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Calling all chart stalkers! Come in chart stalkers!

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Hi all,

I'm truly confused about when I ovulated this cycle.

I was thinking I might be pregnant but my Wondfo strips are telling me today, with an stupid stark white that I don't believe I am. At this point I'm left with the worlds tiniest shreds of hope and a wanting to understand when I ovulated?

Typically it has been cycle day 12/13 for me. This time around it changes depending on the FF setting.

Currently it is on Research VIP, but if its on Advanced (their recommended setting it says 15dpo w/cross hairs and I've never o'd that late?) If I put it on FAM it says 11 which would mean likely we missed the eggie entirely??

At this point I just want to figure out when I o'd...any opinions welcomed!



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How far off might CD 13 and 14's temperatures be? Looking only at CM, I'd say you probably ovulated on CD 15, not 12. Sperm still *could* have survived from CD 12, since you did have EWCM, and that would make you only 10 DPO instead of 13.


I would experiment by "discarding" CD 14 and see if it moves. Then "discard" both CD 13 and 14 to see what happens.

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Well that's a good point WifeofAnt, thank you! :Sheepish 

I usually temp around 530 or 545 in the morning during week but on weekends its more like 715 which is what both those days were. Would those make that much of a difference and in what direction. For example do they get higher or lower usually when taken later than usual?

I'll hope for being only 10 dpo and that MAYBE the spermies kept Stayin' Alive ala the BeeGees and caught the egg! I'm all about hope. Haha. 

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Waking up later would raise your temperature. An hour and a half late would make your temperatures up to about 0.4 degrees too high! Write down your current inputted temps in the notes, subtract 0.3 degrees from those two days, and see how much your chart changes.

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And from now on, just take your temperature at the 5:30 time every day and fall back asleep on the days you don't need to stay up. :wink

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You are wonderful WifeofAnt!!!!!! I changed temps and it puts me at 14 for ovulating which buys those spermies a little more time! 

Here's hoping! :-) 

If I wanted to apply the same rules to the earlier Sat/Sun would I still do .3 on cycle days 6 & 7?

This is so cool!

Course it puts me at 11dpo so I'd still think by now I'd have a good strong positive since with my first & last pregnancy (ending in blighted ovum) I tested suppppper faint on 8dpo and one I didn't have to squint at on 9dpo. But I hear all pregnancies are different?

Thanks again, this is very helpful!

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Ok because I am unabashedly a POAS-aholic I 'just happened' to have a Wondfo with me here at work. What? It must have fallen into my wallet...:W

You know you're an 'addict' when you realize that the little foil wrapper it comes in doubles as a pee-cup! I just opened up one long seam side after tearing off the top and yep, right in there!

Now again, I think it should be way darker by now but whadaya think? Can you see a line? Or am I just crazy hopeful? I'm going with crazy hopeful! 

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I had a very light line on Wondfo at 11 DPO with DS. I had already had a BFP with FRER at 10 but I took it just for fun. I would totally grab a FRER on your way home.

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Oooh really? Also gives me hope!  I have a girls night tonight so on my way there I'll grab a FRER box! Here's hoping and thanks again!

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Also just for fun, now that my chart is worked out thanks to WifeofAnt - when I overlay it with the chart from May when we got pregnant they look pretty similar! 

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