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Can trauma affect implantation?

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Hi all,

I had an awful experience yesterday afternoon and I've been crampy ever since. I'm wondering if because of it, the baby will not implant well - if in fact, that is already what is going on.

I've been getting faint bfps for a couple days but they are not getting stronger. With some adjusting to my chart I am realizing that I am 12 dpo today.

This is my latest test slightly tweaked and finally within the time limit. 

This is the story of what happened yesterday:

I walked my dog after work, and though we have a leash law in my state, a man who's home borders the park we go to, looked out his window, didn't see us yet and decided he'd just let his dogs loose from his gate into the park (wide open park by the way, dog could have run into the road and gotten hit) the dog made a beeline for mine and attacked him, twice.

I have a large shepherd husky mix (my avatar) and that is probably what saved him. The vet said his size and how thick his coat was saved him from puncture wounds, just lots of abraisions and a eye lid tear. My poor sweet furry baby was in the jaws crying of another dog for 5 minutes.  

It was very traumatic and finally through persistance and the grace of God we somehow managed to get this other dog off my dog's neck during the second attack. I was shaking and just so upset. The other dog was a rescue pitbull and it makes me so sad because I have friends with pitbulls who are just amazingly warm and lovely dogs. But by this man not having his on a leash and not knowing its background he's said it was this dogs last chance. I feel terrible for the dog even though it attacked my fur baby...anyway I digress but I was SO shaken and upset that I immediately felt strong cramping and I feel like how could any egg implant safely and soundly in that situation? If this little spirit does pull through - its a tough cookie. 

I took tests this am and they are still so faint. The only difference is that my other Wondfo tests only showed after say 20 minutes this one was faint finally within the time frame but I feel like by now it should be so much darker?

I'm totally bummed but trying to hold onto hope that yesterday didn't ruin our chances. mecry.gif 

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I think it's okay. Implantation actually begins with a chemical reaction where the embryo practically burns itself onto the endometrial lining. From there it releases more and different hormones that further allow to burrow deeper. A good jostle or cramps isn't going to budge it. Just think if how strong an orgasm is, and yet, it won't budge a embryo out of position.

I'm glad your pup is going to be okay. He's very handsome.
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Thanks again mama!  I really hope so. Thank you re my furbaby, I love my Jacky-boy and he has been such a brave soldier! 

Really cool information on implantation as well, wow. I learn something new every time on here. :)

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I agree mama blue - love the burning on info...
Cricket I agree if it's meant to stick it will, for all the reasons mamablue said... Fx for you!
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Thanks chourd. I feel pretty crampy, like AF crampy. I feel crazy like I'm going from hopeful to losing hope hours apart. Eeesh.

Took an FRER = NADA.  This is hard!

Then I cowarded out and didn't walk my Jack this afternoon. I think I'm scared after yesterdays incident. I am usually a very strong willed person but yesterday definitely shook me more than I realized.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. 

I'll find a way to bounce back up...

Fingers crossed for all of us!

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I get the crazy feelings of being hopeful to not in the course of a few hours. That's where I am right now at 10 DPO. I have subtle symptoms but nothing that is screaming I'm pregnant.

Sorry to hear about your dog he is beautiful. My husband wants a husky eventually but right now we just have our two daschunds.
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Thanks Alivewithyou, yes the roller coaster.. my temped dropped quite a bit at 13 dpo.

I'm fairly sure I'm out this go round. Just took a Wondfo with no change and a less visible line then yesterday. But there is always next month I 'spose. 

I wanted to get on my vitamin kick anyway. After our loss in July I got upset that I had done everything perfect, organic, non-gmo-vitamins and we lost baby. So I got silly for a 40 year old woman and rebelled on taking vitamins until about 2 weeks ago. So this gives me time to get my health back in check and back to eating right etc.

It's still early for you and you just never know right? 

Awww your doggies must be adorable! Thanks regarding Jack! :-) He's crying right now as I type for me to come downstairs. Best get hoppin.

Fingers crossed for you!

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