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Measuring Big

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I'm 28 weeks right now, but my midwife (and her assistant, using a measuring tape) says I'm measuring more like 34 or 35. 


We are doing the other obligatory tests, like a glucose screen and an ultrasound to measure the baby and fluids. She just says she's pretty sure it's not diabetes, and excess amniotic fluid would also mean swelling feet and ankles, which I don't have. 


I'm getting ahead of myself, trying to do a little investigation. 


Has anyone here had to change their due date because what they thought of as their last period was just breakthrough bleeding? I think I might be having this baby sooner than I thought.


Thanks :)

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And now my midwife says the lab has screwed up my glucose screen sample. Awesome. 

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I guess you haven't had an ultrasound? Will that be the next step to try to figure out date? I always knew with my other two pregnancies, but i really have no idea when we got pregnant with this one. Just a "best guess" bc my cycles were irratic due to breastfeeding. I am measuring small, or on target so i figure i am good. Hope you get it figured out. Sorry about the lab hassles!
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Well, at 24 weeks I measured 30 cm. OB said no biggie. I of course worried about every little thing. But at 28 weeks I measured 29 cm. So most likely baby was just smooshed up high and stretching me out the first time. So unless you have other reason to be concerned, I wouldn't worry too much.
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I generally have a good growth spurt somewhere around 26-28 weeks and show up really big for a month or 2 and then taper off.  That bad thing is it freaks you out and makes for an extremely sore belly.  The good thing would be to have an earlier baby- which for me never ever happens....  I wouldn't' mess with an u/s this late in the game just for a due date.  I would just get ready in case you are early.

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I haven't had this happen but at 26 weeks I was measuring at 23 or 24 weeks then at my next appt at 30 weeks I was measuring right on 30 weeks. My midwife said baby might have just been sideways or something when she measured. It just seems to fluctuate.. Do whatever will make you feel most comfortable and ready! 

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