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White noise recommendation?

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With five noisy children and a preschool in our 1600 sq. foot home, this baby is going to need a white noise machine or something so he can sleep!  A fan seems too chilly for our already sort of chilly upstairs in the winter, so wondering what other people have used and liked for white noise??


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Good question! We have 2. One in our room and one in the baby's room. This is a great machine that is basic and sturdy. It has a fan inside that makes the sound-it's not digital. I have had mine for years. I got it so I could sleep better.

We also have this one for the baby. It is digital. It plays a few lullabies and several ambient sounds like white noise, heartbeat, waves, etc. You can also hook up your iPod to play music or whatever. It has a blue night light that can come in handy when I go in to check on the baby and it's too dark to see but I don't want to wake him up with the regular light. I took it with me when we travelled.

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Thank you, the Graco one was the one I put on my registry...though we share a room with baby and I would hate that light on.  Can I turn it off?

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Yep. It has a slight glow when it is on but you have to press down on the top to turn on the brighter night light.
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We have a simple one I really like with no light whatsoever, and it works really well for us in our bedroom, where we cosleep. It also helps us sleep better because it drowns out her little noises… and boy is she a loud sleeper! 


It can run continuously or on a  timer. Standard sounds like waves and water, plus a few lullabies. It does;t have a general "white noise" set up, but I don't think I'd like that anyway. 


There's also projections it can do, but we haven't tried those yet. 



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We use a fan, but direct the air flow at the wall. We've already had some snowfall (no accumulation though) and live in an old, drafty house. I think air circulation is a good thing, it's always aimed away from baby and she's bundled up right next to me smile.gif
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