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ancestry genetic dna testing? experiences?

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I have been hearing about kits that people can buy where you swab the mouth and send off your dna sample to a company that will give you a break down of your heritage. I know the ancestry website sells one for $100 and national geographic has a dna kit too. 


My father was adopted and knows very little about his background. I know my moms history but I'd love to know what my other half is, especially since I am asked all the time "what are you". 


Have any of you had this done or know anyone that has? 

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I'm sorry I don't have any experience with these, but I am bumping this up for more attention. It does sound like a very interesting concept! It would be very cool if you could find out more information about the other side of your family this way.
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seriously no other replies?

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I personally have not had it done but my grandfather did. I believe he did the one through ancestry. He is very interested in our heritage and I believe it answered some questions for him. I'll be seeing him tomorrow so I'll ask him more about it.
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This sounds like such a unique idea! Although I know most of my family history, it would still be interesting to really have it documented.

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So I talked to my grandpa about his dna test today. He thought it to be very useful. He had it done about ten years ago and said hes thinking about doing it again to see if he gets a more in depth break down of his percentages, as technology has advanced so much. When he did it , he had two probabilities of two groups that were genetically similar but different. He was able to compare that to his notes and stories from his mother and narrow it down to which group was his. All in all he thought it to be very fun and enlightening.
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How cool! Yeah I'm curious to know my percentages too. Assuming I am at least half hispanic, the other half is a big guess!

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saw a news report on this today. it reminded me of this thread




Not sure if this is the ancestory ad you see in National Geographic.


not exactly sure what's going on but i think the FDA stopping sales of this is more political than concern for citizens. 

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How timely. I have been thinking about this, too. On a lighter note than yours, DH wants to know what percent Neanderthal he is ;-) LOL Seriously, though, glad to see that article. That is the company we were going to use. Sounds like a good idea to put it off for a while.

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