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Hello everyone! I am new to this group not to happy with another forum I was apart of! Anyways I am 28 yrs old and currently 17 weeks 5 days prego with my second child. I find out the gender tomorrow (super excited)!!! My DD will be 8 in Jan. so it has been awhile since I've gotten to experience the joys of being pregnant!

I have been having sore throats off and on this entire pregnancy and if anyone has any advice or home remedies that are safe please tell me your secrets as I am wanting the sore throats to end!

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Welcome! if you were part of babycenter...I felt the same way. Hahaha


I have 2 kids already 8 and 6...so this is a stretch for me as well :) Good luck on finding out! Do you have any ideas what you are having?

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Yes..babycenter, lol!!! And I really am not sure about the gender, I would like a boy since I have a DD and my BF also has a DD, they are about 6 months apart in age, but will be happy no matter what the gender is! I did the baking soda test and it fizzled which is suppose to mean boy, but I definitely can't go by that!

How far along are you? I see you're having a boy congrats, what are your other two?

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I havent tried the baking soda test...hm...curious what it would do. lol


I am 18 weeks...I have NO idea which day my "week" starts though. lol but im somewhere around there. Im due April 14.


My other children are a DS and DD :)

we thought for SURE this baby was going to be a girl, like so much so that I even went out and bought girl stuff already. lol We were shocked to hear it's a boy! lol very happy though :)


Do you have names picked out yet for either gender?

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I am due the 13th!!!


Names for a girl: Lola Jean (my Grandmas first name and Jean is my mom and other gma middle name)

Boy: Weslee Jaxon (My bf is Weslee and wants a Jr. but I am still trying to change his mind I like the names; Bentley, Weston, and Jaxon so we will see!!)


So what will you lil boys name be? And you have a DD and DS so I'm sure you were happy either way with this one :)

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Oh cool :)

Aw I like those names :)


I originally liked Aires or Orion, but hubby didn't. So we are going with Ayden...and Im still trying to sneak Orion in there for a middle name. lol

Yes we were happy. This is my 3rd but my husbands first. he wanted a girl, honestly I felt bad when we found out it was a boy, I didnt want him to be dissapointed, but he is THRILLED now for a boy and wants him to play football and all that fun boy stuff lol! He says next time we just gotta try for his girl ;) lol

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Aww I'm happy DH is happy!!! And I really like Ayden and Orion would sound nice together!!!! And good luck on that future DD ;)

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