join you as I spotted with both my boys. It stresses me out, but can obviously be no big deal. 

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Here are my HCGs. My OB said she wouldn't be concerned at all if I weren't spotting, but she would have liked to see it go up more between 11/11 and 11/14.


11/11 42,767

11/14 62,260

11/15 71,205


I got back tomorrow.

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Seems like some good climbing numbers to me!  Good job, mama!  As hard as it might seem, try to let go of some of the stress of the spotting, as we know it can be a part of many normal pregnancies.  Do something nice for yourself...like maybe a bubble bath or something relaxing and pampering. 

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Akimekatze- I hope that your numbers are just the slow rising sort. Don't they slow way down as far as doubling or rising after a point? I bet that's what's going on with you. I know I read that somewhere. Not sure why your OB isn't pointing out that that could be the reason. I will keep you in thoughts and prayers hoping that all is well with you little one.

Jenjy- I am thinking of you too....

Mamablue- hope the spotting has eased up. I know that is scary. I just knew that all of the walking yesterday with me I expected to sit down at the potty and see blood. But fortunately not yet.
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