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Nasal congestion-how do you deal?

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DS2, 3 weeks old, is super congested and has been since birth. So far I've just been sucking out the snot with the bulb, but I was just going through the Baby Book and saw that Dr. Sears recommends a saline rinse + snot sucker. Do you do this with your LO? Do you use the over the counter solution or make your own? Would breast milk work as well?

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Have you tried steam? One thing that has helped my daughter has been bringing her into the bathroom while running a hot shower, or even bringing her into the shower/bath with me. My Mom took me into the steamy bathroom everyday as a babe and she swears I never got a cold! Not sure how true that is, but it seems to be working for us so far when my girl gets congested.


If you did use a saline rinse (which I have, but haven't used), I would buy one over the counter that is pre-mixed just to ensure the ingredients are in the right amts. I have heard that just a little bit too much of something can be tough on a little one!

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We used the NoseFrida instead of a bulb... It worked so much better!
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We just go an electric aspirator by Graco. It works pretty well and baby doesn't fuss as much as when I used the bulb. I also bought saline nasal spray for infants. The advantage is that the tip is small for their little noses so it is easy to get the saline into his nose. I use saline nasal spray for myself but the tip was too big and the saline ended up on his face and running into his eyes. We also run a cool mist humidifier. I think breast milk would also work. Part of the idea is to moisten the mucus so it is loose and can be removed easily. It also can make them sneeze which also helps bring the mucus forward where you can remove it. Plus breast milk kills germs. Stuffy noses are such a pain. I feel bad that he can't clear it out himself.
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If you have overactive letdown, it might be milk stuck in there, not snot.




 Infants of mothers with an oversupply of breastmilk (or more accurately, an aggressive milk ejection- and I think you have both oversupply and a powerful milk ejection or just one) will often choke and sputter at the breast, and pull off and reattach themselves to the breast as they attempt to control the flow of milk.  This can happen even at the end of the feeding since the milk ejection reflex (“let-down”) occurs several times during a feeding.  I've seen these kids actually use their hands to push away the breast.  They sometimes bite to slow the flow and often get on the breast, suck a few times and then cry.   They always sound "congested" because there is always food banging around the back of their nose.  You can try to suck that noise out, but it's food, not snot. 
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Thanks for the suggestions!

Somegirl99, I do have an over active letdown, thanks for the link. I'd never considered the connection before!
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We use a warm mist humidifier with eucalyptus oil. ; )
DS HATES the booger sucker, he cries sooo much that there's even more snot than before I tried, just way too counter productive!
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