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If you have something for this family, please contact tightwaderin.  


What is your family situation? I recently came out to my husband and our marriage is ending. I've recently gone back to school and am a full time student. I'm trying to complete my degree as quickly as possible so that I can generate an income and keep primary custody of my two young children. My life is kind of falling apart but I want to provide a great holiday to the kids.

Which holiday(s) does your family celebrate? Christmas

Any allergies or sensitivities in the family (e.g. cat, dog, smoke)? no

Child #1:
Age and gender: 5, male
Items requested:
1. Lego item sent :o
2. Art supplies, especially fun notebooks and journals- he prefers spiral bound. Lined, unlined, or graph are all fine, he just likes to practice writing stories and sketching. items sent :o
3. He really loves outdoor-explorer type toys and tools. And dress up things. item sent :o

Child #2:
Age and gender: 3, female
Items requested:
1. Kid craft stuff- she likes age-appropriate kits and art supplies (she can do most things meant for ages 4 or 5+) items sent :o
2. Play silks/dress up stuff. item sent :o
3. Wooden or schleich plastic (or similar) animals for her sets. She loves these right now. items sent :o


Adult #1 (YOU!):
Gender: female
Items requested:
1. I just need help giving my kids a great holiday.

Needs for Your Family As A Whole:
Items requested:
1. Gifts for kids
2. Food gift cards. (Schnuck's, trader joes, aldi) item sent :o

Of the items requested above, please prioritize the top 3 overall needs of your family:
* gifts for kids. I just want to help them have a good holiday.