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Hcg levels. High, help!

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At 16 dpo it was 2,143.

Yes I have gone to beta base, yes I do know that hcg level vary; however when I google 16 dpo beta. I have not seen one above 1,00, and most are in the 100-200 range.

I'm now reading about high hcg levels being an indicator of Down's syndrome or a molar pregnancy. And I was worried about multiples!

Has anyone else actually, themselves or known someone personally who had numbers that high?

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I had the same thing -- 2,000+ at 15 dpo. I also stressed about the same things. They even did an ultrasound since at 2,000 you are supposed to be able to see a sac (I have a history of ectopic, so was closely monitored). Well, it turned out to be a healthy girl we have in there! (Negative on all the screenings for chromosomal abnormalities). So, hang in there! Most likely, it's nothing, but definitely try to get an early ultrasound to rule out molar pregnancy. It  also could be twins, or it could be a girl...I have had many boy pregnancies with "normal" betas, and this girl pregnancy is the only one that I know was a girl and had these high numbers. I have read articles suggesting that ON AVERAGE, hcg is higher with girls than boys (though that is simply on average, and any given number can not tell you whether you have a boy or a girl). Try not to stress!! Mostly likely everything is fine!!

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With ds, my HcG level was 1800-something at 14 dpo. Well, technically it wasn't 14dpo as I wasn't charting that cycle and don't really know when I ovulated. The reproductive endocrinologist's office that was following me at the time was NOT helpful when they called to give me my numbers. I was thrilled to actually be pregnant (got the first BFP that morning), but then they called and said my numbers were too high, that it must be an ectopic pregnancy from the previous cycle. I was devastated. Went in the next morning for an ultrasound, and they saw a little gestational sac with a yolk sac that measured 5 weeks (at 4w2d LMP). My very healthy son was born exactly 36 weeks later.


So, all of that to say that my levels were higher because I actually ovulated early that cycle. Good luck!!

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