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Pelvic Pain

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Hi everyone... So with my first DD I started having that "holy goodness did I ride a bike 100 miles yesterday or something" feeling in my lower pelvic region (really feels like deep bone bruising) during the last month of my pregnancy. This is my second baby and I am just getting in to my third trimester and the pain is getting pretty intense. I know it is because I am stretching and trying to accommodate the baby. I was wondering if anyone had any exercises or stretches that they have used to alleviate or lessen the pain? TIA

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I don't know if it's the same thing you are experiencing, but every so often I feel like baby needs to MOVE UP! I have found that the pelvic rocking on all fours that I learned in my Bradley class relly helps get baby up a little higher. I am "supposed to" be doing this exercise like a zillion times a day, and of course I am a slacker about it, but even as much as I do it, I find that it helps my low back pain, keeping baby in a more comfortable place, moving my digestion along, etc. It is a great one!
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Thanks and I regularly do the pelvic rocking too... It just seems really early to be having this pressure and "spreading" feeling of course I know for a fact this baby is much larger and every pregnancy is different so who knows.

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i started having pelvic pains at 4.5 months. Im almost 8.5 months now and the pain is horrendous! I tried rocking, rubbing, massaging, painkillers but nothing really helps right now. Im at the point where I just want this done and over with cause the pain is a bit too much. any movement of my legs increases pain. Someone recommended a chiropractor. I will try that over the wknd and pray that it gives me some sort of relief

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Have been seeing a great chiro! I am feeling so much better
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