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Arm hair

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My daughter tells me that lots of girls at her middle school shave their arm hair. I'm not talking about underarm hair - that's nothing new - but ARM HAIR. Why would anyone do this? Is this considered normal? Is anyone expecting this? Girls and women spend way too much time on beauty rituals that aren't expected of men as it is! I'm really outraged.

What is the norm where you are? Does your daughter shave her arm hair? Do her friends or other girls at her school?

Where does this come from? I feel like there's a shaving creep going on. First legs and underarms, then bikini area, now arms. What's next?
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I don't know that I'd be outraged at what other people do with their arm hair. I sorta don't care. Just because things are popular for awhile doesn't mean you have to participate. 


Shaving arm hair is not typical in our area unless you are a competitive athlete like a swimmer or cyclist. 

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To the best of my knowledge, I have never met anyone who shaves their arm hair.  


I also live in an area with a lot of German/Dutch/British Isles ancestry…arm hair is typically very pale and not visible.  

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A girl i grew up with used to shave her arm hair. That was prob 15+ years ago. I think my sis also considered doing it but not sure if she followed thru. That was maybe 5+ years ago. As if we dont have enough grooming to do already :/
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It was something kids in the preteen age group did sometimes when I was a kid but not many. My mom did itas a child and regretted it because the hair grew back thicker and darker so it wasn't something I got into.
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my 16 year old has shaved her arms for a couple of years. I hate it, it seems weird to not have hair there when you are supposed to. and she doesn't shave her legs...I don't really know if other kids do this, I can ask her later today and let you know!


I do understand the outrage you feel...girls are expected to do so much to themselves. I am mostly proud of mine for not falling into that trap so much...my girls don't go get their nails and hair done, they do it themselves, they aren't obsessed with body hair removal. They do, however, have very strong feelings about wearing bras 24/7 and that bothers me(for health reasons, also, it just seems unhealthy to wear a bra every minute of the day/night!)

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I did it once in middle school because I thought I had a lot. I was embarrassed after a boy in my class made fun of me. I never did It again because it itched and I hated the prickels. Maybe she is having some body hair shame. I know I did.
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Meh. It used to bother me when other people wanted to be hairless. Now I realize it was using a LOT of energy to be outraged than it was worth. Plus, I shaved my bikini area once and really liked the results and wondered why I had been so outraged about other people doing it before.


I'm pretty sure my 14 year old shaves her arms. She has NO hair on her arms, and they always seem really smooth. I know I had to talk to her about shaving her armpits about 4 years ago, because she was really hairy and was invited to some swimming parties and... you often have to talk to kids with Aspergers about stuff like this because at first they may not notice that other people are doing these things.


I don't care what she shaves, as long as she looks presentable. Again, that's an issue that parents of Aspies kids often have to deal with. Left to their own devices, and nothing being said by their parents, most of our kids might look like homeless people most of the time.)  It's her body. If it gets too labor intensive, she'll stop. I have enough really important stuff to be outraged about. :o 

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Yup, my girl does that. She is 20 now has been doing it since she was about 14. She has very skinny arms and dark hair. She does it every three days or so and loves it. She is also on prescription moisturiser to prevent eczema coming back, so her arms are all smooth and lovely.


I did tell her not to, but it is her body and it made her feel better about her skin. She has had a terrible history of bleeding, inflamed eczema all over her body, mainly because her mother ignored the fact that she was allergic to citrus, cats and artificial colours. 


After we adopted her, I was pretty much happy with anything that made her feel better about herself and let her get on with it. Though I don't miss those hooded sweater years at all... She was SO insecure.

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