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Suddenly spitting up more?

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Hi ladies! New member here. :)


My dd will be 11 weeks old this weekend. Over the last couple of weeks, I've noticed her starting to spit up a lot more often. She doesn't appear to be sick and my diet hasn't changed (she's ebf). Her poops haven't changed. Sometimes she seems like it hurts her, but other times she smiles. She spits up sitting straight up in our arms or in the carrier just as much as she does lying down. It's come on somewhat quickly so I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. We had her two month check up near the start of the increase and our doctor didn't seem too concerned. 


Is there anything that can cause a sudden increase in spitting up? Or is this purely a laundry issue?

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I'm sorry you haven't gotten a reply yet. Could it be an increase in your supply or an overactive letdown that is causing her to spit up? Have you started pumping during that time? I would imagine your diet hasn't changed much to cause a new food reaction.
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My son does this when he gets a cold virus. Sometimes his other baby friends will just have a stuffy nose, but he will have the stuffy nose, plus spitting up more. And sometimes the spitting up will start a couple days before other symptoms. Some babies will spit up or get diarrhea from the common cold, is what his pediatrician said.

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Some babies develop more serious reflux issues around 12 weeks or around 5 months. My dd's got worse around both these times. It's nothing to worry about as long as it's not constant and the baby is still gaining weight and not in pain. Other than that, it's a laundry issues.


The best thing we found to help with it is Mommy's Bliss gripe water.

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My son has always been a spitter-upper. Even when I hold him upright for the full 20 minutes after a feeding that I've read is recommended, he still spits up. Sometimes a copious amount. I've asked his pediatrician and was told as long as it's not projectile and he doesnt' seem uncomfortable it's nothing to worry about. Needless to say I keep plenty of burp cloths around, lol.

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my son was a major spitter upper as well. we go anywhere without a few extra outfits & many receiving blankets. it really was more of an annoyance than anything after a while. are you breast or formula feeding? we had tried out multiple different formulas and finally settled on the Enfamil Thickened - he still spits up on occasion but NOTHING like he use to. it made a major improvement!

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