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Recommend a car seat for my 5 YO.... PLEASE!

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Argh why are car seat decisions sooooo overwhelming?!?!?


Anyway.. I have a 5 year old.  60 pounds.  48 inches (4 feet) tall.  Any suggestions for a seat where he can remain in a 5-pt harness?


It's going in the second row of a Toyota Sienna, so size is not an issue.


Not sure if you care about the background, but he's currently in a True Fit that we need to pass down to his baby brother.


I set aside $150, but that can go up a bit if we have to.

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Where are his shoulders in relation to the top harness slot for the trufit?


If he has some of growing room, look at a nautilus.  The harness height on the nautilus is around 18.25-18.5", compared to around 17.5" for the trufit.  So you can figure out how long it will last.  If he does not, you'll need to look at the frontier which is around 20".

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Britax Pioneer would be a good choice for you.. its five point harness.. has a forward facing weight limit of 70 lbs and can later be used a high back booster with weight limit of upto 100 lbs. Its also got features like base with Safe cell and Secure Gaurd with few other seats have. Graco Nautilus is good too, especially when you look at the price. If you don't mind spending a little more, then Britax Frontier 85 is an excellent option.. great weight and height limit for a 5 point harness (among other features).


Here are the official sites of the seats suggested in case you want to have a look:





I did a little search based on your child's weight/height and these car seat options came up:



You can even compare and find the perfect one that meets your safety needs and also fits your budget.

Hope this helped:)

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If you determine you don't need the Britax for adequate growth space, you could aslo consider the Harmony Defender.  It is similar to the Graco (similar stats and has the three in one: harness to high back to backless booster conversion) but runs around $100.  


You'll also want to consider how long you want to keep him harnessed,  If only for another year, you don't need as large a seat as if you think  he will need harnessed for several more years.

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